onsdag 30 januari 2013

From pin to reality | Crafting with paper

I shared an image on Instagram yesterday and it was tagged under #craftoftheday. I got a few curious questions :)
I got inspiration from one of these pins and have already made one of these hearts for an older layout. You can see it below. But wanted to make a larger version for my wall. 
I cut triangles and ended up cutting them in half as they were too big for my project. I used the pinned imaged as a guide as I lay out the pieces.

Here is a view of the herat I made previously and also so you can see the difference in size.

When I had adhered all the pieces to a cardboard background, I decided to make it more like a patch work using my sewing maching to sew the pieces together also.

This is how it looked before I cut all the threads.

 I decided to use an old wood plate that I had already used as a chalkboard as a way to display the heart. So I simply used 3d dots to attached the paper heard. I added the word home by tracing letterstickers.

And used a chalkpen to fill the letters in.
Tada! Here is the finished pieces! As I had cut the triangles in half I had enough to make two of these. I am going to use the other one as a V-day card for my daughter :)
Let me know if you need anymore info! Thanks for stopping by!

Project Life | week 4

Week 4

I used almost all Instagram photos this week, which is more the norm lately. I love that I have a camera in my pocket almost at all times!
This was a normal week with not much extra to record. My daughter is having a tough time right now, so my energy goes to making her feel better.
It was very cold this week so the word of the week was certainly cold :)

I got 2 suprise package this week and took photos of them and slipped the notes underneath. I love having these kinds of notes in my albums and did this several times last year!
Me and Melvin ventured down to the water this week on a sunshiny wonderfully cold afternoon. Saturday I was in the city with a friend.

I printed out my blog post titled Right now and slipped it under the photo and title Current list. I love to include these also. I typically also include my daughters list, but she wasn´t feeling it this week.
That´s it, on to the next!

torsdag 24 januari 2013

Right now

Outside my window: it is all white and fluffy and the sun is shining!

I am thinking: about life and how things feel pretty good for me now.
I am thankful for: sleep and lazy days, sunshine and the love I am feeling.

From the kitchen: chili

I am wearing: tights, skirt and a t-shirt with a big scarf to keep me warm!

I am creating: packages for a Favorite things swap and pages that are a bit hard to do.

I am going: to scrapbook tonight!

I am reading: lots of blogs and a few books.

I am hoping: for a fun and relaxing weekend and more sunshine!

I am hearing: children laughing.

Around the house: there are a lot of changes and cleaning going on.

One of my favorite things: new and old friends that has just rallied around me <3 font="">

måndag 21 januari 2013

Project Life | week 3

Week 3 and a blurry spread :)

Also a blurry shot of the first page, sorry :)
I used Geralyns weekly cards this week and I love that they add a little color to the spread. Monday started with a day off for a doctors visit and lunch with a dear friend.
I changed my FB relationship status to: single ;)
The rest of the week I was home with my daugter who was sick. We made smoothies and I just couldn´t go to sleep :(
I found a site through Pinterest that makes printable maps of various kinds. I used the watercolor effect for this map of the area in the city that I was visiting. It is supercool!

I have an insert this week where I talk about the fact that grocery shopping on the island is so much more expensive than taking the time to go into the city and make a good list. 

This is the back side of the insert where I saved the bills.

Page two.
I journaled a bit about how cold it has been this week.
One year ago this week my grandmother passed. Something I recorded in my PL last year here.
I had a wonderful day with a dear friend on saturday, something I really needed!
The Great day card is from Scrapbook printables.

This background is a test that I made one night on a paper bag. I think it turned out cute so I used it here.

And that, my friends is our life on the third week of 2013.

söndag 20 januari 2013

WCS | February gallery sneak

It is the 20th and that means the team over at Write Click Scrapbook has sneaks of our February gallery projects that will be revealed on February 1st.

I have used a black and white photo this time and I can´t get why I am not doing that more often :)

Now, keep track of WCS FB page for more sneaks! 

Project Life | Technology that I use for PL

Ok, I love technology! I love that it makes it easy to get information and to make/stay in touch with friends. I also love that it has made my PL:ing easier. During last year (my first year with PL) I used things from Facebook several times. I have taken words from a comment for example that I wanted to save.

Instagram is a very big help and I use it everyday. At the end of the week I go through my feed and save the ones I want to print out and use in my album.

Another new app I downloaded this week is the Instaweatherpro iPhone app. You take a photo (or choose from your saved ones) and it adds weather, time and location info. Very cool!

Several times I have taken a screen shot of my latest pins on Pinterest. Just a way to see what inspired me that week.

Here are a few other posts I have written about my PL:

Link to What I recorded last year through PL.
Link to info on My plastics.
Link to Products I use over & over.

tisdag 15 januari 2013

Project Life | week 2

Project Life 2013 week 2. 

As you can see this is a no-insert kind of spread. I think my "problems" of filling the spreads these two passed weeks has to do with the fact that I really don´t want this project to be all about me. For me it is super important to tell the familys story (my daughters, mine, the pets and extended family). Anyway, I am working on including different stuff, we´ll see how it goes.

On Monday my girl went back to school after a long Christmas break and we both took screen shots of our alarms. Hello, everyday!
I was sad on Tuesday and shared 2 Instagrams from the day. I tend to clean and purge after being sad these days so I journaled about that too. 

I baked again that week and the snow came back. It has felt abit uneasy around here lately, bith of us in bad moods and far to sensitive. I journaled about that.
My new hair cut, that I love! And finally a blurry photo that my daughter caught of me in my craftroom infront of the computer; my happy place!

I plan to write a post about the Apps I use and how I use them to help me in PL, watch for that later this week if you are interested.

Ps. In the spread I have used the Seafoam kit and a journalingcard kit from Jessica Sprauge.

lördag 12 januari 2013

WCS | Click. saturday

 I have my monthly photography article up on the WCS blog today! This time I am sharing a few tips on selfportraiture! I am very happy to include my talented daughter in that post! 

From pin to reality | clothespin wreath

This is a craft I did just before Christmas, but haven´t posted before now. 
Pinned Image

I really wanted to make one of these wreaths out of embellished clothespins. Instead of making a cardboard base, I used one of my many wooden sewing hoops. 

I wanted to make it neutral in colors so that I could have it up all year round. I used black and white patterned papers I had in my stash, but wouldn´t this be a great stash buster!
And what a super simple craft to do with your kids also! For younger kids you can just pre cut all the paper strips and they can adhere them to the clothes pins. You can also make it in all different sizes depending o how large your base is. 

Oh, Pinterest, how I love thee! I am already making a few more of these as gifts!