lördag 27 augusti 2005

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"a kids birthday party is like trying to...

rule a gerilla war" someone said on the radio today...and it is really true :) We had a kid party today to celebrate daughters 6th birthday coming up on wednsday. It was absolute chaos, but so much fun! Daughter love it and that is all that matters.

And yes...I put up some (kind of a lot) of money to finally buy myself a pair of those fab Converse all star highs. I love the color green and they where just sitting there at the store and I just couldn´t resist. I love them!

lördag 13 augusti 2005

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I WANT!!!!

Yes I do want want want some Converse All Star Hi shoes!!!! They are on people all over and I just can´t find them anywhere, so I searched them on the net and found out they are way expensive!! Damn it! If there are any one out there how wants to just donate a pair to a hardworking, kind of nice :) but poor girl feel free :) I am a size 38 (that´s swedish/european size offcourse). Ah...

And on top of that I have a really bad cold. Poor poor me :( I hate it. even though I went to the fair with daughter today. the weather was ok. got some good pics too...

I am going to stop now beacause I am just in a bad mood :(

lördag 6 augusti 2005


...weekend sweet weekend :) Friday was my last day working and now I am going to treat myself to some free time with my family. At least I thought until husband tells me he´ll take one of the dogs and go out fishing for the whole weekend...and daughter went to her grannys...so here I am in an empty house with my doggy. And what will I do? You know it: N O T H I N G !!!! Or atleast whatever I want :) I started scrapping last night but only finished 2 lo´s. I will continue tonight, but I almost feel guilty not cleaning the house when it´s empty and easy to clean...no! I am not going to clean...until 2 hours before husband comes home :)

I was checking my emails which I haven´t done in a while I noticed. There was an email from a fellow pea praising me! What??? I was so very happy! Thank you Kirsten! I have been scrapping now for a cuple of years and started posting on 2peas. And if I am very frank it is really for the possible praise I do post. Otherwise I would just have my albums at home and only show my family. I am going to glowt and say: I love praise!

Have you ever felt that things are changing? I am feeling like everything is like coming to place, coming to where I want them to be. Now I am terrified that things will change back. That is so typical of me taking out bad things in advance. I am so bad at enjoying time and things right now...maybe it is because of all the bad things that have happened...

måndag 1 augusti 2005

I have to make an effort, really...

I have not been posting for a while..again...anyway I have been working all weeks and having some relaxing times on the weekends :) Work is ok...there aren´t too many kids during the summer and then we can do fun things.

The other sunday we were up at the store and a woman comes up to husband and says hi in a very friendly and familiar manner :( No, i am just kidding. The woman acctually had worked with him before and now as it turns out she is here on vacation with her husband and son. They came over for coffee and we just hit it of right away. You know like we had known eachother for years and years already. The men was so much alike (not fysically, but how they eat, what they like/dislike and on and on) It was so much fun! We ended up having dinner too and met the next day for coffee again and then had dinner their last day here. I love when that happen! We just made friends for life! You gotta love that!

I have been thinking alot about the job that I am going to apply for later this fall. I try really hard not to get my hopes up too much and then be dissapointed if I don´t get it, but lately I have been getting these great positive wibes from all sorts of places = The lady that has the job now, parents to other kids, family and others. I even made a theraputical mini album about it. You can view it here . We´ll see...


Jag har inte skrivit på ett tag..igen. Jag har bara jobbat på veckorna och relaxat lite på helgerna. Det är inte många barn nu på somrarna och då kan man ju hitta på roliga saker.

Förra söndagen var vi uppe vid affären och så kom det fram en kvinna till mannen (min alltså) och hälsade väldigt hjärtligt :( nej jag bara skojar, de hade visst jobbat ihop förut. I alla fall så visade det sig att hon var här på semester med sin man och son. De följde med hem på kaffe och vi kom så himla bra överrens med en gång. Det var precis som om vi känt varandra i år och dar. Männen var så himla lika varandra (inte rent fysiskt, men sättet de åt på, vad de gillade/inte gillade osv. ) Det var så roligt! Vi åt middag med dem på kvällen och träffades igen dagen därpå för en fika men hamnade hemma hos oss på middag igen. Deras sista dag var vi ute och åt en härlig middag! Jag älskar när det händer! Vi fick vänner för livet!

Jag har tänkt på det där jobbet jag ska söka senare i höst. Jag försöker att inte hoppas för mycket, för jag vill inte bli besviken om jag inte skulle få det. Men på senaste tiden har jag fått en hel del positiva vibbar från alla håll och kanter = Kvinnan som har jobbet nu, föräldrar till andra barn, familjen osv. Jag har till och med gjort ett mini album om det. Du kan kolla in det här. Vi får se...
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