tisdag 5 oktober 2010

post #3 friendly reminers

ok, today are all about friendly reminders :)
if you have read my blog for a while, you wuld know that i like to leave small bits of paper behind. no, not to litter silly! i leave small bits of paper with messages on them for whoever finds them :) fun, eh?!
well, i thought why not do something fun and at the same time use the fun time for something important as well. so i have created little reminders in a pdf format for you to use as much as you want!
download your rak reminders :)

just cut them up and leave them in a dressing room, pubic rest room, in a book at the library, at a public phone etc.
just think, you could save someones life with that small piece of paper!

i am generally in a giving mood, so i have also created a image that you can send as a part of an email.
just right click the image below and save it. then when you want to send a friendly reminder to someone you love, just be sure to add the image to the email! voila!

and here is a swedish version too!

today, i want to also fix you up with a link to do a quick donation to the pink ribbon!
just go here and donate what ever you can!
for swedish donations you go here!

goooo pink!

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