tisdag 31 mars 2009

inspiration found on our wonderful internet

planting shed

changable art

easy hanging pots

images from do it yourself

Jen jockish lovely layout from the ac blog

spoolpeople featured on crafty crow

Cool ways to introduce your kids to photography.

a lovely layout by brooke starnes

söndag 29 mars 2009

earth hour and a few faves

We had a lovely time during earth hour on saturday night. we read out loud to each other and did some crossword puzzles. the daughter even fell sound asleep during the quite time. it was very relaxing. did you turn of your lights during earth hour?

the story: my mother in law turned 62 last week and i wanted to document how cool and beautiful she looked!

the goods: well, as you can see i used a few buttons from my vintage stash :) i love them all. i acctually sewed them all in by hand and then did my journaling on my typewriter poped that on there and the numbers are foam stickers.

the story: me and my husband will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary on april 27th and this weekend it was exactly 6 years and 11 months. silly to count maybe but i am so very proud of us to have been through what we have been through and still be very much in love.

the goods: i "polaroid" the photo and attached it with masking tape. the numbers are foam stickers and the letters are from a rub-on sheet. journaling on my beloved typewriter and punched out some hearts to make a third boarder.

i got lost in flickr-land last night and here are a few of my favorites. don´t you just love the ability to see so much loveliness at one time?! and that hedgehog is just killing me :)

1. * Printed love, 2. Inspired By Nina van de Goor, 3. Stylist's bedroom 2, 4. state of play: acquired by occasional retirement, 5. Here he is again... The Cute Smile, 6. March 20th - is the 1st day of spring for 2009, 7. welcoming warmth, 8. globe, 9. Tagged, 10. snapshot, 11. spring in california, 12. toes, 13. #01 cheerio, 14. Untitled, 15. what I found, 16. happy, 17. mom's flowers :), 18. Liviadoptavla2, 19. Liviadoptavla, 20. vi, 21. Gaslamp District, 22. The flower park, 23. more bokeh tree, 24. *, 25. peeling back layers, 26. kick it!, 27. Happiness is a warm puppy, 28. BUTTON BOKEH, 29. ...Tjaša..., 30. just an observation

a long day for me today, i am going to a late lecture this evening...yawn!

lördag 28 mars 2009

an update on life

ok, ok so here we go. even though the week was kind of crummy; a migraine that lasted like 3 days, snow (again) and bad sleeps we took the day today for a family day. first we went to the animal shelter just for fun and support. we know the 2 women that run it and we got both sally and harry through them, i am also helping them out with their website. they had a new cat shelter which was very impressive and full of lovely little cats :) and well, if we could we would take every single one home...

then we went to see marley & me at the movies :)

we all laughed and cried and recognized so much in the movie. you see we have our own marley...

earlier this week i took some photos for mindis photo challenge which was green for march. i missed february because well, i apperently don´t own anything that is pink.

a thrifted glas cup and plate which i will plant a flower in...

our new bedspread.

home :)

edited: tada :)

and i will leave you with a new layout before i have to light some candles for earth hour!

´ll be back soon!

i am here

...just had a crummy week with migraines and bad nights. but i am here :) this is going to be a short post because we are on our way to the city and the movies :) we are going to see marley & me all three of us!

i´ll be back with a better post later!

ps. thanks for the concern mel :)

måndag 23 mars 2009

we had a wonderful weekend with my parents-in-law. they had their birthdays coming up and we had some celebrations. speaking of birthdays, i have to share this photo of my rocking mother-in-law who turns 62 (!) this week! isn´t she cute!

my husband helped them with some yard work that included a 14 meter tall lift that he used when he sawed down a big tree. after the work was done he had us up there taking some photos :)

the scrapbooking bug caught me when i got home from their house. and this is what i have come up with so far.

the story: see above :)

the goods: as always super simple. i cut a page from a atlas as a scalloped tag and added a self-printed tag. the sticker letters are from K&company.

the story: my sister and her family came to visit the other weekend and suddenly the house was full of her children :) they are wonderfully messy :) we went to the kindergarden where i work so that they could play around for a bit and this photo is from there.

the goods: i made a fun minigarland at the top of the page out of some scrap paper pieces. the labels are self-printed from the containerstore.com the butterfly from my ever schrinking stash of butterflies from my mel :) i bought the foam letters (bus) from pandurohobby.se.

i am so ready for spring and even easter. my mom asked me if i could find a template for her on marthastewart.com and i came across some cuteness.
i think some of these easter crafts are really cute...what do you think?

ok, i am off to nurse a child with fever and a cold with some crafts...more to come.

onsdag 18 mars 2009

such a wonderful spring day

i had the day of today to go to the local indoor pool with my daughters school. the best thing was that we were home by 1.30 already! so now i have been soaking up some sunshine and wonderful spring weather. me and sally that is :) and the dogs too.

i scrapped last night and thought i´d share a few!

the story: i snapped a photo of my desk during a scrapbooking project and it made me so happy, since it showed process. i like process.

the goods: i wanted to snazz up the grey circle so i used my hole punch and punced along it and i also sewed with my sewing machine round and round. i hand cut the bottom grey tag and again punched holes so keep in together. the sticker letters are american crafts and heidi swapp.

the story: i made some status updates alá facebook style this past week and used them here. do it, it´s a really fun and easy way to keep track of what happens on a week. you can even make it twitter instead! :)

the goods: really simple really. journalled on my typewriter and then cut it up in strips. i used a few labels from a local bookstore and rub-on letters. the sticker letters (orange) are also ameracan crafts i belive and then i embellsihed it with one of my vintage buttons.

we are all very happy about this news!

that´s all folks!

måndag 16 mars 2009

happiness on a monday

mondays are always bittersweet for me, bitter because the weekend is over and i do like my weekends :) and sweet because i do like my job and a new week is always exciting! so here is what made my day a little more special today :)

although i am not a very big fan of plastic anything, if i do have to have them they can gladly be in these colors :)

since dixon aet my 2 pairs of walking shoes i had to buy new ones today. i love that they are pink :)

we had some beans this weekend and well with me in the house this is what happens with the cans :)

and finally i thrifted these awesome bowls this weekend and they make me want to bring out the icecream and icecream always makes me happy.

how was your monday?

lördag 14 mars 2009

only scraps (edited)

the story: a list of my currents. journaling:
right now
i am reading...marley and me
i am eating...sweets
i am drinking...pepsi max
i love...my little family
i watch...sit-coms
i wish... that spring would hurry up
i feel...tired
i listen to...p1 (culture and news radio channel)
i want to...go on a trip
i plan...a sewing project
i think about...home decorating

the goods: amy butler patterned paper, floral rub-on from heidi grace, white chpboard sticker from TOGA.

the story: the same old one...how lucky i am to have her :)

the goods: jenni bowlin bingo card, the background is acctually a color card from a paintshop. journaling made on my typewriter.

the story: a few days ago i was taking photos of deatils around our house and thought i´d use a few of the photos on a home layout.

the goods: well, the patterned paper squares are scraps i found in my paper scrap drawer and will not be able to say from where they are. but the upper right is from an old butterfly book i thrifted and the lower right is from a color card from a paintshop. butterfly from the lovely mel and little house from a heidi grace patterned paper and the letter stickers are also from heidi grace. a tada i acctually pulled out the sewing machine for this one :)

the story: ok, as you may have noticed my blog adress says darlinglisa and i don´t use that name because i think i am darling or anything...but then again i am...you see my whole family calls me that; Darling, even my grandparents :) it was my older sister who founded it a very long time ago and it stuck.

the goods: during a clean up i found these old circle tags that i cannot remember who made a cuple of years ago. i use the one that said darling and attached it to some vintage paper coasters. the journaling were made with my typewriter on a plain piece of paper and i used a "mel-butterfly" and some MM letterstickers to embellish it. the smile is also from MM.

ok, back to the scraptable!

oh my goodness if this doesn´t give you shivers down your spine you are a very cold person :)

fredag 13 mars 2009

three things

i was tagged by suzanne on facebook. this was fun!

01 | mice
02 | war
03 | speaking before a public

01 | my daughter
02 | Jeff Dunham
03 | Jon Reep

01 | swings
02 | chocolate
03 | paper

01 | mice
02 | having no idea what to cook for dinner
03 | home remodeling *1

01 | politics
02 | football
03 | war

01 | paper
02 | glue
03 | photos

01 | typing
02 | laundry
03 | listening to the news

01 | go to the USA
02 | swim with dolphins
03 | have a photo exhibition

01 | make kids love me :)
02 | a mean chocolate cake
03 | surf the internet hours on end

01 | kind
02 | controlfreak
03 | happy

01 | cook meat
02 | understand why people can´t get along
03 | sew

01 | laleh
02 | Amos Oz *2
03 | the everyday sounds around you *3

01 | rude remarks
02 | somebody saying you can´t do whatever you want
03 | talk show advice

01 | chocolate
02 | garlic bread
03 | fish

01 | french
02 | how to knit
03 | to ballroom dance

01 | diet coke
02 | water
03 | diet coke :)

01 | The Fraggles
02 | Five ants are more that four elephants *4
03 | Any thing by Astrid Lindgren

ok, here are some explainations.
*1 don´t get me wrong, i love it when the thing is done! just not the in between.
*2 i saw Amos Oz on a talkshow and i just think he said some really good stuff.
*3 just the everyday sounds, like when i take a walk in nature...just listen.
*4 this show was the best kids show then and still is! i bet millions of kids in sweden has learned to write and read with help from this show!

go ahead and feel tagged if you want!

onsdag 11 mars 2009

a little list


oh, man i would give a leg to be able to get one of these beautiful and magical videos...wouldn´t you?!


the story: my husband and his dog relaxing. i don´t think i have ever met a dog that loves his daddy like dixon loves his!

the goods: appel paper is from october afternoon and i cut it in a scalloped shape. and i dragged out my old labelmaker and had some fun! i think it will make it´s apperence more often in the future :)

the story: i love it when the first spring flowers show up!

the goods: not much going on just a few brads in heart shapes and flower shapes. and the typewriter was used to do the journaling.

cute pets:

sally relaxed in our new chair yesterday and i snapped a few photos :)

and here is what was going on out of the frame :)

awesome site:

real simple did a revamp of their site and i love it so much! i especially love the "new usues for old things" feature! there are a hundred really good and simple ways to use things for new purposes. brilliant! just take rubber bands; they can be used as:

"1. Open jars with ease. When a small lid won’t budge, wrap a rubber band around it several times to give you a better grip.

2. Decorate Easter eggs. Arrange rubber bands in a pattern around hard-boiled eggs, then dip them into dye. Remove the bands when the eggs are dry.

3. Bring order to your dishwasher. Tether stemware and other delicate, wobbly items to the rack.

4. Wrap a gift. Use multiple colored rubber bands instead of ribbon to add modern flair to a small present. (Particularly handy when you can’t find the tape.) "

yep, brilliant!

söndag 8 mars 2009

bits & pieces around the house today

so, i have these awesome new camera and i just need to use it :) this is what came out of that camera today.

in our hallway we have a season wall where i hang a new vintage almanackpage in a frame and add stuff related to the season on the little shelf.

lovely little vases are always cute and i love that we have springflowers in the garden!

a vintage postcard i bought in France lst year.


the side of the fridge is kinda full with this and that.

young love...

every home needs alittle paris :)

our new arm chair from IKEA.

i went thriftshopping saturday and found this tiny tin and WW bus :) they are so cute.

i would love to have one of these :)

pasta anyone?

how did you weekend look like?