lördag 30 januari 2010

scrapbook saturday ~ yay!

i am so loving that my girl still loves to play! note: this dollhouse was given to my older sister ca ´82 :)

my girl loves school (like i did!) and does really good. her only struggle is math (like with me!) and so, we do extra homework everyday! i played with bigger photos for this one (and a few other layots in this post) and it was so much fun!

here is a little kitty wrap for ya :) i am obsessed with all the cute garlands people make for their scrapbook layouts! i have to do it more often!


i made a layout with the it is ok list from here.

and i kinda sorta like this little cluster!

torsdag 28 januari 2010

a little valentines day project

while browsing my tumblr buddies i found a wonderful photo, etsyshop and idea.

i loved all the hearts! and by all means by one from the lovely seller! i on the other hand draw inspiration from it and made my own version :)

a mini version :) i used my heart punch and some foam adhesive thingies :)

tada: a nice simple valentines gift and/or decor!

10 on thursday ~ fave online places

i love being online and there are so many places to visit that gives me inspiration. these are just 10 of my faves...in no particular order.

1. flickr.com i was introduced to this site a cuple of years ago and at first i was hesitate to have yet one more place where i showed my stuff. but then i started to explore the site and wow it has really become one of my big favorites and a place where i go several times a day.

2. tumblr.com first i didn´t really understand the point of tumblr...i posted very many of my cool finds on the net here on the blog so...but it is such a great place for cool photos! it is also very handy when you are one someone elses computer and find something you want to save for future reference, just save it to your tumblr account.

3. 2 peas in a bucket.com for a cuple of years i abandonded 2peas for other scrapbook communities, but then i ventured back 2 years ago and realized why i loved that page to begin with. the gallery is full of cool pojects, the garden is very insiring and their digital kits are awesome and affordable.

4. craftig.com is a great place for crafty things!

5. ashleyann photography i stumbled upon this blog the other week and omg! it is filled with great potography AND some awsome crafty projects!

6. mayamade is filled wih a lovely home and crafty projects.

7. soulemama an alltime favorite!

8. once wed makes me want to get married again and again...and again :)

9. write.click.scrapbook a great place over all :)

10. the farm chick baking, crafting and cuteness!

lördag 23 januari 2010

scrapbook saturday

i loved this layout so much in the 2peas gallery that i used it as a inspiration for my sally-layout :)

i used some of the journaling from this post for this layout about me making paper cranes.

i scrapbooked my daugters wishlist for christmas 09. i love that i used that pink doily :)

what have you scrapbooked since last?

tisdag 19 januari 2010

paper cranes

An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. When i was a young teeneager i read a book about a girl, sadako, who got cancer from the bombs dropped in hiroshima and that is where i first learned about the paper crane tradition. i have been wanting to learn for so long! and when i finally tried i always messed up and couldn´t finish it. but the other day i found a great site where they have lots of step by step instructions for a whole lot os origami figures. i followed this one and tada it suddenly just hit me and this one was made

i was extatic! so i made a few more :) and believe me, if not a 1000, i will do many more!

made my day!

söndag 17 januari 2010

DIY - project


ok, did you also go wow! when you saw this photo? well, i did! it did actually made me drewl a little ;) anyways, it also made me want to make one of my own like right away. well, that didnt happen since a little thing called christmas came in the way of my project time. but now i had some time AND had a friend help too.

ok, so i had found this old window this summer at the recycling place. i love that it is worn and scratchy and old and lovely :) when i brought it home it actually had some of the windows still inside, but i took those out and used some sandpaper on it. then i asked a friend to make a backside to it. i originally thought that would mean a big piece of wood or something like it (not to heavy though), but my friend went to the next level and cut 3 pieces that fit wonderfully in the gaps of the window. yay!

i painted them all with chalkboard paint twice and it dried in like half an hour! yay for fast project! i put the painted pieces back in and used some small nails to fasten them on the back of the frame.

and voila! i love it! i am just not sure that it has found its right place yet though :)

lördag 16 januari 2010

scrapbook saturday

well, i didn´t scrapbook that much this week. not that i didn´t want to, but that damn mojo wasn´t there! thats my problem sometimes, i actually long to scrabook, but then when i sit down i have no inspiration to do anything! its like with my huge wardrobe, i still don´t have anything to put on! so, i am stepping away from the scraptable for a little little while and hope that the absence will help!

a kinda boring layout actually, but it serves its purpose. i listed all the things that happened between 2000 and 2010 in our family. there are probably more things, but these are the basics. first i wanted to use some older photos, but then went with the non-photo layout instead. i don´t have many of these, but i kinda like it though.

sorry about the crappy photo above! i listed "all" the things i did in 2009. i wrote the list on my computer and used the free font called rough typewriter for it. for the 2009 i used another free font i downloaded called diesel. then i printed my photos and embellished with some pearls.

torsdag 14 januari 2010

10 on thursday (a list of ok´s)

1. it is ok to let go, of the past and things that burden us. but also let go of the expectations that you think that others might have of you.

2. it is ok to not try to be perfect. let´s face it, nobody is perfect, really. i have to admitt that i am one of those who sometimes actualy think that there are people, families, houses that indeed are perfect. but i do know that there is no such thing. why, o why, do we think that we have to be?

3. it is ok to miss things that we don´t have. but it is also important to really know what you do have!

4. it is ok to fail. everyone fails, even if they might not show it. learn from failures, there is always a reason for that.

5. it is ok to not care, about what people might think of you, how others might react or feel about something that really does only concern yourself.

6. it is ok to love, yourself and others and it is ok to show your love!

7. it is ok to cry. it is. and it does feel good.

8. it is ok to be proud. to hold your head high. to say to a total stranger at your daughters recital; you know that´s my my baby! :)

9. it is ok that the house is a mess, as long as the relationships in it are not.

10. it is ok to play and loose control. to laught until you cry watching stand up comedy, to do funny faces at the dinner table and to cuddle in the morning although you still have morning breath.

måndag 11 januari 2010

here we go

so, here is another new feature, taking 10 photos on the 10th every month. wanna play?

breakfast, the best kind = infront of the computer! (a few of these photos suck, just so you know!)

sally just hanging around in the kitchen. she is such a funny cat!

we had a doogie friend over for the day, lots of fun. isn´t he a beauty! we took a long walk in the wintery forest.

ugh, had to make some housework too...i acctually ended up showering the entire bathroom, it felt good after.

my daughter is getting ready for a big birthdayparty next weekend. her 2 cousins are turning 2 and she did some gifts for them, and their big brother, and even their parents!

my own miley cyrus :) she can do this 24/7. she is always in the kitchen, for some reason, and then she rocks out!

doing the weekly updates to our planner.

euhm...hair projects was started :)hehe, i will have to share photos of the finished thing tomorrow! you will be shocked :)

yummy dinner!

project runway :)

coming soon: 10 on the 10th

...later today i will post my first 10 on the 10th photos :)

in the meantime you can check my tumblr blog if you want :)

lördag 9 januari 2010

i wanted to share a few quick scrapbook pages with you :)

this one is about our mini christmas that we had before we left for our vacation to holland. for the mosaic i use the ever so fabulous bighugelabs.com. the vintage tags is a download from miss cutie pie . i did my journaling on my typewriter.

my daughter was sitting at my scrapbook table a few nights ago, scrapping herself. and she asked for some photos of herself that she could use. so, i made a few mosaics in different sizes so that she could cut them up and use them on her layouts. when i printed this one out, it just caught my eye on how well the photos represent her, my girl.

oh, and this is a page she did and it made me so happy...it says all the things she loves about me...and the last one is..."i love everything about her"! ♥

we took a long walk together on new years eve and i forced them to take a family photo ;) the circle underneath the heart is a happy mistake :) i really need to sharpen my circle punch because maybe i don´t need a bunch of half torn circles :)

speaking of scrapbooking i just wanted to share a few things that have made my heart pitter patter lately:


i would love to have this book!



i have added these and 3 other paper packs to my etsy shop!

torsdag 7 januari 2010

1. the amount of snow that we have had for severalweeks now is awesome! this is the kind of winter i have been asking for! me and my husband remember our childhood winters as snowfilled. our family love the snow - minus the cats :)

2. i cleaned out and organized the kitchen cabinets the oher night and it made me feel very happy and content.

3. i need to get going with printing entries to my journal your christmas album!

4. i realized that 2009 was the year of facebook. almost all my facebook friends joined last year, so did i :)

5. i reconnected with anilu by chatting through facebook the other night. very cool!

6. i have a scrapbook related secret that i am not allowed to share just yet :)

7. i am currently in crafting withdrawl. since super-crafting before the holidays, i find myself all crafted out. i can´t seem to find any new projects at the moment, but my whole body and soul long to do something crafty!

8. i have never before had 0:- on my bank account! thank god for savings and a frugal husband!

9. i really need a good book! i´ve read a few books over the holidays, but now i am out. i need to go to the library!

10. i re-opened my etsy shop! right now there are 2 calender items there, but very soon i will be adding papers i have designed myself and other goodies!


10 on thursdays will be a weekly feature with a random or un-random list :) why don´t you join me?!