måndag 27 mars 2006

good weekend

I had a good weekend. We went to Gothenburg to celebrate my MIL and FIL birthdays and a Hardcore Superstar http://www.hardcoresuperstar.com/ concert at http://www.stickyfingers.nu/ It was so much fun! Husband was in his right element :) Good people, good club, good music.
Then the next day I was sick again! I had a headache and a bad throat :(

We have had some weird weather the last cuple of months. We have had winter as in snow for like 3 months. And then now in march we have had better days when the sun has been warmer. Then the other day we woke up to this!

I love:

{My Mother in laws fridge! Yum!!! }
{Hardcore Superstar! }
{That my friend J is moving to Europe! Welcome :) }
{Work is going good! }
{We are a happy family! }
{I bought some new scrappy stuff :) }
{ER is on in like 3 minutes :) }

måndag 20 mars 2006


mmmmmmmmmm.... I just came home from work and we are saying good bye to our principal who is leaving. We had invited a girl who is a chocholate expert. MMMM.... I love that! We got to taste all sorts of chocholate white, brown, rich and delightful! I am so full! We were able to bye some aswell and I bought some for my dear mother in law that LOVES chocholate AND have her birthday thursday. My favorite from today was the peanut crisp chocholate with some salt ontop. Heaven I tell you!

lördag 18 mars 2006

I am back!

We are back from the little roadtrip. Unfortunatly the weather wasn´t to good, but we had fun anyway :) We went up to a nearby old remains of a monistary and it was beautiful. Daughter was amazed about the largeness!
Then we drove to a little town we love called Vadstena and had some delightful lunch.

Last night I also scrapped a bit! :) You can see my layouts at 2peas here http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/userprofile.asp?user_id=76910

Have a great saturday!

fredag 17 mars 2006

Finally friday!

Finally friday!!! This week has been eek... I love my job, but I was so dead tired this week so it was no fun :(
We are going on a roadtrip tomorrow so I will be back with photos (hopefully) later this weekend!

Check my new layouts http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/userprofile.asp?user_id=76910

måndag 13 mars 2006

oh my oh my

The weather was fantastic today! So I had to pull out the camera and make husband drive me down to the beach. The light was so nice and then I saw something I have never seen before. The ice had been pushed together with such force that it had folded like books in the waterline. It was simply amazing! Then we went a little further on the beach and we heard how the ice was moving and cracking. I have never heard an earthquake, but it sure sounded like it. It was such an amazing thing to see and hear. I will never forget the sound and how calmly the ice moved on the water. And I couldn´t believe how thick the ice was. I got some nice shots and they are taking forever to download, but I will be patient :) Enjoy the beauty and force of nature!

söndag 12 mars 2006

sunday post...

...and a lazy one :) Went to the party last night and it was just fine. Lot´s of people and good food. We had to go home quite early because husband had to go to work early in the morning.

I went to the market yesterday morning and I almost freezed mu butt of doing it. It was like -12 degrees celcius!!!! = COLD!!! And on top of that I didn´t find anything at all...:(

Today I woke up with a bit of a cold. I guess this day is not very much better than my last post

I leave u with a favorite summey photo taken in 2004.

torsdag 9 mars 2006

a post...

on an ordinary day. It was an ordinary thursday for me today. It was ok, nothing extraordinary... i am trying to check if i am happy or kind of sad about that fact. Went to work at 8.30 and came to an almost empty school. The kids were sick or on leave so we had a grand total of 8 kids today (out of 23). Yeah! It is funny how we say that it´s difficult with so many kids in one group and then when we have days like this we complain about that. :) Anyway it was a fantastic day weather wise. I love winter when it is sparkling and sunny!

This weekend we are invited to a 60th birthday party. Or really it is two 30th birthday parties but the girls are twins so... :) I haven´t really decided on what to get them yet...bummer, but I am going into town on saturday so I hope to find something then.

I love this photo of Dear daughter :)

lördag 4 mars 2006

at my moms

...me and daughter went to my moms yesterday and we are going to stay until tomorrow. Nice and quite...
Took a cuple of photos of S they turned out great. I can´t wait until I get home and edit them.
She was going to make a kissing face but ended up laughing instead. She got it finally! I love her so much! She is in that typical 6 years age :) We had a rough time a cuple of weeks ago, but then one day she said to me while we walked home from school: Mom I am my old self now! How can you not love her?!