söndag 30 april 2006

Oh, I forgot!

I forgot that i had these pictures from our anniversary day. He got me flowers...:) I got him flowers...:) We had some nice dinner...:)

hi :)

Time for an update again! We have been in Gothenburg for the weekend and we got to meet my sister and her family again. We "borrowed" my nephew over the day today! It is wonderful to get to know him. And his really photogenic :)
AND...I got some shopping done as well :) All scrapstuff ofcourse! I think I went a little overboard with 2 magazines bought and I ordered, but what the hell. I love the felts (it is a really dark photo but they are springly green and a beautiful blue shade). I plan to make some flowers for a necklace out of them. The ribbons are great colors as well, lot´s of fun to do with those! The rubons I love! I am so happy to have found white ones now! I found some great pearls also.

This week I got my CJ (circle journal) back from my group at 2peas I didn´t think that I would be that emotional about it. But I was so happy to see that all the girls (7) made such an effort to make it wonderful! I think ablout all the time, stash and creativity that is in my book now! Fantastic! I get s goosebumps all over flipping through it! Thank you so much again, girls!

Night night

tisdag 25 april 2006

Great weekend

We celebrated our 4th anniversary this weekend! Actually we got married on the 27th but we are booked this weekend so we celebrated a little early :) We had the most fantastic day at a city about a hour drive from our house called Linkoping. It is an old city with alot of history and now a big university city. We parked and took a stroll down town. There where alot of small shops and nice buildings. We had some wonderful luch at a restaurant at a hotel. And then laid in the park just catching some sun :) When we got to town we saw this long long line of people, it must have been over 50 people standing in line. At first we thought it was the line to the ATM, but it was the line to an icecream bar! Wow! We figured it have to some icecream that is sold there! But unfortunatly it wasn´t extra ordinary at all :(We had a great day!

torsdag 20 april 2006

I´m here

So I´m back. We got a new computer and it took a while for me to get everything fixed up. Everything is working just fine and I LOVE the dashboard!

So, life is going alright. My sister and her family was up for easter and it was fun! The little one is 7 months now and just to sweet! I took him for a walk and it felt good.
I took lots and lots of pictures. Easter sunday we went for dinner with mom since she had her birthday on the 18th. It was nice.

We are celebrating our 4th weddingday on the 27th of april!!! But we are actually having some dinner on saturday since it is D:s week to have dear daughter. We are looking up some nice resturants in a city called Linköping. We have never been there but though that we should go somewhere unusual.

Well, I have to make dinner now...

To J: I hope everything is good with you and good luck on your first days a work!
Love me

måndag 10 april 2006

ooops...I did it again!

...sorry for being MIA for a while again :( Last week was just so full and very tired...I guess I was tired from being sick the week before. Although today is also a sleepy day :) Monday morning is always my opening morning at school so that means I open at 6 am. But that also means that I get to go home at 2!

This weekend has been a relatively quite one. Saturday me and Dear Husband slept in and that was heaven! And then we had some delicious breakfast as we usually do on the weekends. We sit for like an hour and eat, talk and listen to the radio. Very nice.
Then Dear Daughter and her dad and step mom came over and we had some coffe and tea and I actually made some scones! We had a talk about daughters situation at school which is a little complicated at the moment. We are hoping that it will pass soon.

We where hoping that spring had really come this time but last week we had a blizzard again! We have had 3 solid months of winter and snow this year. Spring please come!!!

Sunday me and dear daughter made some papier mache easter eggs and we are finishing them up today. Am I a preschool mom or what?!! She had a birthday party as well and then we went for a walk with the dogs.

Nice and quite...