måndag 29 december 2008

get your scraps on!

so between happy dinner dates with friends, guitar hero and sing-star games and lounging on our couch i did some memory keeping. i had a few photos and memories i have wanted to get down on paper for a while, but aren´t the newer pictures and events always more fun to record?! well, they seem to be for me!

J gave us playstation2 and the guitar hero band thing with drums, mic and 2 guitars! yep, we have been playing kinda non-stop since christmas eve!

and i always try to take a family photo or two around christmas and this is what i got this year.

ah, and christmas. you have to record christmas!

sally loves to lay under the tree just like a litte christmas gift with fur :)

oh and just for the record; all things are really straight in the real world :)

ok, just a small share!

torsdag 25 december 2008

...and now comes the quite...

i love the time after christmas. it is a few days of calm, peace, togetherness and naps. everything has calmed down everywhere and people tend to just relax and enjoy themselves.
we had a wonderful christmas with way to many gifts (as usual) and laughs, hugs and laughs. laughs especially during our guitar hera sessions :) J got us a guitar hero (the rock band version) and we can jam all night! my daughter was extactic to also recieve the singstar! tomorrow we are getting her one more cd.
i was sitting there when all the present were being opened and thought hm...i really do love to just watch people get excited over gifts, much more than when i open my gifts although i got a few really nice ones this year :) last year my mother-in-law gave me the angel of autumn

this year i opened my gift and found the angle of learning!

it is beautiful!
now i need a good place for them!

tisdag 23 december 2008

a few last projects

i wanted to say that the christmas cd´s were very appreciated by the co-workers! so that is a very nice last minute gift project!

i have made a few layouts also. this first one is our holiday card that we sent out this year. so very very simple (both card and layout!)

and i wanted to document my love for handmade again :)

today we get our new sofa

and we are all so excited! when i was talking with my daugter today it hit me that i have never had a brand new sofa! and i am 30 next year!!! :) we are going to enjoy that sofa tonight as we are away for the holidays and leave tomorrow morning.

i will be back with a much better post soon i promise!

söndag 21 december 2008


i have all the christmas gifts wrapped and all is calm. if only i hadn´t have to work tomorrow...

i made one last gift today. a christmas cd for my co-worker. i made the labels in Photoshop easy peasy.

and i just made the very last batch of christmas goodies. now it seems i am just waiting. waiting for christmas!
i think sally is excited too!

fredag 19 december 2008

ok here is the friday random list

♥ we are home from a lovely very quick trip to Gothenburg and a big christmas party. my favorite from the party? well, let´s just say it was sweet...

♥ when we woke up today, my daughter had a high fever, so she is home in her pyjamas today making blanket huts and playing board games with her mum and making gingerbread cookies too...

♥ i just have to share this youtube clip of our ferry during a "windy" day this fall, it doesn´t look that much in the first minute but of my G from 57 seconds and beyond :) i do love to live on an island in the windertime :)

♥ i stumbled over this link today and new that i had to do a snowstorm for myself!
it was sooo easy and i had been wondering about what to do with all those white dots :)

i will try to take a photo tonight of the finished thing haning in the window.

edited: voila!

♥ i thought that she was so cute making cookies in a green dress and her christmas socks :)

♥ my sweet friends are taking into their own hands (paws) to make me cuddle with them instead of pondering over what to make with this fabric.

♥ i had to take some nose photos of my sweet dear dixon...he is so kissable!

ok, have a wonderful friday!