måndag 29 september 2008

some scraps

our little family of three have gone through a.l.o.t of things in the past and i am so proud of the fact that we are so united, so tight as a family.

i had my daughter 9 years ago, i was 20 and i was afraid. yep, afraid. i just knew in me that the birth wouldn´t go as planned. unfortunatly i was right..i was in labour for 32 hours and it all ended with a emergency c-section. the painkillers didn´t work so i felt it all (i was awake). no details but it left a mark on me. a mark in my soul and mind and on my body. i have a scar after the c-section and my belly is n.o.t at all how i would like it to be. here i journal about my feelings where i sometimes hate how my body and belly looks like, but then my husband came and told me; hey you have given a life! those strethmarks are marks of life! ...see why i love him?! :) that is right: I HAVE GIVEN A LIFE!!! i am so proud of that fact and i wear the scar with pride. i really loved doing this page it felt so good!

ps. hey it is not much but i am getting there! i am acctually working on 2 projects right now :)

lördag 27 september 2008

random list

1. i love fall! i want to state that once and for all :) i love the crisp fresh air, the beautiful colors, the smell of appels and leaves. i love to have my camera with me when i am out and about.

2. job things can wear you down! we have had some communtication problems at work and it really takes too much energy from me. i love my job very much, but the bickering takes alot of the fun out of it...

3. we had lovely shrimps yesterday it was so much yum!

4. i am loving new inspo for minibooks. i totally adore Karen Russlles latest one.

5. i am thinking about joining Ali Edwards one her "a week in the life quest". i am just worried about commiting. i don´t know if i can do a whole week :)

6. i am itching to do a RAK, look out! :)

7. i am also itching to make something with my new digital kit i may even think up a christmas gift or two with this...

8. i have borrowed jason mraz´ album from my sister and i must say that the music makes me want to playin puddles, search for rainbows and dance barefoot in the grass :)

9. my bleh-post the other day had a photo of me in my new shirt! and inge, i love it too! my mother bought it for me when she went to hungary the other month. i don´t know if i have said this before, but my mother is from serbia and my father from hungary. so i have a whole other cultural heritage and this shirt is a part of that. my grandmother has always made table cloths and other works of art using this sewing techniqe. i have two other shirt, one white with the same coloring and one with blue tones.

photo from 2006

10. we are making pizza tonight and have a bourne marathon :)

söndag 21 september 2008

all scraps

ok, i am back from the dentist and for now i am painfree! yay! so as a celebration i have a few new scrapbooking layouts to share!

this photo of my sweet mother-in-law and her brown lab is such a treasure to me. i snapped a ton of photos that day and this was really a lucky shot! i love that they are looking at eachother, because there is so much love between them! Mel, you see anything you recognize? i just had to use those lovely butterflies for this :)

Oh and these two are such sweethearts! they are getting so big and at 9 months they are alreadu a handful for my sisters family. oh how i love to be an aunt!

i really love those little birds :)
did a little interview with the family about happiness :) and we acctually had a great talk about it.

what makes you happy?

life update

thanks alot for the comments and the emails i have gotten the last week during my bleh-ness :) it always feels nice to come online and get lovely greetings. I also want to thank sweet sweet Mel who send me a package of love :) thank you so much!
so, the reason for my bleh-ness seems to be a combination of a cold that has decided to not just quite break out and a hellish tooth ache! AH! Have you ever had a tooth ache? OMG! It is terrible, let me tell you. from wednseday through friday and then saturday and sunday...and finally i have an appointment with the dentist on monday. i did get a nice set of drugs on friday though :) i have really been feeling not well, but during my drug related highs (!) i did manage to go to the harvest festival. i had been looking forward to that the whole month and i am glad that i went.

Did you know there were this many different kinds of potatos? And did you know that it is the UN´s international year of the potato 2008? The kids in my school made some potato goodies to be sold at the farmers market to benifit kids that have less than them.

One of my favorites are the mini pumpkins. i have a few in my house to decorate with and i love the shapes and colors.

i went with a really good friend of mine and we ended up going out saturday night, just for abit but we had sooo much fun! we danced and laughed and giggled :) good good times!

so, just to let you know, i am somewhat better now :)

onsdag 17 september 2008

i am off...

yup, that´s right! I have a soar throat, running nose...and i am so tired. i started scrapbooking yesterday since i have a few new ones...no fun! i must be really sick! So, as i don´t want you to catch anything that i might have (!) i will lay low for a while :)

i hope that you all feel well!

fredag 12 september 2008

am out - be back soon!

i will be out for the weekend and hoping that i will be doing a lot of this!

have a wonderful weekend and i will be back with an update soon :)


söndag 7 september 2008

wall art

As a few of you know we have had our house that was built in 68´ for a cuple of years now. And we have been working on it forever! The latest addition was new paint and floors to our front room (aka the small room right when you step in the door).

It is not entirely finished (does anything really become that?!) but we have put up the coat hangers and such. It is a small space and kind of dark right now since we haven´t put up the new lighting yet. We are leaning towards something like this

It is going over the tiles where we put our shoes and where we have a mirror. Good lighting is crusial here because the only window in the room is in the front door.

We don´t plan to have any furniture at all here, so the organisation soulution is also crusial. The coat hangers are to high for our daughter to reach them, so we are getting her a hanger of her own. Maybe something like this

We are getting the same baskets that i have in my craft room, to put our mittens, caps and hats in.

And now, to my acctual meaning for posting :) I wanted to create something to hang on one wall in this room. I wanted it to be simple and contain the words "love lives here" because i love that phrase. Voila! This is what i came up with!

It is a true hybrid project. First i cut the green background paper (it is very mych lime green although the photos show it like yellow!) and then sat myself down at the computer to create the text portion. I used a digital brush by Rhonda Farrer to create the tag and then convereted it to this brown shade. Oh, yes I was working in Photoshop! And then i played with different fonts but i decided to keep it simple. Kate Teague created a wonderful digital set with all sorts of trees whcih i love. I created a tree in the size i wanted in PS and then printed it out in WORD (tree and then treetop.) When i had it all printed out i didn´t want to use the treetop i had printed. Instead i choose a patterned paper and traced the treetop on there. Then i used my heart punch to embellish the tree a bit. I used the 3 hot pink hearts that symbolies the three people in our little family.

ok, well i guess that is it for now! :)

lördag 6 september 2008

hello saturday

How is your saturday going? Mine is very wet, it has been pouring down outside the whole day! But it is ok, because I don´t mind staying inside at all :) So what have i´ve been doing? Well:

i crawled out of bed at 9,30
had some breakfast
checked bloglines
put on a load of laundry
did some dishes
saw "because i said so"
took the dogs for a tiny walk (more to come)
made a scrap-hanging for our new front room (will show tomorrow)
finsihed up some other scrap projects

cuddled with the hubby :)
took a shower
hung up the wet laundry

as for now me and said hubby are taking the dogs for a well needed leg stretch and then we have a dinner guest this evening. We are serving baked salmon, tomato and mozzarella sallad and some garlic bread *yum*

what did you do?

tisdag 2 september 2008

sorry for the delay

ok, first i am sorry that there has been a lack of updates this week. It has been such a hectic week, we have alot of things going on at work and we had a late meeting last night and that always makes me lay awake for a really long time. Anyway, here is an update!

I scrapped this above after i had read the latest Scrapbooks etc. magazine. There was a layout that used playing card sized blocks and i wanted to try that. I like that i can decorate just a portion of the layout. I have tried the playing cards before. See here and here

Oh, and let me just apologize for the horrible stitching on this 2 pager! I suck at layout stitching! Anyway i made this layout to document my daughters reaction to the Jonas Brothers CD she got for her birthday!

Monday was my daughters "ridingday" so as my husband has begun to work again after his vacation, we had to take our bikes down to the harbour. We took Dixon with us :)

As you can see he had a sweel time :)

And i will end this with my latest flickr favorites!

1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. end of summer ttv, 4. spin, 5. Untitled, 6. New Sunny Day (2), 7. oldstudio.JPG, 8. i surrender!, 9. Contagious Smile, 10. Where I stand.., 11. Little Red Dress, 12. Taken by the wind, 13. Scream *lomo*, 14. Untitled, 15. Those butterflies., 16. 73/365 - chaos theory cakes., 17. chaos theory cakes cupcake., 18. Untitled, 19. good morning chicago., 20. Button Wreath Ornament, 21. tea time, 22. Birthday Wisdom, 23. Sunflower, 24. alien