onsdag 20 oktober 2010

virtual coffee # 5

if we would meet for real over a cup of coffee today, i would probably not have coffee this week either. i still have almost no voice and now i  have something messed up with my stomach. i have felt queezy and dizzy. but i think the dizziness has to do with something in my neck because it does get better after a massage or two. nontheless, i am feeling just about done with being sick :(

anyhow, if we were to meet for coffee today i would still give you a hug and ask you how you are. so, how are you? how has the weather been? any snow yet? we have had our first fall storm here and the other night the weather was really icky. but in between rainy days there are still some lovely autumn sunshine days too.

if we were to meet for real today, i would tell you that i have my ex-husband on my mind. now, let me tell you that he is the father of my daughter and we have a wonderful relationship still. he is in afghanistan as a officer in the swedish army. and the swedish troops have been in several incidents the last week, where 2 soliders are in hospital and one tragically died. my ex-husband is on my mind...

if we were to meet today, as i have difficulties talking still, i would suggest that we would make this cute halloween craft together. you do like crafts, right?

even if you don´t really, this is a super easy one.
toilet paper roll
masking tape
funny eyes

i think they are so cute!

if we were to meet for real today i would tell you that we have been struggling with homework over here. my daughter is smart, just lazy, right?! hehe

if we were to meet today, i would tell you that work is still so busy. so busy, that i took afternoon naps both monday and tuesday after coming homefrom work. i hope that it does get easier soon, because i would like to be able to do something more than work you know.

if we were to meet today, i would lastly just tell you how much i am looking forward to this weekend when i will be able to go thriftshopping! wohoo! it is one of my true passions! and i have been in so long!

thank you for your company today!

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  1. Lisa,
    Your ex-husband is on my heart now, too. My husband just got word that he is deploying to Afghanistan in December. I'm nervous in some respects, but I know he's really excited to go be there, serving. WHat amazing men to serve so selflessly. How does your daughter handle him being there?

    Hope you feel better soon! Cute toenails :)