torsdag 29 december 2011

End of year favorites ~ blog posts

the very first pin to reality post.

my birthday post for my daughter

End of year favorites post ~ projects

in january 2011 i had already decided to take one familyphoto every month of the year. it came to me when i was going to make our holiday card 2010 and i found 1 (ONE!) photo from the entire year of us all together. and i am forever grateful that i made it all 12 months!!!

look at that! i look at these and i feel so happy! and my family has been onboard for all these and we have had so much fun with this project! 

as for the album, i just have a binder with page protectors where i put the photo and the words i wrote about us and that month. i also added some extra photos and other bits of pieces of our life that month. 

do this project! i mean it, do it!

favorite project #2

i am so happy that i made some crafts into reality this past year! i love pinterest and i have had other ways of keeping craft ideas in the past, but it can so easily stay to just hoarding ideas, right?! 
go here and see what i have done from pin to reality! 

onsdag 28 december 2011

End of the year favorites ~ photos part 2





these are a few of my favorite photos from the later part of the year. have you shared yours? add a link to the comments, i would love to visit!

tomorrow i am sharing my favorite projects from 2011!