tisdag 29 april 2008

inside the bag

first, thank you very much for your sweet words on my last post. We all miss Harry terribly, but we are blessed to have Sadie with us still. She is a great comforter! Do you remember this one? The title says: comforter :)

Ok, so I have seen a few of "inside the bag" kinda posts going around and thought that I jump on it. I took the things I always have in my bag and laid them on the floor and took a photo.

So, first I was so suprised that I have so many black things! I see myself as a colorful person so that was a real suprise!
♥ I have my Moleskine where I write all sorts of things so that is a must have.
♥ And a pen obviously :)
♥ My calender is with me too since I am a "plan-o-holic"!
♥ I don´t wear alot of make-up so i mostly just have my lipgloss with me to jazz me up from time to time!
♥ my purse with money and visa cards and other cards
♥ my cell-phone which holds most of my contacts and I also use ut as my alarmclock
♥ i usally have a pocket book in there somewhere. It is good to have something to read in line or on the ferry.
♥ sunglasses i have like 3 months out of the year :)

I have new photos to play with so...see ya! :)

måndag 28 april 2008

goodnight harry

I am very sad to tell you that Harry was laid to rest today. His legs was getting worse and he was in pain. We are very sad and grateful for getting the op to give him a few months of heaven :) If you are new to the blog you can read more about Harry the dog here. We are exhausted because it was just last august we said goddbye to Chanty.

Think of us a little today, thank you ♥

fredag 25 april 2008

summer weather

We have had such nice weather the last cuple of days and yes, the summerly toes did feel the grass yesterday :)

This weekend is full with activities for us. Saturday we are attending these guys christening. I am looking forward to that! I plan on making it to a garage sale before that.
Sunday is our 6th wedding anniversary ♥ but we are celebrating with a fancy dinner this evening already. My Gosh, 6 years already!

Ok, so I finished (almost finished) the projects I was working on. First there is this minibook that I titled "right now" and the journaling begins with that frase. I have noted what i eat and dring right now, what I read and watch etc. I like how it turned out!

And this super simple minibook is highly inspired by the one Jennifer Pebbles made for the 2peas garden. I love how it is just about the photos.

Have a wonderful friday!

onsdag 23 april 2008

spring festivals and new projects

If I haven´t made it clear before, my daughter attends the school where I am a teacher. The school and kindergarden are all the same unit and therefore we have the luck to go to the same spring festivals :) Yesterday evening it was a said spring festival! We had the the awesome opportunity to have all (not every piece, i mean that every child had something there) the kids art work on display at the local gallery, which I mentioned this past summer while I was there on some exhibitions. We were all so excited! The gallery looked fantastic and the waether Gods were with us also!

Here she is infront of one of her contributions. Since the author to Pippi Longstocking would have turned 100 this past fall, they worked with her books alot.

This piece was my favorite. Our young kids made this painting, it is huge. We had the paper on the floor and then they worked in layers; paint, paint, glue, all natural materials like rose pedals, leaves and stones. Isn´t it magnificent?!

There were also music, lotteries and other fun activites at the festival and it was a huge hit as usual :)

I have some sneak peeks of a few new projects...i will show more soon!

Ps. Please take a look at this library! Can you see why I love libraries :)

måndag 21 april 2008

weekend in photos

This weekend we celebrated that my grandmother is home and feeling better. We did it by having a big family dinner with lots of food and laughter. I love these photos that I snapped of her and one of her great grandchildren. I also took a photo while my grandfather talked to another great grandchild.

I took some photos on our way home on the ferry yesterday. Can you see how we are homesick a lot of times? :) It was a glorious day yesterday and today is almost even better!

This will be my monday post, since I cannot wait to get outside!

onsdag 16 april 2008

wonderful wednsday

it sure is a wonderful wednsday here! I am feeling happy and content with everything and that is huge for me :) LAst night I also made up my mind on losing those comfort kilos I have gain since last summer. It started out great with me being up super early this morning and went for a power walk! I just hope that it lasts :) I don´t know if you all know, but I joined Weight Watchers in 2005 and lost alot of weight doing that. You can read more here and see the change here. I just felt so good at that weight and now my goal is to go back there again. I have about 5 kilos to loose and since I have lost 13 once, 5 would be a easy, right?! :)

Another thing that makes me happy is that my scraping mojo has come back! And maybe it has to do with me rearranging the scrapping room a bit? I have some projects going on and will share soon. And there is so much eye candy out there at the moment. Here are some faves:

I love the colors on Annas lo.

Nora had a wonderfully inspirational post the other day, yum!

cool everyday layout makes me happy!

This happy layout also makes me smile.

I love the way Maria Grace journalled here.

And mrs Crowe made an awesome one here.

And some happy photos :)

Have a happy day!

måndag 14 april 2008

finally a proper creative post!

In the awesome book "The creative family" Amanda, the author, gave this cool tips on how to use your kids drawings for embroidery! Lovely idea, I think! So, as her grandmothers birthday is coming fast we made a little project together the other day. My daughter draw a picture on plain paper and then we transfered it to a pillow wrap. She had to sketch a little right on the cloth too. Then we used a sewing hoop and then she started sewing. It took a while and I did help out a little but we both love the end result! + we had so much fun during this project! Below you can see the process :)

We stayed home today, since the said daughter has had high fever the whole weekend and still had one today. She is chilling on the couch and in between fetching her what ever she need :) I had some time to scrap.

As we are home, we took advantage of that and took some fun photos :)

lördag 12 april 2008

SISter love

"I acctually envy those of you who have yet to scrap your Christmas or even Halloween pictures...I am so caught up I am litterally bored! :) I am sitting here just thinking and thinking of what to scrap. What do I want to remember right now? Any suggestions?"

This is what I posted on a SIS message board last night. I am so out of ideas, but my SISters picked me up with some lovely comments. You can read the thread here............
Are you back? Wasn´t it nice! I love that about that online community, it is an instant pick me up! The ideas that formed in my head after that chat were:

♥ a "who is your mom" scrapbook for my daughter, were I tell her about...well me :)

♥ a layout or 2 about the places were I have lived. I have moved about 17 times!!!

♥ a scrapbook about where we live now (on a small island). I thought I´d include some facts and then our favorite spots here etc.

Apart of that I have an idea for a minibook or possibly just a two-pager...i´ll let you know.

Since blogger apperently wont load any photos right now, I will leave you with the link to my flickr gallery :)

torsdag 10 april 2008

sorry, I have been a bad blogger...

♥ don´t judge me but I am so watching this :)

♥ it is that time of the year again, my girl is crazy on that trampoline :)

This blog entry made me think...

♥ what?!! I want to do one of these!!!

♥ I love this idea, and I might try it...

♥ Apperently I had a really good day the other day :)

♥ I love the look of this project, don´t you?

This layout makes me wanna scrap!

♥ This acctually made me cry yesterday.

ok, list is over :)

måndag 7 april 2008

...and the winners are...

...comments # 8 and 11! I had my husband say 2 numbers between 1-13 and those are what he chose :) So congratulations to Teres and Karoline!!! Email me your adress so I can send you some goodies :) (lisa.mrs@gmail.com)

I had some time to scrap, between TV watching and almost nonstop reading of The Creative Family...

To answer your question, Nadine; the book is so good! I am just dwelling in it and making notes everywhere! Immidiatley after flipping through it, I made room for some new crafting materials in my room just for my daughter to use. I don´t have room for a whole cabinet, but there are some shelves. And I don´t have room for another table here either, but she was happy on the floor :)

More on the book later, I have to run to work! Have a wonderful monday!

lördag 5 april 2008

post # 400

400 posts! Wow, that´s a whole lot of blogging, folks! I have a new favorite thing about blogging and that is to go back and see what I posted a year ago. It totally is a flashback on how I was feeling and what was going on! Last april I seemed to be pretty creative :) Just look at this post or this where I show bits and pieces from my life right then.
Blogging has been so much fun and it has had me addicted for some while. I am so happy that people are visiting me here and say so many nice things. Thank you very much! And I am so very happy for every blogging friend I have made so far and I am looking forward to more.
So, to celebrate that + the 400 posts I am having a RAK party! Yep! Leave me a comment by sunday noon (US west coast time) and I will draw 2 lucky winners of a goodie RAK package each. Have fun!

torsdag 3 april 2008

ok, so I have scrapped some again :) Remember the sneak peeks the other day?

On this first one I used my typewriter again! I ♥ that machine :) I typed a swedish songs lyrics, they are about how we shouldn´t long to be older that time will come soon enough. My daughter is in that age where she wants to be older, then yet again she wants to get babied too...

And me and my husband in Paris...ah... :)

I made a quick one about me in the Louvre. I ♥ the Louvre :) I still have to add journaling. The photo can be turned down so that the journaling will be hidden there. I was thinking something like this scroll down to the 3rd layout...

I wanted to use these lovey dovey photos of us. And i am happy with the result. For you swedish chicks the stickers and the little card can be bought at Åhlens :)

Yesterday I finally got my copy of The creative family by Amanda SouleSoule mama

I am sure you have heard about her lovely blog before and if not please make a visit. She is one of my favorite creative women! The book is so wonderful and packed with lovely tips for a more creative familylife. Craft with your kids, new traditions and family routines. I couldn´t put the book down and I immidiatly marked tons of ideas. I will tell you more an other day, because i have to go for now. But be sure to be back soon, because the next post is my 400 one and I will have a RAK party!