söndag 30 juni 2013

BPC | The Phone Photography Project starts tomorrow!!!

I can´t believe that class starts tomorrow July 1st! I have held this secret so long that it feels unreal that it is here! 
If you haven´t signed up already it is not to late. Registration is open until July 10th. 

Here is a little about the class again.

32 days of Android + iPhone photo challenges, daily inspiration, and app reviews

Need summer photo ideas or help improving your iPhone photography? Spend this July taking amazing photos with your iPhone or Android camera in The PhonePhotography Project.
In this month-long workshop, you'll learn to take better photos with the camera you always have with you as you document your summer adventures—with help from 32 incredible instructors. On top of daily smartphone photography challenges, you'll also enjoy:

· dozens of tips and tricks from the pros for taking better photos with your mobile-phone camera

· a handbook of 60+ photography app reviews for iPhone and Android, so you know which are worth your time and money

· dozens of project ideas for getting photos off your device and into your world

· interaction with 32 experienced iPhoneographers and Androidographers, and hundreds of fellow students in a private classroom and on Instagram

· giveaways, contests, discounts, bonus downloads, and fun fun fun!

I can´t wait until I can start class with you! 

fredag 28 juni 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 25

Week 25

My first week (of 4) of summer vacation started. I don´t think I have longed for some free time as much as I did this time! 
We started out those first free days with errands to the mainland and unpacking stuff from the move. We did get to pick the first strawberry from the garden and that was a highpoint ;)
The last story on page one is of my daughter that decided to stop riding horses. She has been riding for a few years and the last two she has taken care of a horse as her own. She has taken it very seriously and is very good at it. But she felt that it took away to much time from other things. She wrote a long tearful post on FB about it and I copied that post with the picture that went with it. 

Page two holds stories about how we prepared for and celebrated Midsummer. It is one of Swedens bigger holidays and there are big traditions around it. I got to celebrate with my new loves family and it was wonderful. 
My daughter was with her biological father for the weekend and the pocket down in the left corner holds her photos. 
On Sunday one of my nieces and nephew came to visit with my mom. We were all very excited about this! They stayed for a few days and we all had a blast!

That is week 25 and my spread  for week 26 is mostly done already ;) I needed to get ahead a bit since my photo show is tomorrow and then we leave for a roadtrip on Monday. 

torsdag 27 juni 2013

Exhibit | With iPhone photos

My new project that I have been sneaking with is a photo exhibit I will have very soon. I am excited to be showing my photos again. I have done it before, you can see a post about my first in 2010 here. The other times I have selected either floral or scenic photographs that I had taken with my DSLR. This time it is all iPhone pictures. 

I had about two months to get ready and I did small tasks here and there, and am not feeling rushed or stressed. 

The photos I selected are from a set called #heartsofnature. It is found hearts in nature, that I have found mostly on walks. 

I decided to include a few of those hearts by showing them in a shadowbox. 

I found a great deal on cards, so I ordered cards for sale. It is always fun to be able to take something small home from an exhibit, I think! 

Wish me luck!

onsdag 26 juni 2013

Project Life 2013 | Closing the first album of the year

As of week 25 I start a new album to hold my Project Life spreads. The first album could have hold a week or two more, but I wanted to start a fresh one at week 25 since it is my first week of summer vacation. 

As I looked through my first album of the year I got thinking about what I have saved in there. Here are a few of the things. 

Captured real life | I captured the hard stuff, the real stuff. I am so happy that I still did it, even though life felt upside down.

Documented stuff that made me happy | A fresh haircut, baking, paying bills, happy mail and sunshine.

My daughter´s photos + words | I have been extra careful and mindful about including her this year.

Work stuff | Since I do spend quite some time at work, I have included photos and storiesabout/from work.

A new relationship

Creative stuff | I have documented screenshots of blogposts, my latest pins on Pinterest etc.

School related stuff | Since I am a single parent I have had to deal with all the parent-teacher meetings, homework and other school stuff.

Family related stuff | births, birthdays, milestones and meetings.

My new love´s photos + words | I have also included my new love´s photos and words at times. It is fun to have other voices in the album.

Garden 2013 | I have documented what we have planted, growth both inside and outside. I love going back to see those tiny seedlings that are now big plants in our veggie garden!

And these are just the stories that pop out at me when I go through my album! I love it!

måndag 24 juni 2013

From pin to reality | Photobooth props

 For my sisters wedding I made some photobooth toys. I found a great free download.
I can´t for the love of anything find the correct link to the ones I used :( Here it is! 
(But I did a search on Pinterest and I got like a thousand hits!)

I decided to add some color to the glasses and the other things. I used my watercolors. 

I then cut them out and added a stick to the back of each with my hot glue gun.  Begin the fun-making!

lördag 22 juni 2013

WCS | June cut-file, sketch and colors

The third Saturday of the month is Scrapbook. Saturday over at WCS. Each month we have a new cut-file, sketch and color palette as inspiration. This time I decided to work with all three of them and share 3 new layouts. 

The cut-file

As I don´t have a digital (or any really) cutting machine, I decided to hand cut the shape since it was an easy geometric one this time. I had the shapes form a grid on the edge of this wedding page. 

Here is a closer look and you can see that one of the triangles is glued down and the other one is raised with a glue dot. That is an easy way to add a bit of texture to a page. 

The sketch

I am plowing through the lovely wedding photos from my sisters wedding :)

I changed up the photo sizes from the sketch since I didn´t want to work with squares this time. Other than that it is pretty much sketch following. 

Working with sketch is more and more fun for me! 

The color palette

I love the palette this month! Just my colors! I cut patterned papers a diamond shape and added them to the top of the page both as an embellishment and a color pop. The yellow paper is used as the journaling block to tie it together. 

Again, I am really loving the warm colors on this layout, even though there is plenty of white space.

Check out the Scrapbook. post here!

Project Life 2013 | Week 24

Week 24.

Stories: Marta followed me to work one early morning and wouldn´t go back home ;) So my new love had to come and get her! She slept good that night ;)
I took my scrapping outside and you can read more in this post. 
We have had stunning sunsets this week. And we are beginning to do some more harvesting from the garden. 

Product spotlight: The flair in these two pockets are from a swedish small company called Inkywings. I got the opportunity to work with flairs from a few different collections! You will see more of these in upcoming weeks.  

Page two. (With horrible photos I know...)

The stories: School is out for summer and my daughter came home with a really good report card! We celebrated the start of summer with dinner out by the lakeside. 
The weekend was spend moving my new love here to my house. And also grocery shopping with two crazy (but very funny) teenagers :)

My daughter send me that selfie from when she and her friend did the mall ;) I love it!

And with that I am closing my first album for this year. Last year I think I did one or two more weeks, but I wanted to start my new album with the first week of summer vacation this year, so I am starting a fresh one from next week!

torsdag 20 juni 2013

WCS | July gallery sneak

June 20th is here and with that a new sneak peek at the new gallery at WCS that will go live on July 1st. 

That is my cutie nephew in those photos <3 font="">

Go check out the WCS Facebook page to get more links to peeks!