tisdag 5 oktober 2010

virtual coffee #3

today i am making yummy müsli bars, so i would invite you to have some of these on my front steps where we would sit in the sunshine with thick, warm socks on.

while sitting there in the warm fall sun, i would tell you about my weekend. i went to my sisters house to visit her and her 3 kids. i would tell you that in the midst of the slightly caotic everyday life that is life with 3 kids under 5, i am happy that we took the decision to not have any more children! i love them to death, but they are a handful :)

after taking a few bites of the bars and a few sips of coffee, i would ask you how you week has been.

after a little thinking pause, i would admit to you that i was actaully relieved that my daughter had to stay home with a soar throat yesterday. i could sta in bed for one more hour and get a bunch of projects done.
sometimes you just need a "getting things done day", i am sure that you would agree?!

i would also tell you that i went with my friend Linda to her appointment to radiation on friday. i knew she was going, so i asked if she would like some company, she did! i am so happy that i can do such things for her, because i live to far away to be there everyday.

if we were meeting for a real cup of coffee i would tell you about the utter mess that is my desk right now. i have had so many projects going on now for a while that i have so many things just laying around. it makes me crazy, but i haven´t had the time to clean it just yet. maybe i´ll do that after you leave?

thank you for stopping by and having coffee with me today!

7 kommentarer:

  1. Nu ser du vilken stor skillnad det är mellan ditt och mitt liv. Jag har inte en sekund till eftertanke och lugn medans du kan njuta av livet på ett helt annat sätt. En dag ska jag också skörda och under tiden så njuter jag av mina älsklingar på det sätt jag kan - i microsekunder mellan alla måsten ;-)
    Kul att ni kom och hälsade på!

  2. happy to be here to sip coffee with you today! my first time at virtual coffee. i would love a bit of those bars in real life, mmm.

    have a great week! your pictures are very striking!


  3. Great coffee and I am in love with those photos. The lighting is fantastic!

  4. I completely agree with the stay at home and get things done day... I could use one of those :)

  5. Those bars were delicious! And coffee with you was delightful. Your words are full of hope. Your pictures... stunning.

  6. beautiful pictures. days to complete things at home are always so needed! :)

  7. Beautiful spiderwebs! And, I am all about the warm socks. Have a nice week.