torsdag 27 september 2012

From pin to reality

here is a really quick from pin to reality!

Polka Dots Chucks ...

i mean, dotted shoes! yes please!

i had these pink fabric shoes and bought white fabric paint. 

a few dots later, tada!

52 photos in 2012 | roundup post

i am chugging away at my 52 photos, but i have to admit i am feeling abit uninspired lately. so, to jog my memory of what i love about this project, i thought i´d go back to last years photos for a bit today.

week 37 last year we had music as our theme. i have always loved walking in the forest and when i see what i saw the day i took that photo, i hear music in my heart.
this year elevate was our theme and since i have read Tracy Clarkes book Elevate the everyday, i have been thinking about seeing the evryday a little differently.

the 38th week last year the theme was red. i still love that photo!
this year, lone was our theme and i guess it might not be clear, but i am longing (missing) my husband so much these days.

week 39 2011 the theme was trail. and as i walk my dogs every day, i have certain favorite trails.
i actually took the photo for this years theme, dot, while on vacation in june. but i thought it was the one to go with for this. the dot, i guess, represent that i am right were i am supposed to be right now.

how are you doing? are you still feeling inspired? or do you also need a boost?!



måndag 24 september 2012

Project Life | week 38

sorry about the wonky clors of the photos this week!

this was the week i got my iPhone and went instagram mad! so most of the photos are instagrams. i am really surprised at how good the quality is when printing!
i included stories about a work party where we each brought something to eat, just random things about the week and...

my daughters spanish homework :)

i printed out the selfie instagram photo on a 6x4 card and added some smaller ones underneath.

i pickled some of our many zuccinis (we´ll see how that turns out!)
me and my daughter spend most of saturday on the couch both beat from the week. martha is extra cuddly right now and it is super sweet. 
a few words that made me think and apples i picked at a friend that will be mashed and canned tomorrow!

Giveaway winner!

I am so sorry that I haven´t had a chance to post the giveaway winner until now. but...the winner is...

I love the colours of autumn - the oranges and yellows, the reds and fading greens. And I love the smells of autumn cooking - apple pies, cider and wet leaves. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and the giveaway. I'd love to be in that class.

congratulations crystal! email me and i will get you the information that you need to take the awesome class! 

lördag 22 september 2012

torsdag 20 september 2012

WCS | October gallery sneak peek

it is the 20th and in just 10 more days a new gallery goes up on WCS! i wanted to just give you a sneak of my page that i made.

i used some yummy manilla tags and prettied them up :)

go and check out the other sneaks by visiting the WCS blog and on the left side you have a link list to all of us!

onsdag 19 september 2012

At the fair | a layout

we treated my daughter and a friend to an entire day at the amusementpark. 10 HOURS my friends! i know, i was there the entire time ;)
they had a blast!
as i look through my recent layouts i see a trend to use more black/white and grey. i have always loved color, but this grey trend is so nice to look at. do you agree?

måndag 17 september 2012

Project Life | week 37

week 37 

the spread has an extra insert with 4 extra photos.

here is the spread when the extra pockets are turned.

the stories: we get fresh eggs from a local farmer every week and it makes me so happy that we eat clean food.
we did some schoolwork this week and it made me feel confident in doing this (almost) by myself.
my grandfather unexpectedly passed away and i wanted to include that in here, just as my grandmothers passing earlier this year. i have journaled in a pocket behind the photo.
i didn´t really know what to have right next to the photo of my grandfather, so i added some leaves that i have picked this week.

the second page. the stories:
me and my husband spend some time together again after being apart for 2 weeks and 2 weekends. fantastic!
my cute nephew turned 7!
we popped into the craftstore. and dixon rode the bus and tram for the first time.
and then i wrote about the weekend.

here is the first pocket.
the stories: my daughter was the most beautiful bridesmaid when her biological father re-married. 
our iPhones arrived!

the other side of the extra pocket.
stories: i am happy to have spend some time at my grandmothers grave this weekend. it gave me great comfort.
i also added in my Take Twelve photos.

and that is a wrap. 

Take Twelve | September page

here is the page i did with my Take Twelve photos!

since it was a tough week for me, i decided to print out the mosaic i did with the photos and used that. i usually make some kind of list for the photos, but i just jotted down why i looked for happy things that day this time. 

did you see my post on what i love about this project?

check out this months roundup post on Ellapublishing

fredag 14 september 2012

My summer | a layout with a photomosaic

now that summer is over i made this mosaic with various photos i took over the last 2 months. 

i simply added words with my typewriter that represents the things we did etc. for example: rain, dogplay, jam.

i have said it before and i´ll say it again: i do love photo mosaics!

ps. don´t forget to enter the awesome BPC giveaway in this post!

Giveaway | Bigpictureclasses

i am super happy to be able to give away a seat in a terrific class at Bigpicture classes called Picture color - 30 days of colorful clicks taught by Tracey Clark.

Class description:

What better way to capture the world around us than in living color? No matter what time of year it is, color takes center stage and we can't help but focus on the bright and beautiful hues that inspire our daily lives.
Through this 30-day photo centric celebration, Picture Color will encourage you to turn your lens toward the colors that delight you most. With daily email prompts delivered right to your inbox, you will be greeted and inspired by a myriad of colorful shades to awaken your senses and your inner-artist as your camera clicks color after vibrant color!

You can read more about Tracey and the class here.

This is a self-paced class which means that it starts whenever you are ready to sign up!

Ok, to enter the giveaway for this class just simply leave a comment  on this post and tell me what you love about autumn!

You can get additional chances by sharing this giveaway post on Twitter/Facebook, come back and leave a new comment for each.

I will leave the comments open for one week and will draw a random winner on Friday the 22nd.

Good luck!