tisdag 31 maj 2011

lucky lucky me

mothers day was this past sunday in sweden and i made this layout on that day. 

the sentiment is from a digital kit called spring cut ups from designer digitals. there are so many good frases there! 

i printed out one of cathy zielskes digital elements on white cardstock and made my layout around that, easy! 

if someone is waiting on a project life in may update, it will come later this week. we are going out of town for a few days and there are a few other posts until i´ll be back.

lördag 28 maj 2011

i believe in...

i wrote this list april 24th and forgot about it in my notebook. then the other day i went through it and wanted to scrap it. 

i believe in...

kindness & long hugs

smiles & thank you´s

love & holding hands

suprises & just because

second chances & doing your best

justice & generosity

slow days infront of the TV & sleeping in the hammock

chocolate & hard crying

the magic of books & power of the pen

happiness & happy endings

going out in the rain & painted nails

singing in the shower & crazy dancing with kids

hot showers & handlotion

forgiveness & trying again

dandelions & nature

sleeping in & long breakfasts

lit candles & popcorn 

what do you believe in? 

torsdag 26 maj 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks: week 21 roundup and new prompt AND a giveaway!

this is going to be a little different from my usual 52 photos roundup posts. i am going to share how i have started a minialbum with my 52 photos, photos :) and then at the end of this post me and monika have a little suprise for you!

i wanted my mini to be super easy so i just printed my photos on my home printer at the size of 6 x 4" and used my hole punch to attach 2 bookrings. i added a label to the back of each photo using a free download from creativity prompt.  

i used my typewriter to just add the week number and prompt.

and infront of each new month i used Monikas free month in review download. just search down the right column for her free downloads, she has lots! 

and here is just the frontpage. i ripped the paper of chipboard things i didn´t use, glued them down on kraft chipboard and then i painted it all. 

and now to the very fun part of this weeks post! 
can you all believe that we are almost half way through our 52 photos?! 
as a little love for all of you that joined us on this journey, me and monika wanted to have a little giveaway!
so, if you want to play along, just upload your photo to the 52 photos flickr group. that´s it! just keep uploading and we will choose one winner and a runner up too!

monika offers $20.00 shop credit to her awesome etsy shop. go take a look! 

and i will giveaway a set of yellow themed polaroids! 

the first winner will have the choice between the prizes and the runner up gets the other prize :) 

so, go take your photo with the prompt square in mind and then upload it to the 52 photos flickr group and you are in on the giveaways! yay!

onsdag 25 maj 2011

tumblr inspo may 25th

i am writing up a fun post for all my 52 photos in 52 weeks people for tomorrow, but wanted to share a few of my recent images on my tumblr

i am so going to do a photoshoot in the rain! 

I want to be just like this when I grow old.

Heart shaped eggs! Love it!

please someone, invite me to a dinnnerparty like this! 

and if you force me i can stay over at your house ;)


come back thursday for a fun 52 photos post! 

måndag 23 maj 2011

project life in may post #6 ~ third week {a video blog}

my post will be a video one today! 
for some reason the images are turning up cracked on my screen :( 
so, i added some stills further down. 

project life in may week 3 from Lisa Ottosson on Vimeo.

and here are the links that i promise in the video:

söndag 22 maj 2011

the simple things #28

i chose this photo this week because it makes me all fuzzy :) we visited with sweet friends in their gorgeous house yesterday. i love that i caught this moment with everyone engaging in our talks.

torsdag 19 maj 2011

just my idea of a fun afternoon...(photo heavy post!)

my daughter and i planned a photoshoot among the dandelions :)

then i handed over the camera to her...

my favorite ♥

and that my friend is what a perfect afternoon is to me ♥

tisdag 17 maj 2011

my silly family

since i decided to get on a year long project of taking at least one familyphoto each month of the year, we have had many chances to add to our family photobook :) 
as you know, if you have ever tried to ever take a family photo with pets, there is going to be a few runnings back and forth to the camera to push that timer button :) i know that at least my husband wasn´t that fond of this project from the start, but we have had so much fun with this, i think even he likes the outcome. 
and with the memory card full with outtakes from our photoshoots, we also throw in some silly ones like this in the layout above. christmas card material?? :)

måndag 16 maj 2011

project life in may post #5 ~ second week

i am actually happy that the second week of may is over and done with because i got down with yet a cold :(
anyhow, here is the second weeks entries to my project life in may!

here is the first spread. i have added one extra page this week. 
i worked a bit with backing this week. i felt that the page protectors weren´t sturdy enough, so i backed everything with black cardstock and i even did the following spreads too :) 

here is a closer look. i have added some white text on my photos this week. the font is hand of sean and is a free download. i added the text in WORD before i printed them.
on this spread i added photos from one of my many study sessions this past week, a few more of our caravan and index photos from a familyshot i did saturday. i used the same techniqe for the 2 mini slots for the index cards as i did on my two page layout i did for ellas  sketch challenge :) for my journaling i used both a pen (my own handwriting) and my typewriter. 

here is a look at page two with the extra page. i added a note about the scores in one of our UNO games this week and also a card from the deck. 

the spread with the extra page turned. i added a fun photo detail on the back of the extra page. i went into my photofiles and found a photo of our cherry tree just starting to bloom from last year and a current photo, which shows that spring came way earlier this year.

for the smaller slots on the second page i added a miniprint of a layout i did earlier this week, part of a cute envelope that i got from Lisa at Cocoa Daisy and a journaling card with the past week in numbers. 

here´s to a healthier week three :)