fredag 26 januari 2007

a few on friday

* we have had snow now for 7 days. Yay! It is so much fun to whatch the kids at work play in the snow! all rosey cheeks and runny noses! :) My own daughter is also loving everything snow. Yesterday she stood on those skates all day.

* We, my daughter and I, scrapped lst night. She loves it, and I am trying to be better at allowing her to play along with me. She made V-day cards for her grandma and friends. I made this:

(my daughter has BIG feet! :))

* My dad is moving this weekend to a new apartment. No quite weekend for me!

* I am so eating chips tomorrow night!!!

* I am actually goin to be a better blogger..I hope!

* The swedish scrapbook magazine I was published in is coming out with a new issue soon. And who is in it? Yep! Moi! I can´t wait to see it!
* I need to go to the library and find a really good book. Any suggestions?
* I need to listen to some really good music. All I hear all day is twinkle twinkle little star and Old McDonald had a farm....(iaj iaj oh!) I think I will listen to some Sandi Thom, Beyonce and maybe some Ben Folds :)
* I am trying to figure out a new feature here on the blog...any suggestions? Anything you want to know about me? Maybe I´ll do a birthday wishlist? or a birthday countdown? Hm...

söndag 21 januari 2007

my house today

It snowed all day yesterday and all night. I love it!

My golden loves the snow, here are a few from last years snow!

lördag 20 januari 2007


here I am back again! It started to snow, so the photo taking bit of my to-do list had to be another day...but I scrapped! Here are a few:

3872160 minutes I have been her mommy (on January 11th atleast!)

My entry to a 2peas contest!

My daughter and husband in the mountains in Mallorca!

I made a few calls as well, but i´ll have to share them later :)

random on a saturaday morning

Do you know the dialing code to Yemen? I do! It is .967 :)
Ok, do you know how long an inch is? I do! 2,54 cm :)
Do you know how many national holidays Iceland has? I do! 21: )

Ok, I´ll stop now! I am just so in love with my new MOLESKINE planner that I bought using a GC yesterday. It is a little black book with all sorts of cool facts too. I love planners and calendars almost as much as I love bags and purses. It is an obsession I tell you! During a year I can easily change planners twice or even 3 times. How many times I change bags and purses? Countless times! I have a ton of different kinds of bags, one for each occasion.
This week I pulled out some fabulous fabric I bought last year. I am really bad at using my sewing machine, but looky what I did! I love the fabric and at least I think that the bag is cool :)

My to-do list for today:
1. Come up with something yummy for dinner.
- maybe perhaps chicken?
2. scrap! :) Makes me happy!
- do a CJ entry
- try to create some layouts for a few magazine calls
- get working on V-day cards
3. walk the dogs and take some photos of what used to be the forest
4. Write a blog entry to blog #2 :)
5. Listen to my MP3 book
6. Do laundry
7. Pea :) and read my daily blogs!
8. Hopefully come back and post some finished projects!

See y´all later!

tisdag 16 januari 2007

I am back...I think!

Well, that was alot of darkness! Sweden was hit by another storm on sunday. 2 years ago we had a storm called Gudrun and it left a devestating amount of fallen trees, housholds without electricity, water and phones for months even. On the island that I live we had quite alot of trees (the island is 14 km long and 3 km wide) and we lost 10 000 trees in the last storm. As you can imagien we didn´t have many left, and the ones left are gone now. Well, not everyone, but it definatly changes the nature and what you see from place to place. I was out sunday and was heading home around 2 pm. The ferry ride was ok I guess, but then we weren´t allowed to walk home, because of the risk of the falling trees. So we (me and a neghbour) had to wait in the harbour for about an hour and then the firetruck came and picked us up. They had to take a detour and it was really emotional driving through the "forest" and see what had happened. The wind kept on blowing the whole afternoon and night. At about 6 pm we lost our electricity and the phones went dead. We were lucky, we got our electricity back after a few hours, but the phones were dead until now (tuesday). I guess this is how things are going to be in the future. We have had a frightening warm fall (not one day with snow) and it really is strange seeing green grass and flowers in January in Sweden...

On a happier note I have actually made something out of my own challenge! :) I made a card. It was fun!


we have had a storm here in Sweden and we have a blackdown in the phones and electricity. we are doing fine and I will be back as soon as possible!

söndag 14 januari 2007


Well if i would have been home yesterday to take a permission card it had to have said “create” i went to a friends house for an all-night crop. yummy! i was on a roll! here they are! i especially love the one with my family-photo taken on Christmas Eve.

fredag 12 januari 2007

Lisafisa challenge

I have a feeling that I want to inspire! :) (read more here) These are paper napkins that I got

from my MIL. I love them! A funky retro kind of fun! Go create (I will this weekend) and come back and post a comment with alink to you project! Inge are you up to this? :)

torsdag 11 januari 2007

recharge the word for today (see here) and I took it a diffrent way I think. I recharged the batteries for my camera and played a little :) We had fun, the daughter and me, playing infront of the camera. I used to take so many photos and now I have been done for a while. It is fun to do that again!

Ps. I am so longing to scrap!!!!

onsdag 10 januari 2007


thanks for the comments on my last post :) It is freaking fab isn´t it?! That feeling of seeing this is undescribeble :) I was last minute shopping before Christmas and just ran into a mag shop by chance and was flipping through crafting magazines and suddenly I just saw this. I almost lost my breath and I am sure I had that stupid looking smile on my lips all the way out of the shop. I just wanted to say to everyone there: I am in here!!! And as my husband said, it isn´t even one of my best layouts. I will be in the next issue as well. How cool is this?! I know; it is way cool!

For those who read scrapbooking magazines this is a swedish version of Scrapbooks Etc. and it is good. I still buy the american version aswell. And the good news keep on coming; my mom got me a subscritption on the magazine! Yay!

We are home sick today. My poor daughter is having one of her caughing periods. *sigh* We were up all night and the night before. Poor thing, she looks so sick. My husband is calling the doctors office, because it usually don´t go on for this long. Maybe she has a bug or something?

Since I am home I am going to prepare for this weekend when I am doing a all night crop at a friends house. Lokking forward to it and are making some layout plans. I never do that oterwise, but now I have my photos printed and I have done sketches and will put everything in page protectors to bring with me. And I am sure I will bring too much stuff :) The hardest thing is restraining myself from going in my craft room and create something right now. I want to save it to the weekend!

Will be back soon! :)

fredag 5 januari 2007

My 200 post

This is officially my 2oo post on this blog. Wow! That is alot :)

I wanted to tell you all about how happy I am today. I woke up early not feeling good again, and then fell asleep again waking up around 9. Took the dogs out for a little walk and then checked the email. I had 4 new emails today. I love those days, don´t you?! Well, atleast if they are as good as these were. The first one I opened was from Marie and she was telling me all these funny things :) that made me smile (we have something in common!).
The second one I opened was from sweet Inge and she wrote a very encouraging email to me regarding something I have written on the My try to live out loud blog. It made me shiver all over when I read it. It is extraordinary how a small note from someone you haven´t even met in person can transform your mood and how you feel inside. I love that feeling, and her words made me feel very special. Thank you so much, Inge!
The third email I opened this morning was one from my good friend Jeremy. This one made me cry...happy and grateful tears I have to add! :) Love you J.
And the 4th was a email from a CJ friend in Holland called Petra. I have emailed her alittle about a small problem and it has resolved now and she wrote " you can breathe again..." and that is so true. Thank you!
And Marie I can happily tell you, Yes I have tried one. I did said smile and that is what I am doing!

onsdag 3 januari 2007


i was inspired today, majorly so. I went on my daily blog lurk :) and as I stopped by at Ali´s I saw what she had done with her own Cocoa Daisy January kit. And I loved it! You have to go there and see it for yourself (if you are a scrapbooker). It inspired me to do this:

it is a album about my love for our pets. I still have to journal and embellish some more :)

tisdag 2 januari 2007


I like art, more now than as a teenager. I remember thinking that art is really boring and I didn´t care that much. I certainly didn´t get abstract art at all. Just splashes of paint to me! But look at those splashes of paint that Kandinsky made. Wow, I say!

One of the first artists (besides Da-Vinci ofcourse, everyone has seen Mona-Lisa!) I heard of was Claude Monet a French impressionist painter. Monet was exceptionally fond of painting controlled nature - his own garden, his water lilies, his pond, and his bridge. I read a book about him and there where samples from his paintings. His sight was really bad at the end and you can really see that in his last paintings, but still you can see that it is the same little bridge with the water lilies. I Googled him :) and found these 2 examples. I love his work!

Now I see art everywhere. I understand now that art is really in the eye of the beholder. Art can be on a canvas hanging in a museum, true. But for me art can be on a mural, a subway wall, a street, in clothes. Art, to me, is everywhere. You just have to be prepared to see and to look in "strange" places. Take a look out the window while you comute. Look at those graffitis you otherwise may see as a stupid thing to do (don´t get me wrong, in the wrong place and the with the wrong message it is sad) but see it like art, as a artist made it with intention to make the place a little bit nicer, more beautiful...for you.

Tribal art is facsinating to me. Just look at all those colors and patterns! Mmm I could eat it! :)

I loved looking up at my daughter bedroom wall this afternoon. It just hit me that this is exeptional art (not just to as her mother I think) but it is true art coming from a completely true person - a child. I spend a lot of time looking at childrens artwork during my days at work. And I love looking at thoses images as they are true.

happy new year!

Unfortunatly mine didn´t start that good :( I woke up January 1st and had a stomach flue! Blah!!! I hate that! I felt so bad Í couldn´t be still, everything in my body aced. I am feeling better today.

We went to Gothenburg again on friday the 29th and went to concert. It was good times! And then on saturday I got to go to the LSS there :) Sadly I didn´t find that much stuff, some paper a new pen and a mat pack. Oh, that is ok since I can now say that I am on a scrapbooking budget!

When we came home on sunday I scrapped all night! Yay! I made several pages here are some:

I will be back soon with more!