onsdag 29 februari 2012

29 things I want to remember about right now on this leap day

although i couldn´t make anything special to celebrate this extra day today (since i still have a fever), i decided to make a list and to give myself a pedi and fresh paint on my toes and added some glitter! a little celebration!

29 things i want to remember about right now

1. that spring is here (i think)
2. that the air was so warm today
3. that i would like to be fever free
4. that my daughter has fun on her skiing trip
5. the sun is warming
6. my birthdayflowers still makes me happy
7. i want to make new projects
8. i am looking forward to go camping again
9. that when i get better i need to wash my windows
10. that coffee is still best in the morning
11. there is alot on TV during the day
12. i am getting crazy over the kitchen mess everyday
13. i can´t wait until the weekend and our trip to gothenburg
14. i like digital options in scrapbooking
15. i want to eat pasta bolongese
16. i have to get together with my friend Emma soon
17. that i have read several really good books lately
18. i am working on a new list
19. i wish the greenhouse was in place
20. that we are planting seeds soon
21. i want to paint something
22. honesty is the best
23. i take things for granted
24. glitter can make you very happy
25. that i find new projects all the time
26. that this is like an extra day
27. that marta is doing so good even though she can´t go out
28. that is still like reality tv
29. that i have started listening to music more again

Project life | how i do it

i know that i can´t possibly have a new week of project life to show you just yet, but i am already working on my week 9 spread. and while i was doing something in PSE that i do almost every week and i thought i´d show you something simple but that makes my project life-life much easier :)

ok, so basically for my project life i have page protectors with 4 pockets on each page making it a total of 8 each week. they are 6*4 pockets. so i try to make a canvas with both the journaling cards and photos together in PSE before i print them.
so i start out with a blank new canvas in the size i want (in this case 6*4"). 

in this case i had already added the lovely glittered heart before, and then i dragged the photo ontop of the blank canvas. re-sized it and moved it in place so that it takes up a little less than half of the canvas. 

i then dragged over the journaling card the same way.

because i had a little extra space next to the journaling card i added a bit of that lovely grey patterned paper there. dragged and re-sized.

added journaling. remember to use a smaller size when you type in PSE for print, it looks much better when you printed it!

and that is all. i just printed this out on a 6*4" card and voila, just slide it in the page protector pocket!

freebie glitter heart from design editor
journal card from the lilypad
digital patterned paper from cosmo cricket (it seems that where i bought it i can´t find it)
the font is traveling typewriter

tisdag 28 februari 2012

Valentine´s day - the page

i did this layout with our valentines day story. i cut the hearts out of red tissue paper and used them in the table setting. i sewed a few of them together and added to this page. the little cupcake flag was also part of the decor :) 
edited: i see now that it all looks a bit crocked, but i went to look at the actual layout and it is straight there?! maybe it is a weird angle?

i am so happy to be scrapping again! 

måndag 27 februari 2012

Magic Monday

thats it. sunshine. is. magic.

Project Life | week 8

here is my 8th week doing project life. it is becoming routine now :)

i have a n insert with a few birthday cards of mine. 

the weather last week was really springish and i took advantage of it :) i found snowdrops, sat outside and me and the girl took the horses for a long walk. my birthday was on the 22nd and on the morning of the 23rd our crownprincess delivered her first child, our new princess (that after her mother will one day be the queen of sweden). 

on the evening of my birthday, i skyped with my sisters family. it made me so happy! i am super there is a way to do a screen dump while skyping, but i had my camera with me at the table so i snapped one with that. journaled on the photo before printing it. 
i made a card with one happy thing that happened and one sad thing this week. 
the last slot i saved for some journaling by my daughter about her weekend with her father. 

fredag 24 februari 2012

Stitching on a birthday layout

here is a quick idea that i used for a birthday layout for my husband. i was gifted some twine from the twinery the other week and i wanted to use them in a layout. i chose the darker blue and white twine since those are the colors of my husbands favorite soccer team :)

so ofcourse the idea is to stitch the numbers with twine. i started to use an old chipboard stickers sheet and traced the number from there. 

i then went ahead and made the holes for the needle to go in. 

and here is the end result. 

i also added a birthday candle (we ended up loosing the actual one) and just made the page really simple. 

torsdag 23 februari 2012

52 photos in 52 weeks 2012 | roundup post #2

it is time for another roundup post of the last themes that we have had to play with the last 4 weeks.

week 4: rest

just the word rest makes me feel good. as a person with returning depressions i crave a lot of restand sleep. the best kind is when i am able to take a nap with one (or both!) of our dogs during the day.

week 5: create

this is another favorite word :)
i am fortunate to have a whole room in our house just to be creative in! i always have a lot of projects going on, so it is really messy. when i go through pweriods of no creative mojo, i feel totally empty and weird. i crave creativity. 

week 6: soft

i could go with all sorts of things with this theme, but i decided with a photo that makes my heart soft.
soft, softness, the touch of softness is a unerversial like i think. i love the feel of a soft stone at the beach, our labs ears and a new fleece jacket. not to mention the softness of a baby´s skin!

week 7: good

the meaning good can be double for me, i always was the good girl in school not getting in to much trouble, never drank never smoked. but being a good girl takes up a lot of energy. especially attimesi did end up in trouble, because of of the feeling of failure and disappointment.
despite my own experiences, i do want my girl to be a good one! 
isn´t it funny how that works :)
and she is. such a good, kind, compassionate and sweet girl. 

note: i did a fun birthday post about my daughter last year.

and now, here are your photos from week 4-6, enjoy. i know i did!
visit the group pool for all credits! 

tisdag 21 februari 2012

re-scrap 2012 | february

today i´ll post my re-scrapped pages of the month of february even though the month is not quite over yet. but if you are done, you are done, right :) you can read more about this project here

here is the older layout.

and this is the super duper simple re-scrap version. i wanted to uickly journal abit about my husband and where he is in life right now. 

older layout. 

and the re-scrapped version. as you might see i flipped the design and rather than have the journaling in the one larger piece i created a 4 photo mosaic and used that as the main piece. 

older layout.

this layout is almost a direct life from my older layout. i love how dramatic it looks :)

love & peace


måndag 20 februari 2012

Magic Monday

the magic i will talk about briefly today is the magic of nature. this time it is the magic of snowfall. these photos were taken february 2nd. 

the sun was shining and the flakes kind of glowed in the rays. it really looked liked it was silver sprinkles!

perhaps the fact that on the night i was born, it snowed like in a movie; large and calm snowflakes, plays a role in how i feel when it snows.