söndag 29 juli 2007

sunday faves + RAK winners

i have found some really cool photos over at flickr the last cuple of days. I made an other mosiac and this time of my favorite photos right now.

1. cosmos, 2. trailing verbena, 3. lunch*tray*lovin, 4. rainy*day*love, 5. mar307, 6. mar607, 7. bedskirt, 8. P1040407.JPG, 9. family art : inspiration, 10. more books, 11. farmers market strawberries, 12. wake*up, 13. for baby, 14. dahlias, 15. everday, 16. Artlines, 17. Buttons, 18. fleamarket finds, 19. studio 2, 20. fruit, 21. Satisfy Your (Ribbon) Craving, 22. MyFavoriteThings, 23. Untitled, 24. ....

I also choose not only one, but TWO RAK winners! Yay! Drumroll please....the winners are Anilu and bunno!!! Yay, Anilu and Melanie! Please email me (lisa.mrs@gmail.com) your adresses if you want me to send you some goodies! Happy day!

The other night I was putting some of my newest scrapbook layouts in albums. I took some photos of my album system. Someone emailed me questioning my method. I recently switched from cronical albums i.e i just put every layout after each other just as i made them. Now I changed to have albums for me, me and my husband, my daughter, the pets and one for other people we love. It has worked out really well. especially since i usually take my albums with me to show my mother or so, and now i only bring the ones she would be especially interested in. My album, which i am showing below, consists of 3 different sizes; 8,5*11 (my usual size), 6*12 (my new love) and 4*6 (which is perfect for just pretty photos or other smaller things that i just want to be in the album). I love the layered look.

Finally i am leaving you with my cute daughter...

lördag 28 juli 2007


wow cool that you all commented :) I am closing the comments on the RAK post below now. So, now i have to come up with a cool way to choose who will get a little package from moi! This is fun. I started to pick a few things for the package and it is going to be a little of this and that.

Today was a good day. we took a little roadtrip with my dad to a town nearby to do our monthly food shopping. Well, the food shopping isn´t that fun, but they have a store right next to it with some arts and craft things = Lisa happy! I got some paint, that´s all but it´s fun to look. When we got home my dear husband treated me to dinner at a local resturant. sweet :)

So, now i am here just blogging and checking message boards and other fun stuff. I miss last weekend when SIS had some of the greatest challenges that was so inspiring. I wish they could have another weekend like that.

ok, here is a little list of cool stuff I have found during my "blog-walk":

Sarah is just such a cool thinker. Me and my husband seriously had the discussion on down sizeing and decluttering during our recent vacation. Sarah speaks about that alot on her blog and she and her family has just recently bought a RV and are travelling the country. How cool is that!
"In the Summer of 2005, we were staying in a hotel for 4 weeks for business. We had a small suite that had a bedroom and a little kitchen. I realized while we were there that I was EXTREMELY HAPPY living in a smaller space. I liked knowing where Bella was at all times without searching. I liked that cleaning up only took a few minutes instead of an entire afternoon. It just clicked."
and I love this about decluttering:
>"The state of your home is in direct proportion to the state of your heart/mind. When you have piles of stuff all over your house, your spirit just gets bogged down with all of it whether you know it or not. When you don’t have to worry about moving your STUFF around, cleaning your STUFF, and storing your STUFF…you have a lot more time to spend doing things things that you love and spending time with your family and friends! And that’s what life is all about."

It so makes sense to me.

Miss "hyperstarre" Caroline is one of my faves over at SIS and just looking through her blog makes me happy. She is really an outstanding scrapbooker and is always inspiring me in different ways. And she is an awesome photographer too :) Go check her blog for some yummy layouts!

I love Cheryls latest blog entry. Just go read it and you will understand. And by the way, I love that lo too!

Emma have made a clear album tutorial that is just so good. Today she is showing us page 10 of the album and letting us in on a very personal tragedy.

Carl Honoré is "still dashing around telling everyone how marvelous it is to slow down." :) I love that! But I love it even more that he is writing his new book on childhood in the 21 century. That will be very interesting. If you don´t know what I am talking about I have blogged it here.

I am leaving you with this...my wall a few nights ago...

fredag 27 juli 2007


horray! my flickr gallery has been viewed 300 times as of right now! I am a big fan of celebration, so... i am having a little RAK give away. Leave a comment and we´ll see who gets it! Come celebrate with me! Good luck! :)

A mosiac from one of my flick sets.

torsdag 26 juli 2007

creating stuff

ok, so i acctually did create something yesterday. First I "created" some newely cut grass :) That is my job here (ontop of alot of other things!) since my husband is allergic to grass. How convinient isn´t it?! :) But I like it, i see it as some alone time with my MP3 and it is tecnically exercise :)
I also scouted a new scrapbook table. You remember I got a new one not long ago, but I realized that it was not tall enough so that i could stand and scrap. Alas i got a taller one. I love it! It is such another thing to stand and create. I like it alot!
Then I started the fun things! I scrapped some things, a few photos from our trip, I still have about a hundred :) But I did feel that i wasn´t really feeling it, you know. I wanted to doodle and paint largely. So I picked out my journal and played with that for a while. You can see one page here.
After that I laid on the floor for a while just looking around and finally got up newely inspired. The first layout i did was this one:

While laying on the floor I got to see my paper bags I haven´t been using for a good while. Volia! I made my printer a little upset with this one, but I hugged it and then it acctually printed the journaling ontop and the stars too.

I was out looking for new fonts on the internet and found a few ones. Mostly dingbat ones which are really versitile. I made this patterned paper myself in the PC using one of those dingbat fonts.

I know that I have scrapped this photo before, but I wanted to scrap the feeling it gives me. I love that we are interacting and are in focus.

The other day I did this one. I love how it turned out!

ok, so I am thinking of maybe possibly opening an online store where I will sell stuff I make myself. I need your help on that. Please make a little vote in the sidebar. You have about a week. Thank you!

Edited: I have changed the answers choices in the poll so if you have already voted please do it again! Thank you.

tisdag 24 juli 2007

another rainy day

seriously i NEED some sun soon or else my freakin´depression is never going to end!!!

Have you check out my "wreck this journal blog" lately? Do, it is fun...i think :) and my friend Inge too :) Especially the last 2 posts are fun! I am uploading new pages about every other day and it is fun to share them with my friend and the world if you want!

Went into town today to the library. Yay for library day! I have read all my books from last time; another Agatha Christie (not my favorite at all, but I just had to finish it, you know), a Michael Connelly book about his Harry Bosch called Fallen angel ( I think that Michaels books about Harry Bosch gets better and better) and a few books on meditation and relaxation. This time I picked up an earlier copy of the Harry Bosch series called The black echo (we´ll see about that one) and a book by a swedish author called Camilla Läckberg she also writes police/thriller books (do you detect a pattern? :) ), I also got a CD book by Nora Roberts (not my favorite author by far but it got me interested). The library had a exhibition about spanish speaking authors. As it seems they had a "boom" in authors writing about spanish and hispanic history lately. I have always been very curious about those countries and i acctually took spanish class for a brief period of my life. I can proudly order beer (although I don´t dring beer) and icecream (which I like very much!) and a few other useful terms :) Anyway!, I picked up a copy of the José Saramago (nobelprize recipient 1998) from Porugal. "Ensaio sobre a Lucidez" is the original title but I can´t seem to find the english title. I see this one as a challenge for me.
Sorry, blah blah :) I love the libray, and I am proud of it! :)

Since I have been in town all day I have not yet been able to create anything today, but tomorrow...i´ll be back with more Lisa wiz :)

I am leaving you with a cool photo I ran through a LOMO action. You can find that here! it is cool, go try it!

måndag 23 juli 2007


edited: oh, i didn´t realzie what crappy picture that was. :) To clearify, I won one of the challenges over at SIS! Yay me! The challenge was to use cirlces and you know how i love circles :)

monday oh rainy monday

where is the summer? can someone tell me? someone stole our summer!!! please mr or mrs Summerstealer if you have a ransome i will gladly pay that so that we can have our summer back...

oh, well. rainy days are perfect for cozy times in the sofa with some coffee and a good book. to bad library day is tomorrow and i have read all my books already :( rainy days can also be spend crafting! i can do that! i will do that :) suziebeezie had some great craft ideas that she found on the martha site. i think i will try to do some of those.

i just want to share a few photos that i took while we were at the Dala-horse place.(you can read a little more here)

i love all these colors. and that craftmanship amazes me. think that they make everyone by hand! wow! and below you can see the whole process from the cutting to the finished horse!

they had craft tables and boy was i up for some arts and crafts!

söndag 22 juli 2007

lazy sunday afternoon

ah, how I love lazy days. My husband is freaking out since he has to go back to work tomorrow so he is sulking around. We sat out in the garden and had some fun with the camera :) Oh, ok I had some fun with the camera :) LOL!

Today when i woke up, had my coffee sitting infront of the computer and eating breafast (yes I do that!)(by the way this is what was looking at me while I was sitting here eating breakfast! I love her so much, but at that moment she loved my sandwhiches more :) anyway I just popped in to the "wreck blog" and I realized that my good friend Inge had finally figured out how to post there too. (blogger has had some great issues that last days let me tell you!) I am so happy that we are doing this together! If anyone else wants to play email me and I will send out an invitation! We are just going to share our pages with eachother and well, the world if they want to!

Linda: I love "Wreck this journal" beacuse it is really fun. I have lost that ability to jot and scribble as I did so much during high school and that book is so cool for that. The author writes that sometimes you are going to wonder about a few of the things that you are suppose to do with the journal, and it is very much so. But once you wrecked one page or maybe two you realize that it is really just geting better and better. I recommend it highly!

I am off to scrap a few more of the vacation photos and a few new ones from today! I thnk I will have to try more of those 6*12 pages. They are so much fun!
oh, before you go check out this sweet lo!

lördag 21 juli 2007

fun challenges

There are some fun challenges going on over at SIS. Come on over and play! I did 3 already!

This first one was for a circle challenge. And I love circles!

The second was a 1234 challenge: 1 page, 2 photos 3 patterned papers and 4 embellishments. Also the page was suppose to be about great friends!

The third was a challenge to use clear stuff. And that was a challenge for me because I rarely use overlays and such. But I like it! Oh, and the page is about how my daughter said: Mom you are so embarrasing! for the first time! Haha!

I am heading over there again. There are a few more challenges I´d like to do :)

fredag 20 juli 2007

ok so lets get started!

I have acctually found some time to scrap today between loads of laundry and cutting the grass. So here I go!

This layout is about a fabulous café we went to in one of the little towns we stayed in. They had SO many cakes and cookies to choose from OMG! It was so worth the 20 minute wait to get a table. I acctually made this layout up in my head sitting there in the café :)

The next one is totally about my new found love for hiking and the amazing mountains. I just love these big stones where people had left smaller stones as a mark that they had been there.

And I had to do one about the reindeers :) They were literally right there at the parking lot just walking through :)

And finally the last one for today. We lived in a few really cute cottages during the trip!

As a few of you know I bought Keri Smiths "wreck this journal" before I left and I have decided to create a blog for my work in that book. You can find it in the links section on the left! Come by!

torsdag 19 juli 2007

we are home!

So, we are all home safe and happy. I will just leave you with my top 5 of the trip!

1. Being with family. By that I mean really being with them. You know talking, laughing playing board games and cards, no TV or radio to distract. That really made me happy! Living in a small cabin means sleeping in the same room every night, chatting together until late hours. Telling stories from past times...

2. Nature. We have drived well over 1000kms. We live in a very long country which means that we didn´t even hit the very north of Sweden. But we have seen some awesome acts of Mother nature. Incredible mountains, tight forests and lakes mirror clear. The contrast, the colors, wild animals just walking by. Just imagien a reindeers just walking by on the parking lot! So cool! And just being able to walk and be in nature as you please to take part of it´s greatness always brings me happiness!

3. Funny places and signs. When we drove through the country we saw all sorts of funny street names, signs abd names of places. They aren´t funny to translate :) But the fact that the entire north of Sweden seems to only eat pizza and kebab is funny to me! Everywhere we came there always were signs of PIZZA! KEBAB! :) But the funniest was "We serve pizza, kebab and food!

4. The mountains. They are so wonderful that they deserve an own # on my list! I could totally see myself living by the mountains. They are truly magnificent! To hike them was such an amazing feeling. The feeling of complete freedome. Just what I needed.

5. Culture. To see swedish culture places and famous places . Though I have lived in this country for 28,5 years I have never been to so many of these places before. The biggest thing for me was to visit the village where they make Dala-horses Incredible works of art and craft! Every piece is hand carved and then they paint every single one by hand! They also had craft tables where you could paint your own piece!

Ok, this is it for now, but I will be back soon with some photos and hopefully some layouts!

måndag 16 juli 2007

mountain mail

hey, guys! I am just stopping by to say hi! we are well and refreshed by the fresh air here in the mountains.
I have lot´s to share and will do that when we get home thursday! Have a great week!

onsdag 11 juli 2007



so we are leaving for vacation tomorrow morning...don´t forget me...please! :) I will be back in a week! Think of me while i am hiking on swedish mountains.

tisdag 10 juli 2007

Awesome mail day!

I woke up to a mail box full of these! It is the package from the wonderful Suzanne with her gorgeous CJ in it. I can´t wait to work in it, though I am afraid that I am going to ruin the whole thing :)

I also recived my order from Scrapit.se a very good and affordable online scrapbookstore here in Sweden. These goodies might come in hand when I work in the CJ and on layouts from my upcoming vacation!
And I also got my order from adlibris where I bought Keri Smiths "Wreck this journal" . INGE! Go out and buy this book today!!! It is an order! I have always loved the feeling of a really used journal,but not quite gotten the feel of my own journals. OMG this book is so cool. It is paperback and you do all the journaling and things like, "rub a smell here" or "paste white things here" right IN the book. If you love journaling and such you have to see this book. It is perfect for my vacation since we are sitting in the car for hours.
In addition to these packages I also got my copy of the latest Scrapbooks etc. which is always a happy day for me. I was happy to see that there was an article ablout vacations too. Perfect.

söndag 8 juli 2007


Some lazy Sunday blogging over here. How was your day yesterday? 070707 and all.

I played with some aquarelle pencils yesterday. I took Emilys advise and just use my saliva to smudged out the paint. I know it sounds really yucky but please, it is just saliva :) I just played and this is the result, just experimenting. I am going to take my pencils and my new Moleskine aquarelle book on our little roadtrip we are taking from next Friday. If there are some results worth showing I will when I return.
Talking about the roadtrip you can see where we are going here and here. My MIL and FIL always go up to the mountains to hike each summer and this year we are going with them. Yay! They have rented cottages for us and we are all so excited to go. Sweden is such a beautiful country and it is really fun to explore your own country instead of going abroad. I am sure there will be lot´s of photos taken during this trip. And for a change I will let someone else hold the camera too, so that I actually will be in one or two myself.

I went over checking the usual blogs yesterday and found this one going from this one. Anyway, the first one had a really interesting link to the bloggers son that have been on a trip to learn more about the things he is an activist for. The link is to his flickr album where he posted some really nice pictures from his trip. If you have a few minutes over, take a look.

I took this photo of “my world” yesterday. I like it. But you should see the 10 I took before haha. To take a photo of 2 goofballs and 2 dogs is really interesting I tell ya´. I scrapped it here.

lördag 7 juli 2007

happy saturday

oh, I am excited because my husband finally started his holiday leave today! Yay! We are going to do only fun stuff the time he has home. Today we are going to a gallery opening where a friend of ours is having an exhibit. She works as a seamstress and make-up artist at a theater. It´s going to be interesting to see her work close up. The weather isn´t the most fun, but that is ok, we can du fun stuff in the house.
Yesterday night I sat where I am sitting right now and just glanced over to my left and saw this:

My daughter is the master of mess and play. She is really all about animals and has always been. She puts them up in rows and play and play for hours. I snapped a photo and scrapped it right away.

It took some inspiration from this layout by a fellow swedish scrapper. She is very colorful and a happy scrapper. Check her gallery out!

i am off to dress and go check the gallery and then...who knows :)

edited: Check this masks out. They were very cool! And a really good exhibition, it made me feel good afterwards. I think I might have to go back for a second look.

torsdag 5 juli 2007

i totally made a book!

I did! I took some scrap paper (that happened to be lined but you can use any kind you like) and trimmed down to the size i wanted. Then I took and printed 5 photos and used them as page deviders. I pinned everything together nice and even and glued ( i used something like mod podge) on the top where I wanted the binding to be and let dry and repeated 3 times. A little this and a little that and VOILA! My own hand made book! Awesome right! I am going to use it as my note book for all sortsof things. I came up with the idea to create my own note book the other night, but I was going to use something pree made and just alter it, but this was so much fun! Go make one! Go!

onsdag 4 juli 2007

fickr goodies

Miss Suzanne over at Suziebeezieland had a few tips on what you can do over at flickr.com One was to make a cute mosaic from your photos or from your favorites. Well, I have always been thinking that it would be cool to make one, because they always look so good. So here I go, these are my favorites from when i started exploring flickr.

and if everything is working ok this is a few of Suzannes favorites:

You can totally get lost for hours at flickr just going from one photo to an other to an other...

måndag 2 juli 2007

So, i am back from living life over the weekend! As many times before we went to visit family in Gothenburg. It is always very relaxing and include GOOD food and GREAT shopping! My mother in law have had a hard time lately and was feeling a little blue, so me and my daughter took her out on the town for some shopping on Saturday. We went to lots of craft stores and can you belive we hit only the ones with big sales! Yay! I got some bargain papers, stickers and 4 really cool stamps. I will share some projects too.
Sunday me and my father in law took the dogs out to walk in an area called “Paradise” Isn´t that sweet?! It was like paradise too! Just look at this yummy blueberries :)

During my shopping spree I picked up a few magazines. Among others I bought “Adorn magazine” which I had never bought before. Have you ever seen it? It is all about crafts and other fun projects. There where a few cool links to blogs and other sites. I especially liked this one about Reconstruction Wardrobe. Doesn´t that sound like fun?! Check it out.
The other day I also found this blog. The thrift store project is so much fun for people like me who LOVES to go to thrift stores and garage sales. Lot´s of cool finds there.

Ok, here are some of my latest productions. Ofcourse i had to do one about the walk in "paradise" :)

I took this photo of my daughter down by the harbour the other day and I think it came out really cool. So, i tried on some doodeling. It was lot´s of fun! The big journaling says yes: aj lav jo = I love you!

My husband snapped this photo of me and my daughter on the ferry and I love it so much. I used one of my new stamps on this. Isn´t it cool?!

Well, that is all for now folks.