söndag 23 juli 2006

Oh my o my

Welcome to a new blog! I have made a few changes like adding links to my other blog pages and to my favorite place to be...2 peas! Feel free to browse arround. I know that I haven´t posted in every album just yet, but I hope to find the time for that later this week or even today!

Look at this little face...

This is the face of one of my mother and father in laws labs. Look here for more!

fredag 21 juli 2006

...long time no blog :)

I have been dying to post some pictures but my Photoshop was messed up...now its all fixed up again! (All thanks to my buddy J! Thank you!!)My DH made me a scraproom! I LOVE IT! It is like 10 times larger than the space I am used to so it feels like a ballroom for me! It was finished monday night and I moved in first thing tuesday. Can you tell that I was eager! The best thing about it is that it seems to be everyones new favorite room. One of the bookshelves holds photoalbums and my daughters books so I put a blanket on the floor infront of it and everynow and then someone is sitting there flipping through an album or reading a book...or taking a nap : ) That would be one of the dogs ofcourse!

Otherwise work is going so slow...I have one more week until my vacation!! Yeah!
My mother and father in law are arriving tonight and we are going to a concert with a swedish band tomorrow night. Hm...I have to go clean!

torsdag 13 juli 2006

Hello :)

Went to work today and had such a boring day. We had about 6 kids total and that would be fab any other day but the weather was boring, the kids cranky, me cranky and tired :( Blah!
Anyway it was a rather short day so that was good. And I made these felt flowers: I like them!

My daughter is coming home tomorrow!!! Yeah! I have missed her offcourse, but I would have missed her even more if I didn´t work.

måndag 10 juli 2006

Time for...

an update :)

{ Jeremy is coming! Yeah! }
{Summer is here, it has been so very h o t ! ! ! }
{Work is so slow in the summertime...:( }
{Just had a great weekend with some great friends! All smiles!}
{I am going to scrap some more tonight!}
{Dear husband is on vacation and my father in law is here helping him build my studio!}
{Daughter is at her dads :( }
{All is well right now...}

Haha that is not really an update...only this and that :) Oh well...

Oh...and J, that is me on the beach :)