måndag 25 oktober 2010

pink ribbon - so far

i went to see how much money the pink ribbon in sweden had got through donations so far. and i say wow: 1 171 687 :- swedish kronor! that would be exactly: 178 883,51 us dollars!
isn´t that wonderful! on friday there will be a big tv-gala in favor of the pink ribbon. and i am sure that amount will be so higher! good job everyone!
i tried to get info on how much money the us pink ribbon has gotten so far, but i could find it. if you know, please share!

my friend linda has her own quick donation and for fun she set a goal that is 50,000 swedish kronor and look at it so far! almost there! this, i think means that we are so many people that are effected by this in one way or another and we want to contribute in some way!

ok, so have you given someone a friendly reminder yet?

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