fredag 17 februari 2006

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another happy list :)

The happy list is getting longer :)

Today I am happy for:

¤ feeling better
¤ my in-laws came yesterday
¤ getting those super cool stamps :)
¤ good scrapping
¤ friday!
¤ comments on my blog :)
¤ DD is happy
¤ eating some good chocolate
¤ listening to a good book
¤ waking up early today got some things done
¤ looking forward to next weekend when Bessa and Niklas are coming :) FUN
¤ the cat loves me :)


onsdag 15 februari 2006


Today I happy about, feel gratitude for:

¤ My grandfather feeling better
¤ good music on the radio
¤ getting an A! on our theises!!! (Way to go Sofia!)
¤ flipping trough the new Memory Makers magazine
¤ My new bronzer from Yves Rocher
¤ My new Vanilla Bourbon from Yves Rocher
¤ scrappin´
¤ DD on play date
¤ Valentine hellos :)

Not so happy about:

¤ being home sick :(
¤ it is cold
¤ the summer is so far away
¤ not being able to go to the US this year

It is a good thing the good things are more than the bad, eh?!

torsdag 9 februari 2006

good read...

The other day I found the book of Pigge Werkelin, a man that survived the tsunami in Khao Lak in Thailand on the 26th of december 2004. Pigge has written a book about the tragedi that the tsunami ment for him; loosing his wife and two small boys. This was definitly that kind of book that you could not put down. I began reading it in bed one night and just couldn´t stop. I litterally had to force myself to put it down so that I could go to sleep. Pigge tells about the horrors that followed the tsunami and how he searched and found all three family members. He had ceremonies for all three as honorable as possible. He strikes me as such a strong person. The way he tells about the swedish help from the goverment that didn´t come, how he had to find ways to get his family out of the temples and all these paperwork breaks my heart. It makes me mad and sad. I feel so sad for all those who lost someone and my heart goes out to the thousands and thousands that lost everything. If you have the chance; buy Pigges book and contribute to the tsunami victims.