onsdag 20 oktober 2010

a part of my heart is in afghanistan

i created this post after a comment from susie on my last post!
hi, susie!

even though me and my ex-husband have been divorced for many, many years we are still close and have a strong friendship. we are lucky, because that is not the norm, is it?! we both have new relationships,but he will always be a part of my heart since he was my first love and obviously the father of my child. our daughter has always lived with me, but has visited with her dad several times a month. when he first talked about going on his deployment to Kosovo a few years ago, we weren´t that worried since there are no open conflicts there at the time. but our daughter reacted ofcourse. she is mostly angry with her father as she see it like he chose his work before her. that is normal for a child i think. when he deployed to afghanistan this past spring she (and very much me too) worry more.

for many, many months there have been calmer where he is stationed in mazar-e-sharif in the north of the country. but since this summer the situation has been worse and the swedish ISAF troops have been involved in a few incidents.

now, my ex-husband is not often involved in open conflict as he takes care of landmines and such.
but we are often worried when he is out and about on assignments.

we have worked alot with the feelings that our daughter has. she has had trouble showing her anger towards her father, since she does miss him so much and want to make the best of the leaves he has had. but he knows and we have worked alot on their relationship while he is gone and now they talk more often and her father calls or emails as often as he can to tell us that he is ok.

we all look forward to his homecoming this december!

if you read this, daniel; please take care!

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