söndag 25 juni 2006

ok one more...

I cannot understand that this picture isn´t working....:(
I´ll try another one...

trying to...

get this photo uploaded and working again. I got an email telling that it wasn´t working properly. Now I have tried to uploaded a cuple of times. My last try for today!

lördag 24 juni 2006


So I thought that I would share some other photos from our trip to Mallorca. It was dear daughters first airplaneride and it was very exciting for me aswell since I haven´t flown in 10 years. My husband is really afraid but it all went well with no delays or other trubble.

We lived at a great hotel that was near to everything. It was quite, lots of families and nice. The hotel had two pools and that is where we spend most of our time. Dear daughter is like a fish in the water and she loved being able to go in when ever she wanted. On our way to the beach we spotted lots of stray cats and dogs. They made some of us very homesick. We also saw lemontrees which are not a common sight here in Sweden! :)

We rented a car one day and went for a ride to a small harbour town called Cala Figuera. It is a must see. Wow. The ocean was fantastic and the whole town was like taked out of a Agatha Cristie book. Very cosy and beautiful. It was full of fishermen and rich tourists...and us! We had a wonderful meal at the oceanside.
We also went up to the mountains and what a view we got! The ocean was so blue and the mountains fantastic. We went to the town where Michael Douglas has his house, very cool! :)

Anyway, it is really late and I am tired...more another day.

Ps. Check out my 2peas gallery I have been creative :)

söndag 18 juni 2006

we are home...

At last we are home! We had a wonderful time in Mallorca...more photos and stories next time :)

onsdag 14 juni 2006


Hi everyone! Here's a little hello from Mallorca! We are having a great time here in the sun! I love it! We tan, swim and look at all the nice things there are to see here. I don't ever want to go home :(