söndag 30 september 2007

it is clear

yep, I so made a clear mini book :) It was so much fun and I just kept it simple. But oh my God how do you take a good photo of a clear project?! I used photos, smaller laminator sheets ans som patterned paper scraps. I ran it all through my laminator, punched holes and then embellished. Go make one it is truly very much fun!

I printed some smaller photos from our summer and made a small list of the essentials :) Simple and meaningful to us!

And I had to use some of the great stuff I got from Anna in a goodiebag! She send me all of this :)

And sweet sweet Anilu sent me a sheet of these cutie owls :)

I used some here:

ok I am off to get some food shopping done!

torsdag 27 september 2007

a mini one

i surfed some really cool inspo yesterday. First Ali had some really cool links to alot of mindfulness sites. Among others there was a "52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity" link. There were tips on all from rising early to life plans. Very good read. I especially liked the sentence from the passage about enjoying simple pleasures: " Sprinkle those little pleasures throughout your day." Doesn´t that sound delightful?!

Emma who always make the most fabulous minialbums had a showing on her blog yesterday. If you haven´t seen it, please go and take a look. I have a hardtime with minibooks. I love the feeling of them and I love looking through galleries with them. But I have a hardtime making one. And especially when I can´t finish it all that same day. In general I want to finish a project at once, otherwise i like loose the feeling for it. Anyway, emma inspired me to start on my own minibook! Here is a sneak peek of it, because i am acctually letting this sit before I add journaling and some more umpf!

While going through my older minibooks I found this one that I made as a family alphabet in 2004. I acctually cut all those file folders by hand and i know it is not all that but I remember putting alot of time on it. + those photos are not all here anymore i lost the cd :( so it means a lot for me.

Otherwise i love this one that i made in may. It is a mini mini :)

I also went to Karlas blog and found this ever so cool minibook that she made. Oh it is so yummy! I looked closer on those links of hers and they are also very cool. Maybe these would be great Christmas gifts?

tisdag 25 september 2007

happy tuesday!

A rainy tuesday I am sad to say...Yesterday was over 20 degrees celicius and full sunshine and today it´s true swedish fall. Anyway, I spend yesterday outside power walking, relaxing in the sun and begin the garden work for fall. I cleaned up on the front stairs and made a new wreath. We´ll see how long it takes until it falls apart :) It felt good to be outside, but I had to do the indoor cleaning today instead! We had a guy here to fix some electricity things so I took a later walk today but the good news was that my husband came home early! My daughter went along for my power walk, but she took her bike. It was so nice to have some conversation while exercising for a change. i usually have my iPod or a radio show.

So, I did some creating today! Had to take some breaks from "fall cleaning" the house :)
From my last post I used the photo of my daughter and this huge lollipop! I went for a lot of buttons :) Isn´t it funny how one tends to use the smae colormix a lot of the time? I tend to use black and red together very often.

The next photo is also from this weekend. I took a whole bunch ofcourse because they won´t stay still. And I love the fact that it has an airplane view :)

For this next one I used a new format. I used a page protector that is usually used for postcards. I bought a whole lot of diffrent page protectors one day and am experimenting with the diffrent sizes.

Otherwise my long for fall is so large! I am googeling all things fall :) I found these 2 in a slideshow over at BH&G. Yummy!

And Noelia has done the coolest fall mosaic. See! Go to her blog for all the credits.

I leave you with a cute guy that they made for the harvest festival on my island!

söndag 23 september 2007

small weekend recap in photos

we are home! it is so nice to be home! we went to my nephews birthday party and he lives 3 hours away. i like to be there and everything but my family wears me out :) and the trip is so long especially when we are on our way back home!
Anyway I have so much new scrappin material :) I always take lots and lots of pictures of him and my daughter because 1. the aren´t still! and 2. they love each other so much I have to try to catch that on film. I think I acctually did this time. It is fuzzy but the feeling is there, don´t you think?

When we were waiting for the ferry we were so tired and giggly and we had to take some selfportraits of the two of us. We have done this a few times and I always love how they turn out.

They make lollipops over on the mainland and my daughter got one from her granddad yesterday.

And the view on the way over with the ferry was beautiful!

fredag 21 september 2007


I got an email saying that the listography book is out! Yay! I got tired of waiting, so last night i started my own list-biography :) I took this funky little notebook and started lists of my own for example: what´s on my grocery list etc. I have attached a recent photo of myself on the inside of the book and will add some date information so that i know exactly what periods i have recorded. I am happy!

And just read this taken from that email:

Ten Things to Know About Listography The Book:
1. The book guides you in capturing your autobiography in lists.
2. Nat Russell did the terrific illustrations.
3. Makes a nice meaningful gift for the holidays and birthdays!
4. Will be enjoyable for your friends, family, kids, and grandkids to read.
5. You can bring one to a party and have friends make individual entries.
6. Leave your completed copy by the toilet to entertain your guests.
7. Friends will poke fun when discovering the strangest places you've had sex.
8. Find one at Urban Outfitters in Nov. and Barnes & Noble in Dec.
9. Find a Kid's Listography & Listography Part 2 in 2008.
10. Listography is a little time capsule for your life.

I just love the idea of the listography being a time capsule for my life :) I am not entirely sure I willbe adding to the #7 though. :)

I quickly scrapped a few layouts yesterday and i just had to use the "top model" theme of my daughter! I love that she plays infront of the mirror, i used to do that all the time. and she loves herself and that is so important for our girls in this crazy world, don´t you agree? Oh, by the way she is not at all a pink kind of girl, but I love to use this bright pink paper :) and oh i used my own designed labels here. you like?

On this one i used my own yellow heart and stars papers. and i just had to add that cute round sticker!

Have you ever been to the "Life of a scrappers husband blog"? If not use the link and go read it. it is funny!

I ordered a cool t-shirt for a cool cause yesterday. It is for the Janssen family and their Live-lightly-tour. I have talked about that before and if you are interested go to their webiste. I got the brown t-shirt. I´ll model it when I get it!

i´ll be back soon!

onsdag 19 september 2007

list of this and that

1. it was the most beautifal fall weather out today. i love it when the air is crisp and you can take long deep breaths :)

2. i had the most amazing card idea today! nope not telling yet! but it involves transperency and something else. :)

3. i found this CUTE layout over at SIS. Are you back? Wasn´t it too cute!

4. i scrapped! voila! I used a new family photo taken last weekend and just played. i like. :)

5. i would love to find those cute small pumpkins for decoration...but my island seems to have run out of them :( and I won´t be going into town until the weekend...oh well. maybe i´ll dress up this blog for fall? hm..that´s a thought!

6. I should be getting my new CJ from the Beezieland queen any day now. This time it is Missys CJ with the theme "I am thankful for..." I am looking forward to work in that one. I think i´ll have to start working on it while i am waiting for it´s arrival.

7. Look at the sweet sweet comments on my entry from the weekend! It makes me happy that amazing women like that all spends time here on my little blog. thank you!

8. and you all have to check out Suzannes new craft room shelves! They are so nice! and don´t even start on the organization skills of this lady!

9. me and my girl has been whatching way to much Americas next top model...can you tell?

söndag 16 september 2007

my world is beautiful!

1, I did some scrappin last night and i have to say that i love how this one turned out. It is simple but it says everything to me. I just printed a index print from my latest photos and used a ton of letterstickers spelling: my world is beautiful!

2, And I did a funny one about my doggie Sadies to-do list!

Her list is:
1, sleep in – in mommies and daddies bed
2, eat breakfast
3, go pee
4, run after mommy
5, beg for mommies breakfast
6, become extatic when mommy comes home
7, run after mommy
8, go for a walk
9, sniff all over
10, bark at bikes
11, charm everyone we meet
12, poo in the most inconvenient
13, run a lot
14, be cute so mommy gives treats
15, sleep in the couch
16, whine for dinner
17, chase the cat
18, go to sleep in doggie bed
19, sneak up in mommies and daddies bad

I think this is a cool way to remember your pets diffrences and quirks.

3, and talking about to-do lists, I am working on making some to-do lists to sell in my etsy. I am also working on labels all cut outs from cardstock. I will let you all know when they will be there.

4, I went over to flickr today and was looking for cool photos of…well whatever really. This is what I found.

1. Pink plumeria, 2. this is my 1000th photo, 3. Kitchen, 4. persianDancersPair01.jpg, 5. bliss, 6. two brushes, 7. tiny dancer, 8. magnolia vanilla cupcake, 9. hexagon progress, 10. The Ripple's Back in Progress, 11. lavendel_lale02, 12. Bandeja grande, 13. YoYo, 14. Cabinet, 15. Multi-coloured patterns, 16. Nina, 17. Yellow White Ranunculus, 18. 3. Ranunculus 090407

5, When ever i see views like this during my walks I just want to cry it is so beautiful, this among other things makes me feel fuzzy inside thinking that we live on the most beautiful island in the world.

6, And because I haven´t had a post without Harry in it this week here he is again loving his new life.

lördag 15 september 2007

saturday update

it is a quite saturday in my house. nice. my brother-in-law came in for the weeekend and we are all playing board games, playing X-box and eating to much snacks :) Harry is doing just fine. i think he feels like he is home, which comfort us highly. We took a ride down to the baech to see if he likes the water and um...yes he did! He almost ran which is wow for Harry. Look at him!

And since we had a visitor, i made him take some photos of us.

I did some scrapping yesterday. and that dog have to like it here beacuse he is staying = i have already scrapped him! Behind these layouts i have put the newspaper clippings regarding Harry.

i also made some other ones as seen here!

have a wonderful saturday!

fredag 14 september 2007

exciting news!

So i have some exciting news about the pets in my house! We have officially adopted Harry! Harry is a golden retriver who was found on an abandoned farm about a month ago. It was him and a bull which they had to put down to rest immediately. They fear that Harry had been left alone on the farm maybe up to six months. So, he had to eat what he could and that just happened to be pig food…yes that also means that he almost looks like a pig… When he was found he weighed 70 kilos and that is dubble the normal weight of a golden retriver…he was obviously also in bad shape so they had to shave his fur off and clean him. The animal rescuers asked us if we wanted to take care of him (my husband helped in the rescue) and we just couldn´t say no. Harry is on a strict diet and due to his over weight he cannot move easily. When he came home to us we all just fell in love; me, my husband, my daughter, the little Sadie and even the cat! It is so nice to have a big dog in the house again…
Harry is home!

how i spend my morning yesterday

Yep a lovely prefall walk down to the water. It was so refreshing I tell you!
More later!