måndag 31 augusti 2009

stories and goods

the story: i record my daughters first day of school every year. this year she starts the 4th grade!

the goods: the title is a printout from a digital kit. the patterned paper strip is from k&company. i journaled on a library card.

the story: i wanted to record some thoughts and feelings about my not so fun part of life, but even so i thought it was important to have it written down. the journaling is very personal, so i kept it hidden on the layout and i will on the blog to.

the goods: the patterned paper comes from a k&company paper pack. i embellsihed it with butterfly punch outs and some bling and circle punch outs. the circle on the photo is one i cut out from the paper.

the story: my husband took me for a lovely picnick the other day to cheer me up and i thought it was so sweet that he even thought of bringing the camera :)

the goods: not much going on really. the tag is from making memories paperie poolside tagbook.

the story: this was kind of funny! i walked into my daughters room the other morning and saw this little pile of books and nintendo. i felt so proud when i saw that english/swedish dictionary sitting there! i told my husband a day later and he giggled and said "oh, we used that to keep the window open!" ha!

the goods: making memories tape to make the frame. the tag is a free dwonload from the containerstore.com.

now i have to go celebrate my favorite 10 year olds birthday!

fredag 28 augusti 2009

happiness today

i was home sick today, but i wanted to list a few things that makes me happy anyway.

♥ making the house ready for 8, 10 yearolds having a birthday celebration.
♥ i don´t feel that sick anymore.
♥ it is friday. i like friday.
♥ we are making a roadtrip to gothenburg tomorrow.
♥ going to a soccergame sunday
♥ it is acctually wuite warm outside.
♥ my new craft desk.
♥ lounging around watching re-runs of the shield, greys anatomy and third shift.
♥ this photo

♥ checking out the studio calico reveal gallery!
♥ trying to wrap my brain around the fact that my little girl is turning 10 very, very soon.

what makes you happy today?

söndag 23 augusti 2009

yesterday i saw that you could win one of these lovely apron overlays. it is so cute i think! but as my luck in any games or giveaways are very bad i decided to make one for myself. not as pretty and perfect but i think equally cute :)

dixon liked it too!

i also made a few of these scarfs, they are so easy to make!

did you make anything this weekend?

lördag 22 augusti 2009

layouts and carrot muffins for you :)

it is a quite saturday at our house today. the weather was wonderful during the morning and i thought that it would last for the day. then after hanging my fresh laundry to dry outside it started to rain while i was vaccuming...sigh...oh never mind. after i had cleaned the house, had a fit over my messy daughter and calmed down i hopped on the laptop with every intension to post these layouts, but somehow got caught up in the loveliness that internet is. so this post is overdue and for that i have a carrot cake for you all at the bottom of it.

the story: obviously i had to scrap that i got my drivers license :)

the goods: i had some new mme goodies sent to me from a friend and it suited so well with the drivers theme! i made a little envelope out of the car paper from a panduro paper pack. the numbers (and date) is from a digital kit i bought at Sweet Shoppe Designs. and there is a journaling card tucked in the envelope with the story.

the story: i made a new 30 list, now featuring 30 things i want to remember right now.

the goods: not many products used here, but the patterned paper is from october afternoon and the stripe is from making memories.

the story: during a photoshoot, dixon the streaker came by :)

the goods: for this i used previously mentioned digital kit for the title. i have downloaded the weekly chart for free from the internet, but i have so totally forgot from where. the green/yellow tape is one i picked up at the hardware store the other day. the red paper is one from a SIS collection.

while at the farmers market we bought lots of carrots and as you can only eat that many carrots a day, i thought i would make some carrot muffins. they are from a weight watchers cook book and only contains 2.5 points per muffin if you are counting!

have a wonderful day!

torsdag 20 augusti 2009

i ♥ photos, the beach and crafts!

yesterday afternoon i just felt the beach calling my name, so i took my gang aka daughter and the 2 dogs for a spin.

we took a good long stroll down the sandy beach searching for stones, feathers and other treasures.

just above the shore i spotted this wonderful field that i just had to capture. i asked my daughter to take some photos of me...but then...

dixon the streaker came through :)

i love my copy of amanda soules new book handmade home. i has lot´s of lovely, simple and really handy projects. i started slowly with some easy potholders and then i made some new fall hats for my neices and my newphew. i have some more to make since my girl really wanted one too!

i might try a few other projects this weekend. otherwise i am planning ahead and thinking of what i´ll make for Christmas presents this year...and i have some layout shares too.

onsdag 19 augusti 2009

a few photos today

i thought that i would just share some random photos today;

this is where i put my laptop (when i don´t have it in my lap!) so this is also my blogging and surfing central :)

my daughter started fourth grade today (yikes!!!) and as they do every year when the school year start, they had an event on the school yard. this year they will have water as a theme and they all folded boats, among other things. these images makes me think about the chinese light ceremony.

and they also made a big painting that amazed me!

tomorrow or it might be on friday i will be back with some of my first projects that i found in Amanda Soules new book handmade home, which is amazing!

lördag 15 augusti 2009

ok, let´s get started on that update post shall we.

first things first, we have a winner for the TOSGA giveaway...my daughter choose the number 10 an the tenth commenter was...Thinkie!. Yay Thinkie!

next, i wanted to share some photos me and my daughter took of eachother yesterday evening. the light was perfect!

scrapbooking-wise i surely have more desire than time right now...but i am happy that i at least have the mojo ;)

the story: :) well my new love!

the goods: i made this layout in a 6 * 12 size which is a great one for stories like this with not so many words, i think. the sign and the } are from MME and i punched a whole lot of circles from all sorts of patterned papers.

the story: my daughter knows that i love agatha christie novels with hercule poirot and she wanted to pose as him :)

the goods: the background paper is from a SIS collection and i just used the circles as a design. and again i used my circle punchouts, which i acctually punched during a tv-series featuring hercule poirot!

the story: strawberries = summer in a box!

the goods:for this i dug into my red scraps :)

the biggest news on friday with me getting my drivers licence! normally in sweden you get it when your 18, but i just haven´t gotten to it. and i don´t think i would have without my husba nd pushing me :) so finally i could call all of my family and say that i got it!!! oh my god, i was su euphoric i just had to lay down afterwards :)

and today i got a lovely call from our local flower shop telling me that i had flowers to collect! my mom and sisters send me these lovely flowers :)

and dixon was exhausted apperently ;)

today we drove down to the ferry with the moped the whole family :)

then me and my daughter took the car to drive to a local farmer who has a small market. made me happy.

and this made me long for lovely crisp fall days!

then we picked up my parents in law and had some lovely shrimp sandwitches with a wonderful view of our lake and island.

the day ended with the annual midevil festival.

phew..that´s it folks :)