måndag 28 december 2009

recap: my word for 2009

my word for 2009 has been: be and i think that i have done just that, been. and what is that exactly? well, for me that has been to relax, take the days as it comes, play, loosen up, do what makes me happy, choose to be with family over doing housework. and i have done that, althought i might have to work on the household stuff!

Example 1: we stayed home during summervacaton this year and it was glorious! during these weeks we all took the day as it came, no big plans. happiness was to be able to relax, read, do gardenwork and eat a nice supper each night. we were so relaxed and rested, that it actually felt nice to go back to work!

example 2: my garden has given me so much joy this past year. i have really worked hard to keep it nice and beautiful and even dug a new flower bed all by myself! and with great content i have watched a piece of land/dirt come to life as seeds have grown into great life. and the harvest we could do was something else! pure joy was what it was!

example 3: doing stuff that makes me happy! i have done alot of crafting; scrapbooking, needlework, sewing and housedecor stuff!

this has been such a good year, full of laughter, joy, happiness and love. i just wonder how next year will be and what it will bring us!

fredag 25 december 2009

a little list for fun

. i wish the weather could make up its mind! one minute it is pouring down, next there is snow and now it is pouring again...

. i can´t wait to get home and in my craft room again! i long to make something with my hands!

. today was so much fun, hanging out with my side of the family.

. it was so nice to see the dogs again after our trip!

. i cannot wait ´til i see my daughter again on sunday!!!!

. i got the cutest gifts today: pyjamas, socks and other lounging gear!

. i love my new willow tree angel, the angel of friendship!

. when i get home i am going to photograph the babushka doll i bought while in koln on the christmas market, it is beautiful!

. i am having fun trying to find new ideas for the new year!

thats all for now, guys! good night...

torsdag 24 december 2009

december 24th

december 24th, originally uploaded by elisabet ottosson.

ah...we are home and christmas dinner is over, the presents are opened and now we all just breath! just relax and sit around resting...

onsdag 23 december 2009

happy holidays

from our last vacation day here in holland...it is crazy that this is already over!

i hope that everyone will have a lovely holiday weekend!

we had such a lovely time seeing some friends of our host yesteday evening. a bunch of loud americans :) the resturant was fantastic, one of those places where they make the food to suite the wine not the other way around. but i think we loved the company and laughs much more than the food :)

söndag 20 december 2009

a very snowy holland!

we woke up to a white holland today! and apperently the tractors just didn't wake up today because even the freeway was full of snow! now, we are not used to that :)

we made the trip up to amsterdam in a very low speed and it was as beautiful as we remembered it or even more so with all the white powder.

we had some wonderful food at the hard rock cafe as we did last time too :)

we spend the day wandering around the city, doing some shopping and mostly see happy people playing in the snow :)

i saw lots of fun little things here and there...

and this was what we left tonight ♥