fredag 29 augusti 2008

all is calm before the storm...

my daughter is having her sleep-over birthday party in an hour and a half *gulp* what was i thinking?!

onsdag 27 augusti 2008

a new mini

yesterday morning my daughter bursted into tears before going to school. She was so afraid of being late and getting yelled at by the teacher! (we are having a talk with the said teacher tomorrow!). We felt bad for her having such a bad start of the day, so we planned on having a picnic on the beach. Raining? Yup, you bet! It was lovely :) We had such a special family moment! After eating our picnic at the beach me and my daughter took a walk down the beach to search for nice stones (we are both collectors!). We found a very cool spot under a tree where she decided on making a sand castle!
So, i was just itching to make a minibook with the photos we took! The other day i finally scored on some bookrings, so i used 2 to make this book.

I love the look of scalloped edges and wanted to use some in this project. I don´t acctually own so many scalloped papers, but i had one diecut that i used as a template to make more :) So i picked out some papers and got cutting.

one of my favorite photos ♥

As i print all my photos at home, i sometimes have to use photo paper with some kind of print on the backside. I used a few circle stickers to hide those prints here.

This project is a hybrid one. I printed a few things on transperency as this frame. The frame is in a digital kit by Rhonna Fharrer. I opened the frame in PS and resized it and added my text before printing it out.

Here is one of the scalloped papers i cut out of my patterned paper stash. The little birdie stamp is a favorite and i think it is Heidi Grace (?)

This right hand photo might be considered as the Christmas 08 card :)

The weekdays here are from this free digital kit.

I love the result, but i love the memory of this wonderful afternoon more :)

måndag 25 augusti 2008

project random

I busted out my sewing machine for yet another project! Yay me!
My daughters birthday is coming up this weekend and i wanted to make her a "soulemama" inspired gratitude wrap. Her best friend is moving away and they have decided to be penpals, which i think is a very good idea. So i made her a place to keep her stationary.

I chose a jean fabric and a yellow cotton one. I sewed the two fabrics together, which is where i made my first mistake :) Since i wanted the wrap to acctually hold stuff the pockets would have been super to have been sewed on before i sewed everything together :)

Anyway, since i had already messed up, i just went with the flow. I went on and added some padding.

I acctually wanted to make some fabric pockets, but since the above, i resorted to plastic. I found some scrap page protectors, one larger which now holds the acctual papers and envelopes and one smaller to hold stickers and stamps. The smaller one i sewed right in the middle to create 2 pockets. Then i just handstitched them both so the inside of the wrap.

As the wrap came together, i added a felt butterfly on the inside and a felt flower to the front as decoration.

To tie the wrap together, i simply tied a knot with a felted ribbon. Voila!
Haha, i guess it turned out ok, but i think i will make some more as pratice, because i think this would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

The second project i made this weekend, was highly inspired by something i had seen on flickr somewhere.

As i am a stone collector it was a pure joy for me to pick some smooth stones at the lake this week. I took them home and painted the first step; black. I use ordinary craft paint for this so it doesn´t take all that long for the paint to dry. Then i painted the "center" of the stones in different colors and after that i used a q-tip to make the dots. The finishing touch was to add positive words to the stones; love, hug, yes!, lovely etc. Now, i think i will just use them as a decoration like below, on a glass plate or maybe give one or two as a gift for someone that needs some encouragement.

I like the colors and the messages!

What did you make this weekend?

onsdag 20 augusti 2008


My baby just started third grade!!! I can´t belive it! :) Every year when school starts they have all these fun activities in the school yard. This year they are working with air and fire as a theme. So they made paper airplanes, windchimes etc. This year me and my husband both could attend the event!

The grand finale was that all the kids wrote a little message to put in a ballon which was then filled with helium. They gathered everyone and then on 1,2,3 everyone let their ballons loose! It was awesome!

I wanted to record it (as i do every year scroll down a bit). So, i did! I like how it turned out and am happy to yet again make a 2pager :)

Oh, and i just want to share a few photos from our wonderful monday. Mondays will be shared together as a family from now on. My daughter started riding lessons and the stable is about a hour away on the mainland, so we decided to make it a family activity. While she is in the stable me and my husband take a walk with the dogs and then when my daughter is finished we eat our picknick :) This monday we were joined by my younger sister who has her own horse so we went to her stable after.

That´s it i guess...atleast for now!

söndag 17 augusti 2008

long time scrapbooking

Usually i am a very fast scrapbooker. I spend aprox. 15-20 minutes on one layout. But yesterday i felt like working a longtime on each layout.

This one started with a download of that grass. I found it here. on the Daresite. I chose my cardstock and printed the grass on my printer.

I acctually dug out my buttons for this one! There was a time where i used buttons alot on my layouts. But lately i have not. I picked a few out, and busted out some sewing thread. Uhm, i know :) i stitched the buttons on there to look like flowers.

I have been liking the paper tearing i have seen on a few projects lately. So i used my craft knife to tear the photo up a bit.

I snapped this photo of the summer gang of friends that surround our neighbourhood all summer long. As i said in my last post i love the American Crafts flair. I haven´t gotten any yet, but during our last weekend i bought some flairs in a vendingmachine for fun. So i used one on this page :) I don´t know why, but the layout looks a little dull here, but in real life it is very colorful.

Ok, back to creating :)

lördag 16 augusti 2008

saturday list

1. these flairs are so cool. i had to re-open my facebook account to get them, but that is ok :)

2. i would love the get my hands on these flairs too!

3. bloglines is probably the best thing right now :)

4. i acctually loved the midmonth garden over at 2peas. Especially this one.

5. this is a DT i would love to belong to!

have a happy saturday!

torsdag 14 augusti 2008

I was having a yucky day the other day and decided to clean up my scraproom which always makes me happier!

It wasn´t to bad to begin with, but it needed some order. I seem to always think out new ways to store different things. Recently i traded my "stand-up-desk" for my daughters when she got a new one. It has draws and that is good. In the larger one i keep my favorite inkpad and stamps + rubons. That way they are always right there.

Above my desk there is my inspiration board. Really it is 2 magnetic strips and a board. If you go here. to see some notes of what is up there.

What i clearly need as inspiration is color!

Hoops like these are so yummy and they are pieces of art, really. So i present the easiest way to spice up any room fabric + hoop = art! voila! And it is so changable :)

See became all happier :)

Oh, and i did scrapbook too :) My daughter is such a drama queen lately, maybe it is common in her age? I hope that it doesn´t last though :)

tisdag 12 augusti 2008

a minibook yay!

i really do love the feel of a minibook! and i love to make one too! so it was clear that i would make one with the photos of our weekend trip. so brace yourself for a mini with lots of photos :

i tried some "on photo journaling" and it was very much fun. i was inspired by ali and the layout posted here.

i love this love.elsie paper totally :)

i included 2 small envelopes to hold some additional journaling.