onsdag 28 november 2012

Re-scrap 2012 | last page from October

I realized that I didn´t share my last Re scrapped page for October here on the blog.

Here is my inspiration page.

And here is my new page. Obviously it is about me and my husband. And the journaling talks about how we are doing now, a few months into the big changes we have made. I must say, I love it :)

tisdag 27 november 2012

Project Life | week 47

Week 47.

I got two sweet cards this week. One from my neices and nephew and one from my friend Keshet. I used the entire first page for those! The two right photos are flip pockets and I have slipped the inside of the card and a few notes underneath. 

The spread is super simple this week. I included stories from our weekend and my day of thrifting aswell as our Thanksgiving. 

I hope to have a new Project Life tips & tricks post up soon!

söndag 25 november 2012

A quote I like

I posted this on WCS today for the Sunda photo+words post and I thought the quote was so good that I wanted to share it here too. 
Have a wonderful Sunday!

fredag 23 november 2012

December daily | my book

This year, since I am doing Project Life, I wasn´t going to make a December daily minibook. I didn´t want to make it just for the sake of making it, you know. But then I happened upon Annette Haring on Instagram and she posted a minibook she made before just using a simple Moleskine book, a prompt and a list on the right side of a spead and a photo on the left and I was sold. This was a concept I could buy, even though I am doing my Project Life at the same time! This week Annette shared a really good post on how she is doing her December daily and also shared prompts for all 31 days.

I made my own Moleskine kind of book and printed her prompts. I ended up using just a few of those and made up a few of my own so that they would more fit how our December will look like.  
I plan on going through the pile of prompts every few days and see if I have a photo for it, or some days I will have a prompt ready. 

I have prepared by making the actual book, embellished it and added in the dates on each day. I plan to do a spread for each day, but because I have the prompts, it will be easier than finding something random each day that I perhaps already record in the Project Life album. 

Ok, that is the plan. We will see how it goes!
I plan to just add the whole minibook at the end of my Project Life album.

Ps. If you are interested in my December daily from 2010 here are three links! 

torsdag 22 november 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are having a really good day today! We will be celebrating this weekend when we are all home.

While you are eating and relaxing, I am preparing posts about my December daily, a new From pin to reality and how we as a family recorded our gratitude this year. Stay tuned!

onsdag 21 november 2012

Project Life | week 46

A bit later this week, but here is my spread for week 46.

No extra inserts this week.

The stories include: 

Everyday morning snuggles, a playdate with friends & dinner on a tuesday, the cuties from the week and some positive progress at work for me.

The stories include:

A texted photo from the Opera my husband went to, my daughter being sick and needing smoothies :)
More snuggles and vitamins in form of yummy pomegrants.

And here is a little behind the scenes look ;)

tisdag 20 november 2012

WCS | December sneak peak

It`s time for another sneak peak at a new layout for Write Click Scrapbook! Did you know that last months layout marked my 2nd birthday with them?! Crazy happy about that since the team has a few of my FAVORITE scrap people!

So...what could the theme be...

Hm...a photo (per usual), some cute papers that I go to time after time, a doily...

Don´t miss our Facebook page where Marnie will share sneaks all day! (That is on the 20th american time, so a few of you have to wait a tad bit longer). 

måndag 19 november 2012

From pin to reality | family cross-stitch

I actually had this one bookmarked even before Pinterest entered the picture. Finally I took some time and made it!

DIY cross stitched portraits - Love this!

This is a Martha Stewart idea and her website (where the link goes to from the pin) has several sheets of patterns you can print. I did just that and decided on which pattern I would use for my family.

I have lots of thread and fabric that I got after my grandmother, so I have a lot of colors to choose from. 

I made it in like 4 hours while listening to a book :)
I am happy and think it is cute.

lördag 17 november 2012

Take Twelve | November ~ the page

On November 12th I found myself superbusy! So, I chose to use my Instagram photos from the 10th and 11th. They are from a weekend in Gothenburg with my husband. Walks, dogbellies, handholding and other feelgood stuff.

Here is my Take Tweleve spread. 

I resized my Instagram photos to 5x5 cm and made a collage in Word. I also added the title (Take 12 november) before printing the page out. I then added embellishments and made the second page. 
I dug in my scraps for all the embellishments. 

Can you believe this is the second to last time we do this?!!
Next time is 12-12-12 :)

Go here to read the post on the Ella blog where you also find a few more pages and links to the other team members!

onsdag 14 november 2012

Project Life | week 45

Week 45

Here is last weeks spread. 

Here are the stories:

Monday dinner.
My favorite seasonal treat.
A tweet from a public figure in Sweden asking the question on many minds: Since US rule so much of our (the rest of the world) lives, why can´t we vote. 
And I took a screenshot of the news that Obama was still the president. I won´t become to political here, but he was my choice. 
I also journaled a bit about how nice of a week I had at work.

The stories:

The second page is all weekend, really. I recorded that we watched Downton Abbey and that we had such a nice relaxing weekend. I posted about it here also.
That second pocket on the top right is this story.

Have a wonderful week!

måndag 12 november 2012

Take Twelve

Just a reminder that today is the 12th of november, and for some of us that means we are up for the monthly Take Twelve photo challenge! So charge your cameras and have fun!

Check out my other Take Twelve posts here!


This weekend I was visiting my husband in the city that he lives in. A few weeks ago, when I was there I took a few photos that I didn´t share, so I thought I´d throw them in here too.
We had the most laidback weekend ever! He has a cold and wasn´t really feeling like going out doing stuff, so we stayed home.
We listened to a book, I did some cross stitching (more on that later!) and he played some game on the phone.
We snuggled, argued, we have to do that when we see each other too :)
We watched 2 episodes of Downtown Abbey and he watched it just for me. And we took such a wonderful walk, having fun conversation.
I wrote on FB on friday, that I was going away for a change of scenery, and I got that during our walks for sure. On the island we have no hills, and Gothenburg has all sorts of hills!
One of my favorite things is to walk around in new neighbourhoods just watching the houses and gardens.
I came home late, but my daughter (who stayed home this time) waited for me with dinner on the table <3 font="font">
I hope that your weekend was good too!