tisdag 26 oktober 2010

virtual coffee # 6

hi, its time for virtual coffee again! and this time i actually am drinking a good cup of coffee instead of hot tea, because i have my voice back! wohoo! i still have a slight cough, but i am not hoarse anymore.

so, if we were to meet today i would comment on that the weather has been terrific today! i love these sunny, but cold autumn days. we had a real frostnight last night so it was really cold in the morning, but then the sun came up and made lovely dances with the leaves.

if we were to meet today, i would ask about your halloween plans. as we don´t celebrate halloween that much here in sweden, i don´t have any to share with you. but i am always intruiged about other peoples traditions.

if we were to meet today, i would tell you that i had a good talk with my boss today. nothing special really, but it was a good constructive talk that i needed. she reached out and asked what she could do for me and i had some ideas. yeah for constructive talks!

if we were to meet today, i would have a warm apple pie all ready when you came. i went to pick some apples from a friends tree, because this year our tree harvested almost no apples at all. i have been baking apple pies, making apple sauce and such all weekend! yum! what is you favorite to make with apples?

if we were to meet today, i would tell you that i have gotten some cool questions from cool crafty people online lately. i can´t tell you more just now, but i promise you will be the first to know when it is finally official!

if we were to meet today, i would have had to cut this coffee date a bit short because i am so very tired today. i had dreams (not nightmares) but just deep dreams last night and it seems like i didn´t get any sleep at all!

but before you go, i would give you an apple pie for you to bring home. i have so many i would love to share!

i hope to see you next week!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Those pictures of the trees and leaves are beautiful!!!

    No Halloween?! It's my absolute favorite holiday. We carve pumpkins the week before and we all dress up. This year I actually didn't have to make any costumes, just pieced them all together.

    Thanks for the coffee!

  2. Lisa, these photos are all STUNNING!

  3. i would tell you thank you so MUCH for the apple pie and i would ask for your recipe because i have to confess that i have never made an apple pie from scratch. it is on my autumn list of things i want to do though. your pictures are gorgeous and it sounds like weather we are having right now!
    for halloween---we decorate the house and front porch, visit the pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns and go to boo at the zoo every year which is just dressing up and going to a family event at our little local zoo. kids dress up and go on the carousel, trick-or-treat and ride the train with their cousins.
    on sunday the kids will dress up (as cinderella and an "army man") and we will go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. they are very excited about it this year!

    thanks for coffee this week! : )

  4. Coming over from Amy's Virtual Coffee... Nice to meet you!

  5. Boy, I sure wish I could have some of your pie! Yummy! I love your pictures. So beautiful. :)

    I'm not a huge halloween person. We just dress the kids up and do some trick-or-treating. Usually we carve pumpkins but we haven't done that this year. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays. :)

  6. i love trying to figure out how to comment on your blog - "kommentar" - i'm learning :)

    i would love to try your apple pie. i made a big batch of pumpkin bread this week and am just eating it up!

    this year for halloween, my husband and i (literature geeks) are going as "the old man and the sea" - he will be an old man, and i will be wearing a letter C in duct tape on my shirt. clever? lame? that's the line you walk when you dress up for halloween!

    thanks for the coffee! :)