onsdag 27 februari 2008

flowers makes me happy

it was springish in Paris. The grass was so green and the weather was lovely. But I found the loveliest flowers at the airport in Amsterdam :)

And the bulbs were peaking too :)

Do you remember the travel book I did in January? You can see more photos here. I did work in it during the trip. Here I am in the hotel in Paris journaling.

I had my gluestick and a journaling pen with me and just added stuff like tickets and stuff along the way. I will be sharing some pages soon.

I just got some new ink in my printer and am starting to print out photos from the trip, so that means I will be starting to scrap them very soon!

I hope that you have a wonderful day!

tisdag 26 februari 2008


ah...vacation is over...it is bittersweet, but I am still filled with the feeling of complete happiness. The trip was amazing in every sense. I don´t know where to start really. I think I will go with my comfortzone and make some lists :)

Best of Amsterdam (in no particular order):

1. The houses. I loved all the cute little narrow houses that laid down by the canals. They were so personal and diffrent. The doors were ornate and it was so nice to think that people acctually live there :)

2. The people. We didn´t meet one rude person in Amsterdam! All the people were so nice and helpful.

3. The van Gogh museum. We had worked with Vincents artwork with the kids at work last year and it was very interesting to see everything in real life. And it was here that I fell in love (the first time, I fell in love many times). We were looking around and this painting (scroll down)just hit my heart. I had to buy a poster to hang in our bedroom!

4. Hard Rock café food. I had this lovely veggie burger at the Hard Rock café and I think it was the best burger I have ever had!

5. The houseboats. How cool would it be to live on one of these!

Best of Paris (in no particular order):

1. The atmospher. Just to be in the presence of such a world city were mindblowing to me. I have read about and seen Paris in movies all my life and to finally be there gave me a feeling of good fuzziness inside. To wander the street and look at all the lovely, beautiful buildings...

2. The Eiffel Tower. When we went of the bus at the Trocadero and I walked up the stairs and finally, finally laid my eyes on that beauty, my heart skipped a beat. I was overwhelmed.

3. The Louvre. Oh my gosh that place is huge! We only went into one wing and we didn´t even finish the whole thing! My whole body and mind was at a place of calmness and utter peace when i was there. To be surounded by all that art was almost to much for me :)

4. The food. We seriously had some great food in Paris. The vegetarian food I chose were all very fresh and nicely prepared. And that the cafés and resturants were cosy and nice did it all even better.

Ok, this will do as a start! Please go to my flickr gallery to see more photos!

lördag 23 februari 2008

Hello from Holland

I had the best bithday in the pretty city of Amsterdam! The houses are so beautiful, I just went around with my mouth open all day long :) I am just saying hi and see you soon again!

måndag 18 februari 2008

picnic, preperations and good bye!

Me and my daughter decided we should have a picnic in the sun. Said and done, we packed some goodies and took Sadie (dog) and our bikes and biked to our special place in the forest. The sun was lovely between the tree-tops and the birds were singing. Divine, really. Sadie snacked on a hot-dog we brought with us, she was all over our bags :) I snapped this one of here begging, isn´t she the cutest!

Ps. She did get a cinnamon roll too :)

I have begun the big preperations for our trip later this week, I can´t belive that it is time already! I have done a few loads of laundry and now is the dreaded "what do I pack" epsidod. I mean it is only 5 days, but man a work week is 5 days and I use lot´s of clothes in those days! And how about shoes! We are going to do alot of walking so I think I will go for comfortable for that. And then my boots for dinner...I think :) I am sure it will be ok, it always is. I guess this is kind of travel jitters :)

I have been scrapping a little, so I did mess up that neat desk again :) Since weekends at my moms means alot of new photos, I have a ton of them to scrap. Just what I need when I come back with like a million Amsterdam/Paris photos after this weekend!
I tried those cute crumbled paper flowers on this one. Such an easy way to make your own embellishments!

And this one, using the yummy Amy Butler paper pack, with photos of my mom with her new grandkids.

I am loving the effect these frames do for the photos, even when I print them out!

Ok ok so I will quite stalling and say goodbye and see you soon!

söndag 17 februari 2008

week in photos

Monday: Me in the elevator at the dr´s office. New paper saying I can work half time and some new drugs :) No, really I am feeling so so very much better now that I can look back on almost a year filled with depression and anxiety.

Tuesday: Really feeling spring in the air. Town with my father and went second hand shopping, which is a blast with him. Did find a few things.

Thursday: V-day and my husband acctually suprised me with buying me flowers and this sweet yummy thing! ♥ I also went to a friend and had a nice time chatting and me sniffing small babies :)

Friday: Ah, the sun was so nice today and I just can´t belive how much it feels like spring already.


With the kids in the park, twin baby neices in the stroller, 2.5 year old nephew and my 8.5 year old girl and I loved every second! Beactrice, one of the twins, didn´t however think that food came remotely fast enough! :) Óh, and it wasn´t that cold really, but the ice was so cool on the cliff.

Sunday: Managed to take this on our way to the train station throught the tram window :) I love grafitti! Ok, not on my house, but if it is legal and in the right place I see it is art.

I know I know, wednsday is missing and I can´t recall what I did on that day...hm...
Anyway, my week has been filled with more house re-building (!) and all these yummy CHA sneek peaks! I love seeing all the new things that we are able to play with further on this season. Some of my faves are:

These scalloped minibooks.

Making Memories Travel Plans is yummy! All of it!

Jenni Bowlin makes wonderful stuff too!

Ok, time for a goodnight story and then a shower!


lördag 16 februari 2008

weekend fun

weekend fun, originally uploaded by lisafisa.

so this is what my days are filled with this weekend! kids kids kids! I will be back with a new post soon!

Ps. Note the 2 kids in the stroller behind them...mine too :) kinda!

torsdag 14 februari 2008

happy Valentines day!

I went on a heart hunt in my house and this is what I found! There were a few!

And today was even sunnier that yesterday and I took a photo of the tulips coming up, just as evidence for my mom who didn´t belive me :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

onsdag 13 februari 2008

ok new things

1. I decided to do a radical thing and deleted a whole set of photos in my flickr gallery! I don´t have a PRO account and I am having a tricky time to fit all my daily photos in there.

2. I created a new blog to post them instead! I have put a link to it in the sidebar, but here it is too! Feel free to make any comments over there too!

3. I have cleaned my desk and scrap area to the extent that I am afraid to start a new project :)

4. I changed the colors here on the blog. I like it. It is cheerful to me.

5. An other thing that is cheerful to me is spring. It so felt like spring today; the sun shined and the birds where singing. I put on my spring shoes and even found a snow drop outside in my garden. I looked over in the flowerbed and saw that the tulips are coming up too. Have I said it before? Damn global warming!

6. I can´t belive that I will be in Amsterdam and Paris in just a week! I am most looking forward to seeing J and hanging out with him. It is always a blast! I am reading up on the exhibitions at the Louvre, cool sightings in Amsterdam and other things.

tisdag 12 februari 2008

State your design style 2008

Suzanne had the most beautiful post on her blog where she talked about her design style for 2008. Style as for interior design and such that is. I loved it so much so i thought I make one myself.

I would love to have a quite and calm bedroom. You know, a place where I can rest and only rest with no clothes laying in piles and other stuff to distract the resting part.

Something like this!

or this...

I find this bedroom very soothing.

I love white and turquoise and red. I like open spaces with no clutter. I like it simple. I stumbled over Christines new craft room and I loved the wall color!

As a livingroom I would love it not to be all centered around the TV. I would like a couch and a few arm chairs to be there for us to sit in when we chat, read and laugh.

I wouldn´t mind anything like this.

I cannot stop looking at this livingroom!

I know that it is not decluttered, white and simple, but I love it so so very much. That couch is to die for and it is so lived-in.

and I would die for a fireplace!

Maybe something like this.

In my kitchen I have always wanted a window above the sink. So that I can do the dishes and look out the window at the same time.

I realize that we will not ever have that huge big house, but we do have a house and we like it. It is full of furniture we inherited from our family with lots of history. It is kind of dark in our house and we don´t have any big open spaces, but it is cozy. I try to keep it de-cluttered, but it is hard sometimes when things pile up. We are constantly re-building our home and not everything is finished, but we are getting there. I like to think I fill my house with things I love and that makes me feel good.

Oh, my gosh this post is just jumping from here to there. Suzanne made it so much better!

måndag 11 februari 2008

monday monday...

we had an interesting weekend in our house. My MIL and FIL were on a visit to celebrate my husbands birthday and mine a little bit early. Lots of new flowers and especially one of my favorites; gerber daises!

Then the rest of the weekend went to walking the dogs and building our washing room. That failed, not miserably, but yet failed...as come to thing of it most of our home renovating projects do...ok, so it wasn´t that of a big deal but it would have been nice to have the concrete finished as they are doing the tiles this upcoming weekend. My husband, being a little of a hot tempered guy, went out in the kitchen to wash his hands turning the knob a little to hard and of came the knob that sets the hot water! Isn´t that lovely :) Ok, so as I know it things always come in threes...so as we don´t have a washing room at the moment the acctual washing machine is placed in our guest bathroom (I know!) My husband gives it a go, and I had done both a load of washing and a dryer before, the whole program ends and we end up with about 2cm water on the floor as the toilet decides to crack a little!!! Oh. My. God. As we have owned this 40-year-old-never-done-a-thing-on- house for the last 5 years we are not surprised, nor are we letting this get to our pale scandinavian smiling spirits :) What does a scrapbooker do? Scrap it out ofcourse!

I made a minibook (not about our ventures in house re-building) but about me. I loved Elise Blaha´s minibook and decided to make one inspired by it. The title is: SHE and then the rest of the mini I printed things like "...creates art from memories..." and "...loves dearly..." It was a fun little project.

Besides making a few Valentine cards, I also made a new weekly card and the prompt was: what´s on your mind...well, hearts are on my mind :)

Oh, and if you all don´t know CHA is going on in the big country in the west and since it is an ocean between me and there, i am not attending :) A few of the SISters had a few CHA challenges. I made Lucys that was to use a tag or label of some sort on a layout. You could not use scrapbooking labels, you had to use something else. I always save the labels or tags that come with new clothes. On this one I used a tag from my daughters new jeans :) Don´t you love to wear red?! I do!

Hey, leave some love!

fredag 8 februari 2008


Ali posted her weekend creativity prompt today and I must say that I jumped on the idea and finished mine in like 10 minutes. And oh my, 10 minutes is all it takes to make art, really. I am very happy that I have a few different punches, because this project is really one that you can make as gifts.

Since i made some weekly cards already, I have already reached the prompt: Get someone else to contribute... So, I asked my daughter. Ok, she said and got working. I love this picture I snapped of her working.

And this is what she did. She even inked the edges bless her heart!

Today I was looking through flickr and Mindi had posted a cute photo of a Valentine craft project. She linked to the place of her inspiration. I had a wonderful time browsing that site this afternoon. Here are some favorites of mine:

Art house

High Profile

Fancier Valentine's Day Flowers

This weekend we are celebrating my husbands birthday, by re-modeling the laundry room :) We blew out the laundry room a few years (!) ago and right now we have the washer in our guess bathroom. It works, laundry is being done as I write, but it is going to be very nice with a laundry room!

Have a great friday!

torsdag 7 februari 2008

daily wellness, weekly cards and a heart

A little button heart I made for a special Beezie girl :)

Ok this will be another of those random posts :) I love randomness!

First I did a few new weekly cards. I decided to just take a photo of them like this. I think that you get the picture, but the "I belive in..." is about how I belive in kindness.

I have been thinking a bit about the guerilla art project and I was very inspired byHula Seventy as she made small notes and placed them around her town. So I did too! I used my typewriter, which i apparently am in love with ;) and just wrote small notes like; you are beautiful, smile and so on. I left one on the ferry and that is it so far. But I have the notes in my purse, so they are always with me if I see a perfect spot. I think I will go to the library one day and tuck one in a book. I love this!

I went to the natural health store the other day for some iron complements and I got this small plastic bag. The message made me think; what do I do for my daily wellness? Hm...I guess things like taking a glass of diet coke is one...I think I have to think about that one...what do you do?

I spend some good cuddleing time with my fave puppy girl today. Isn´t she just to cute :)

And I am loving this photo I snapped of my fave human girl.

Gotta go :)