torsdag 29 april 2010

it´s here!!!

my scrapbook inspirations ideas book that is! and as you already might know, i am in it!

twice actually! the layouts are both in the "about me" section of the book.

i made this early last year and used my facbook updates as the journaling.

i wanted to just state that life at 30 was grand!

i am so super excited about being in the same book as so many talented people! now i am off to read it from cover to cover!

onsdag 28 april 2010

one way to spend an afternoon

we took the dogs and some blankets and headed to the beach. the weather was so and so, but we had such a wonderful time. the dogs played and my daughter played with her animals in the water, i picked rocks and just layed down and enjoyed everything!

tisdag 27 april 2010

8 years

today me and my husband celebrates 8 years of marriage,
8 years of ups and downs,
8 years of love,
8 years of deciding it is us, really us against the world.

it is a glorious feeling to be crazy in love with my husband
still after so many years and days!

måndag 26 april 2010

today 25/4-10

so technically yesterday :)

photo from april 2009

outside my window: spring has sprung and even the wind feels warm!
i am thinking: about what a joy gardening is for me.
i am thankful: that my daughter feels better, the warm weather and lazy mornings in bed.
i am wearing: sweatpants and a t-shirt
i am creating: a new collar for sadie and a headband for me!
from the kitchen: pancakes
i am going: to make a new to-do list
i am reading: reginald hill + jan guillou
i am hoping: that neither me nor my husband gets the stomach flu!
i am hearing: the birds chirping.
around the house: it´s a bit of  a mess, but only because we have been cleaning out stuff and organizing.
one of my favorite things: snuggles in the morning.

i can´t wait to see your list!

ps. i made a flickr set for these kinds of lists!

söndag 25 april 2010

photos from the weekend

this poor one got down with the stomach flu during the night to saturday. i felt so sorry for her because she was sooo sick. the weather was nice though, so she layed outside sleeping most of the day. she is so much better today and now i am just waiting to get it myself, since i always do!

while she was sleeping i did some major gardening! yay! i am so happy it is that season again.


it doesn´t quite show in this photo, but the cat came with a mouse he had...well killed. i guess that was his way of cherring her up :)

these are the flowers that makes me happy when i see them in the livingroom :)

this one was out playing all night between saturday and sunday, so she has been asleep all day :) lucky cat!

she got some company ;)

how was your weekend?

lördag 24 april 2010

scrapbook saturday - sharing

So, as i told you in my last post i have some new goodies to play with! yay! actually i did some paper + glue playing like 1 hour after the package arrived :)

i amazed myself with this one. i almost never use the color blue in my layouts. it is not that i don´t like the color, becuase i do and i can´t really say why i tend to walk away from it when i create. anyhow, i am loving how this turned out though!
the layout is about selfconfidence and the fact that it just hit me the other week that i always say i have such a low selfconfidence, and really i don´t. i am confident in so many ways and let me tell you how much of a burden has been lifted from my shoulders since i realized that!

i busted out my sewing machine for this one! i punched some circles from a few of the yummy papers i got. i first just sanded the edges and atached them to the patterned paper background, but then i just thought it needed something more. so a few stitches it was!
the story behind this page is that dixon tend to just pop into photos suddenly :) do you remember this? :) this time i was getting the camera ready for some self portraits and i guess he was curious about what i was doing :)

we has some serious snow this past winter and after tons of reports on roofs collapsing we decided to clear our roof from snow. we have never had to worry about this before, so it was an adventure :)
again with the blue! :)

fredag 23 april 2010

happy mail!!!

during my vacation i emailed back and forth with the lovely mya. she had cleaned out her studio and had tons of goodies to sell! yay! and today 2 packages arrived on my doorstep and yum is pretty much all i can say! :)
i started playing with the papers right away and will show you some projects this weekend!

can we all say yum!

torsdag 22 april 2010

10 on thursday

Hm...what will my 10 on thursday list be about today??? i have nothing prepared and my mind is blank...i think i will link you up to my 10 latest favorites on flickr!

ok, here i go!

snutur uploaded this amazing photo and i loved the colors!

rosina shared a bubble photo that is amazing!

i wish this was my clothesline!

this wip project is so sweet!

you just have to see this dress! i so need it!

love these rocks!

i am on a yellow high right now and this is so beautiful!

so pretty colors on this grannysquare blanket!

oh, i so want to try a project like this!

my bike is pink, but i might need a blue one now :)

ok, was that 10? i have so many favorites :)

måndag 19 april 2010

one year ago...

i read somewhere that someone was urged to look back on what they did one year ago. i got curious and went back to this month and almost the same day last year. apperently i had a bad day and turned to some garden work to cheer me up. i used to do that alot last year, garden work that is. now i am just itching to start working in the garden, but it is still alittle to cold to start putting seeds in the ground. i have, however, made plans for the work to come and have started taking care of the seedlings inside.

i also made some easy photo documentations of the everyday.

we were out in the woods everyday with work and i was feeling so lucky to have a job where i could be outside so much.

me and my husband got married on april 27th 2002, so last year around this time, we celebrated 7 years as a married cuple.

i might do a scrapbook page about how life has been this year, this month!

lördag 17 april 2010

scrapbook sunday ( day early )

i can´t remember if i have shared this one with you or not...anyway it is highly inspired by wilna which made an awesome page in february. i have printed a bighhugelabs mosaic of lovey dovey photos in my flickr favorites. i then added a little bigger black and white photo of my own.

i guess i am not the only one who gets super inspired by song lyrics, and sometimes those lyrics goes right into your heart and is perfectly describing what you feel. this was the case with this layout. my daughter is getting so big and i really do feel that time is "slipping through my fingers", so i printed the lyrics for the old abba song slipping through my fingers and then i added my photo (mat inspired from here) and embellishments. i also added short journaling in which i explain that sometimes my words are not enough and then i do use song lyrics.

ugh, this was my first ever try at mist and well, i have learned to accept it :) i really don´t have acctual mist, but watercolors that i attempted to squirt onto the paper :) i will do more of this though!
studio calico blog has had a few posts about misting among others this one.

hi, i am lisa and i am addicted to making layouts with photo mosaics.
again with the help of bighugelabs :) for this one i used spring photos i had in my flickr stream.
signs of spring captured by me :)

a photo someone took of me and my daughter while on vacation. i love it!
i hope that we can go on an all girls trip very soon, just the 2 of us!
i used my new letter stickers from

while dog walking one day i took a photo of my husband, and then handed over the camera to him. it resulted in this layout where the quote : beauty is in the eye of the beholder is the whole point! i think he is, and he thinks i am beautiful and that is really all that matters, right?! i love making pages with odds and ends that are left on my table from previous projects!

that is all for now!

fredag 16 april 2010

craft party over at shimelles

i am checking out the scrapbooking party over at shimelles this weekend. i am looking forward to see what she has in store for us tomorrow!!!

i hope to show you something tomorrow and also throughout the weekend!

ps. both photos are from shimelles blog.

torsdag 15 april 2010

tisdag 13 april 2010

instant happiness

we are home from budapest and it is so nice to be here with my love and the pets :) i missed them so very much while we were gone! i am now working through the many photos that i took during our trip. while i did, i came across some random photos that weren´t touristy at all, but is like instant happiness to me. here they are:

i have some new photos up on my flickr account as well!
will be back very soon with some craftyness ♥