onsdag 6 oktober 2010

4 new layouts

i found both the time and mojo to create something on paper!

i told you that i would make a photo mosaic using my fall photo walk photos!
i also used the nutmeg alphabet and printed that first and added the mosaic later. and the flowers are mostly from prima.

after a few years of seeing ali edwards using that digital template she made in her everyday kinda layouts, i fell in to the temptation and bought the kit. for this layout above i opened the png file in PSE and added my journaling using the traveling typewriter font. i saved everything as a jpeg and printed it using WORD.
again using bighugelabs.com for my photo mosaic, this time with photos from my september photoprojects.

please note that everything in straight in real life on this layout! i just didn´t managed to hold the camera straight :)
i used cathy zielsky´s journaling tags for this. they are so good for so many projects!
the journaling is about my daughters new love for facebook :)

my summer reading list for 2010!
i always read lots especially in the summertime. i am not loving this layout, but i am not to make a do-over :)

today i am home with a snotty daughter and i just cleaned out 3 closets!
it feels so damn good!

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