fredag 28 mars 2014

Memorykeeping | A good life

As I said in a previous post, I was on a roll making a lot of scrapbooking pages last week. I love it when I am in a flow and the things I create pleases me. 

I made this one with the the March main kit from Cocoa Daisy. The green shades in this kit was so yummy and I think it contrasts itself so good with the neutral of the grey. 
I had two photos of myself printed (by mistake) in two different sizes, so I just worked with what I had and put the smaller sized photo on top of the larger. 

The page is obviously about how good life feels right now. I feel good, even though my life changed so quickly a year ago and I have certainly learned that happiness is something you decide for yourself. 

Have a wonderful Friday! 

onsdag 26 mars 2014

Memorykeeping | Spring layout

I made this super simple spring layout using a Phrase Card from the kit I got from The Green Hyena for which I am guesting this month. The original card had the letters for spring lined up underneath each other, so I easily cut them apart and added them as a title to my page using staples. 

I will use this layout, that has no journaling, as kind of a title page in my album stating anything behind it being beyond spring.

As the month is coming to an end I still have one more project I did with the kit I got and that will be posted on Saturday!

Happy Spring!

måndag 24 mars 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 11 with March A day in the life kit from Cocoa Daisy

Hello week 11!

This weeks spread is done mostly using Cocoa Daisy´s PL kit called Day in the life. I have been given the March kit and I have blogged and talked about it with swedish PL:ers, Project Life has become so big this last year and many people are looking for good kits to subscribe to. I am trying to answer questions and giving as much info as I am able to.  

The kit had a lot of cards with vibrant and spring like colors and they were perfect for my week! We had really nice weather and my photos worked really good with the cards. I chose both journalingcards and filler cards for this page. I liked how the cards were designed, but they were also really easy to add to with the wood veneers and washi tape.

I punched some vellum paper and added sentiments from that great October Afternoon phrase stamp for this.

The kit I got had a really cute stamp set with 4 different stamps; bad day, good day and then thumps up/thumps down icons. I fitted great ith one of my not so great days of this week. I used one of the 4x6" cards and added the stamps and then made it all into a flip pocket, so the story is underneath that card.

As i mentioned last week, I am doing a month long photo challenge that I call #whereistandinmarch2014 and am adding in each photo in an insert each week. That date card was perfect ofcourse! And the kit came with a few sheets of 6x6" patterend papers that I trimmed to fit.

I subscribe to Cocoa Daisy´s main kit, but have never tried their PL kit before. I love the main kit and must say, I do love the Day in the life kit too!

Thanks for stopping by!

Memorykeeping | Viggo

Sometimes all I want to is to play with paper and glue. I try my best to make meaningful layouts with atleast some profound journaling, but as I said before I use my papercrafting time as an outlet for my feelings when I am sad, sick or even happy. This hobby is so much more than just recording memories for me.
This page is a good exemple of that. I have played with strips of paper and it made me happy when I saw they went well with that cute photo! My sister send it on Valentine's day. 

Oh and I love how the white, grey and pink marry so well! 

Have a great week! 

lördag 22 mars 2014

Guest designer: The Green Hyena: cards

Here are the cards I made with the kit from The Green Hyena! I had a few birthday cards I needed to make, and these tag/pockets were perfect!

I sometimes align my letterstickers on a ruler so that I know it will all fit.

For the punched out butterflies I actually used the left over paper from the Phrase Cards pad. 

And I also made a more boyish card using the black card and colorful dot brads from the kit. That neon green tag was from my stash that I finally found a use for!

Happy Weekend!

fredag 21 mars 2014

Memorykeeping | This is love

Here is another layout I did using a few things from a Cocoa Daisy kit. at first i thought of hoarding that patterned paper :) But then again, why not use the pretty paper, right!

The story is one from January, when we decided to step out in the magical snow one evening. It was tuely magic!

I am using the heck out of my labels stash at the moment! They are so easy to use and adds just the right amount of color or shape to both layouts and PL cards. And that stamp from Cocoa Daisy is so cute!

Happy Friday!

torsdag 20 mars 2014

WCS | April gallery sneak

This a sneak of what I created for the April gallery at WCS. April people! Gosh, does time zoom by for you too? 

I had so much fun making this and plan on doing some other posts with the April theme in mind during the month. I think you will like it too!

tisdag 18 mars 2014

Memorykeeping | Layout using Phrase cards

As I have mentioned before, I am sponsored by a swedish kit club this month. I made this layout using the Phrase Cards from Pebbles that came in that kit. I use (PL) cards on regular layouts all the time. They are so easy to add in on any page really. 

I chose this cute photo of my nephew at his first birthday party. Isn´t the cutest?! I wouldn´t know how to use these cards in for example my PL album, but I think they are perfect for this! 

I added some letter stickers to that left card to make a title card. 

Thank you for stopping by today!

Project Life 2014 | Week 10

The 10th week of 2014.

I have a few flip pockets in the spread. Among others there is one under that first photo of me and my love at the bank taking care of some stuff. The journaling is underneath. I had to include the Oscar selfie :)

Otherwise I am plugging away pretty much the same way as other weeks. Using a lot of tags and my typewriter for journaling.

That first pocket (with the photo of my daughter and the title card) is also a flip pocket. We have had some teenage issues lately and I want to include those stories aswell, but don´t want to put my daughter on the spot with having them right in everyone´s face. So there is journaling underneath. I used a lot of bits and pieces I had on my table that were leftovers from other projects to embellish.

During march I am doing a photo thing on Instagram with one photo of where my feet was in march. You can see them all here on my Instagram. Just click the follow button and I will clear you :)
I printed them out as polaroids and added them to this little insert.

I love to have them all in there!

Have a great Tuesday!

måndag 17 mars 2014

Memorykeeping | Sally

I had so much fun scrapbooking this weekend! I felt the mojo just pour out! 

Here is one of the pages I did. I love that patterned paper that was in the March main kit from Cocoa Daisy. Studio Calico makes it and I knew when I saw it that I wanted to use it as a background. My love had taken this photo of our cat Sally with his iPhone and I like how good it is even in a larger scale. I used the "white space" of the photo to add almost all my journaling and embellishments. 

This pages makes me happy!

fredag 14 mars 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 9 with sponsored material


I am happy to share with you week 9 in my PL album! This week I used sponsored material in form of a Add On kit from The Green Hyena! The kit had the Pebbles Phrase cards in it and I have used a few of those cards in this spread. The weather was awesome this week and I think the spread has a spring feel to it!


You got to love check boxes on a journaling card! Oh and coffee outside in the sunshine!


From time to time I take screen shots of my latest Pinterest pins to save what I am inspired by at the moment. 


I actually used one of the glassine bags that the kit came in to make an embellsihment for that Pinterest slot! I love good packaging!


The second page also has a few of those Phrase cards and also one of the cute plastic butterflies in the kit. 
My birthday flowers held up all week and it was such happiness to walk into the livingroom! 


I have set out to take one photo out from the kitchen window each month of this year and this is February´s shot.

Yup, that folks is my week 9!

torsdag 13 mars 2014

Update on that baby gift DIY!

I shared a quick and simple baby gift tutorial a while back. It was for my nephews first birthday and it was a photoalbum of all of his family. And I just wanted to share such a cute photo that my sister send me!

Here he is looking through the book, pointing at the faces and trying to say mama! Giftgiving done right :)

tisdag 11 mars 2014

Moodboard Inspiration | March

I am updating my Moodboard for March. I felt stuck and uninspired by my original and since this is my own challenge, I make the rules :)

So, here is the new and hopefully improved moodboard! 

Yay, for changes!

måndag 10 mars 2014

Memorykeeping | Sweetheart

Oh, Marta! She is such a sweetheart! Ever since she was a kitten she has joined me at the craft table. She knows how to lay so that she can lay on my lap even under the table. She jumps right up and lays down before she even up!

Often times she sleeps, but sometimes she is very nosey and wants to see what I am up to. This day she got a sticker caught on her nose! 

I am so happy I got this storiy down! Do you have stories you know you want to record but
haven´t gotten around to?