måndag 29 november 2010

write click scrapbook

be sure to check out the write click scrapbook site everyday in december as we are having our annual For the holidays fun! you can also look through the 2009 archives and find wonderful ideas! It has started already actually! 

i can't wait to get home and get started on crafting!!!

arlington - my favorite

arlington national cemetary was amazing!

söndag 28 november 2010

1 mall 6 trees

i see that the holiday season has really begun! we went up to baltimore today and on the way we stopped at an old mill that was now a lovely little mall. i snapped some christmas trees (there were more!) and soaked up the holiday feel!
we had a lovely lunch at the cheesecake factory and for all of you who hasn't had the fortune to go there yet, let me just put it like this: first - food coma then right after that sugar - coma delight :)

we also drove through alexandria on our way back and it was just the loveliest place! 

so, yes another fabulous day in america!

lördag 27 november 2010

doors of dc

so, today we took a good long walk in dc and i saw so many beautiful doors! if you know me i tend to take photos of doors of the world as i travel :) i am happy to add these to the list! 

we had such a full and amazing day today! we went to the american art museum and saw the amazing norman rockwell exhibit and picked up a bunch of souvenirs. we also went into the urban outfitters which is a first for me, they had some cool things. then we took a good long walk and went through by the white house and a bunch of beautiful monuments.

another amazing day in dc :)

fredag 26 november 2010

thankful today


today i am thankful for:

this wonderful vacation i am on
friends - near and far
new friendships
new technology that made it possible for me to see my family today
a table full of yummy food
inspiration for new projects

thank you J for having me for thanksgiving!

torsdag 25 november 2010

i am here!

I am sitting here watching national treasure in herndon, VA and life is swell! yesterday was a day full of first for me. michaels for one, i have never been in one before and i was amazed by all the goodies that store is filled with! oh, my! we strolled there for a good hour and a half :) and i did some good shopping too.
Then we hopped on the metro to take us to washington dc and there are soooo many things to see there! we started with a good lunch at the hard rock cafe' right next to the fbi building which was so funny to me! i mean i have seen all these things in movies and tv shows all my life and to see that they are really here is so astounding to me!

we then went to just a fraction of a fraction of all the things you can see here and it was very interesting. i loved the first ladies dresses at the american history museum! there are amazing! and the house they built up and julia childs kitchen that they moved to the museum.

today i am celebration my very first thanksgiving with the sweet people around me. the turkey is underway and we are relaxing with a movie between the parade and all. its a good day.

måndag 22 november 2010

all packed...

ok, so i have yet to put down some small things in my bag, but i am pretty much packed for my trip that starts today! i am going down to a city near the airport since my plane leave in the morning tomorrow.
while i travel i am not going to be able to be here or anywhere on the internet, but i will try to do some updates while there (which is washington dc if someone missed that!).

i hope that you will have a wonderful thanksgiving! i am going to celebrate my very first this thursday!

and i´ll leave you with my freak out self portraits :)

love and peace

söndag 21 november 2010

the simple things #3

i knew this was going to be my photo for "the simple things" this week right when i saw it in my viewfinder! the photos were randomly layin on my craft table and i love that some glitter had fallen on them during recent craft adventures :) its us, its glittery, its the simple things ♥

check out the other simple things on rebeccas blog!

sally is cute and indoor season ~ the layouts

sally, our youngest cat, was so shy and didn´t want us to touch her at all when we got her. but now a few years later she agrees to a pet once in a while :) she is just the cutest!

and now with winter coming and the snow falling the cats indoor season has begun :)
i love to watch the cats looking out the windows when the don´t want to get their paws wet :)
i am loving to use the negative from scraps of paper that i have previously punched out stuff from!

a frozen walk and a love for snow ~ the layouts

me and dixon took a wonderful frozen morning walk this week and wow it was beautiful out!
i knew i wanted to use every photo i took, so i took to the trustworthy bighugelabs and made a photo mosaic. i used the 4*4 with large middle for this one, but i left the first slot blank which made a mosaic without the large center at first. saved and printed. then went back and uploaded just one photo to the same kind of mosaic (the first slot) which made a mosaic with only the large photo in the middle. saved and printed. then i cut out the larger photo and put the letter stickers on and adhered it to the mosaic with 3d gluedots so that it would be a little more visual. i have crystal wilkersons new digital elements and that snowflake was perfect for this page!


if you would like to see the photos abit larger you can visit me on flickr!


i might aswell admit it; i do love the first snow! that is the journaling on the above layout :)
i just see now that it looks all dirty down in the corner, but it doesn´t in real life. weird.
anyway, i used a printable from shimelles "journal your christmas" class last year for the "first" die cut and the journaling tag is from elle studio. i did some handstitching for the SNOW and it was fun!

i bought a pack of these heart doilies a few years ago and i always seem to forget about them! i used some small cookie liners for the flower :)

look for another post from me this weekend! i have other stuff to share :)

lördag 20 november 2010

thankful minibook

hi all! while in preparations for my trip this tuesday, i wanted to get some time to post a few projects that i made this past week. see this post as the first one of a few to come during this weekend!

i downloaded monikas free thankful print (which is awesome in it´s simplicity!). printed sheets so i had for my 30 days of gratitude that i am doing this month, cropped and put a number 1-30 on each of the pages. all through the month i have recorded my thankful thoughts right there.

i love my little minibook! thanks monika!

torsdag 18 november 2010

posterize - a photo project tutorial

this project is actually something i stumbled on while trying to print on an A3 paper at work. i had tried all sorts of settings, but the printer wasn´t my best friend at the time :)
sometimes there are happy accidents, hence this post!

somewhere on the mighty internet i read how you could do your own posterized photo, again i can´t remember where! anyhow, i went to the free site picnik.com and uploaded my photo. i hit the "create" tab and chose the "effects" option. at the very bottom of the options you will find the "posterize by picnik" tab. hit that and you can also play with some settings, but eventually your photo will look something like mine above.

save to your computer and open WORD.

now, i know i have an old version of WORD (i couldn´t do VISTA) and that mine is swedish, but i am sure you will be able to find your way in your own version!

Well, when i opened a new document i hit "file" and something like printing options. change your paper rotation to horizontal and put a zero in all the marginals. when you hit ok it will say that you will have to adjust the marginals, hit adjust and it does it for you!

insert your photo and hit print. when the print window appears hit the "properties" tab.

now comes the part i didn´t know about! in one of the tabs, where you can adjust if you want to print your document on both sides etc. you´ll find an option to print as a poster. i chose to print my document in 4 parts alas your photo will be printed on 4 A4 papers or lettersize i guess.
hit ok and then print.

in the above photo you see the backside of my poster. i have trimmed the edges of the paper sheets and used some tape to adhere them together. be sure to fit the papers together so that the photo looks good! now, we are about to re-do our bedroom walls so i didn´t mind using some gluedots to attach the actual poster to the walls. you might want to use something less damaging to your walls.

again, please ignore the bedroom clutter! besides the dog, he´s cute :)
but here it is, my poster!

isn´t it cool what you can do in microsoft word!

onsdag 17 november 2010

guerilla art kit goes USA

my guerilla art kit that i made last year during my preparation for the holidays have gotten a few updates!
i am bringing it to USA for my trip and will leave some random acts of kindness during my stay :)

tisdag 16 november 2010

virtual coffee

wow, is it tuesday again?! how did that happen?
anyway, i am happy that you came for coffee today!

if we were to meet for real today, i would talk your ears off with my anxiety about my upcoming trip to washington dc :) the countdown has begun and in only 7 days i will be on my way! by now next week i will be somewhere over the atlantic ocean!

if we were to meet for coffee today, i would show you my passport and ask you to check if it really hasn´t expired :)
 i am so nervous!
i think have think i have all the papers in order and trying to decide how to pack them safely.

if we were to meet for real today, i would tell you about how nervous i am that they are going to find something in my bags and think that i am a terrorist or something ;)
i think i have seen to many border patrol shows :)

if we were to meet for real today, i would tell you that my packing list is done and i just can´t wait until the weekend to pack it! i have been adding a little pile on top of my suitcase, so i think i might put those things in the bag earlier.

if we were to meet for real today, i would totally apologize for my rambling and i promise i will listen to you more next time!

måndag 15 november 2010

...and the end a layout...

i wanted to show you the hat and fingerless gloves i crocheted a while ago. ofcourse i needed a model and my daughter is never late to be infront of the camera :)

i have a new found love for this deep shade of purple. so i knew i had to had this yarn when i saw it! even though the gloves look a little square in these photos they look very much normal in real life.

i think these are the accessories that are coming with me to washington dc next week!

oh, and i wanted to show you what a cute gift my daughter got me the other day when we still had snow.

the snowheart is now safely saved in the freezer :)

i did a quick layout with the photos above :)

/Lisa ♥

söndag 14 november 2010

30 days of gratitude day 12+13+14 & simple things

day 12: today i am thankful for friday afternoons when i get to go home from work at lunch.

day 13: today i am thankful for accomplishing a few projects around the house.

day 14: today i am thankful for the fact that we are able to have pets. we live in the country and the cats can come and go as they want. and i am thankful for them letting me pet their soft fur on their bellies :)

i love that we got snow this past week, and even though it has melted by now it was a first taste of what winter can be like!

be sure to check out rebecca coopers blog to see the other simple things in the simple things photo challenge!

ps. check out write.click.scrapbook today, there is a great quote and a nice photo there by someone you might know :)

lördag 13 november 2010

december minibook - in the making

ok,ok i am doing a december daily - kinda.
i am doing a more december whenever mini this year. i don´t want to do the daily thing, but i want to fill the mini with photos i take through out the month.

the mini is very much inspired by the 2 queens of minibooks atleast they are for me :)
alas the mini is done with a ton of different papers bound together with 2 bookrings.

i have added a plasticpocket here and there in the mini, but i haven´t done any embellsihing at all. i have printed and cut and gathered bits and pieces that i will use as embellsihments in the mini, but for now they are all sitting in an envelope ready to be used during the actual month.

as i print my photos at home, i know i can just add them in there whenever i want.
i will go with full 15x10cm photos and possibly some index sizes.
i look forward to getting started with the december minibook!

here are the links to a few of the embellsihments i am going to use:

Book labels (free download, scroll down a bit)

edited: i also want to see or read about how you display minibooks.
do you?