måndag 28 februari 2011

a list of want-to-do´s :)

Alissa Fast inspired minibook of 28 days of love

I am going to do some more of these cool hoops! And here are so many lovely ones to be inspired by!

Amy Tangerine is such an inspiration to me with her travel scrapbooks!

I would love to make these prayer wish flags with my family!

This photo holder is just so cute!

Jen Jockish made this perfect embellished monogram that is so doable!

Equally perfect use of photobooth photos on her scrapbook page!

Hm...I think I will make this list a craft to-do list for march ♥

söndag 27 februari 2011

the simple things # 16

i am going with this photo of pure excitement and love from when my daughter did my birthday breakfast!

Scrapbooking yourself {day 3} from Write Click Scrapbook

Welcome to day three! Today we are going to focus on the everyday things in life that you would like to remember.
During my 30th year on this earth, I made many "30" lists as I called them. My favorite type of "30 list" are the ones I made listing 30 things I wanted to remember about right then. And, yes, 30 things can be a lot to come up with, but I love that it made me really think about smaller things in life too. Of course you are free to list as many or as few things as you please, but I urge you to really think about the stuff that you put on your list.

In November of that year these were the things I wanted to remember about right then: that I had trouble concentrating, that I longed for Christmas, that love can be intoxicating, that breakfasts at the computer are yum, that fresh air can sometimes feel magical... See, not your typical list maybe?

I see it as a snapshot of then and there! I love that!

I have also done pages titled “right now” which are also bits of life, a time capsule if you like!

To make it easier on this layout, I used a list; right now I read, I eat, I drink, I love, I hate, I watch, I wish, I feel, I listen to, I want, I plan, I think. Go ahead, make your own!

Amy also did a currents page using pre made phrases.

Our own Celeste Smith shares this cute page about what she loved right now (then!). Easy enough, right?!

Ally listed 45 thought on being 45! An awesome way to use the right now theme. And what a treasure to have later in life!

Here I quickly shared my daily stops on internet.

Christy has such a cute "right now" page!

There are so many other things that you can record about how your everyday life looks like right now. For example:

What you do when the kids are at school, if you are a SAHM.
When you have a free day, what do you do?
Describe a typical morning, but focus on you, not the kids.
Your night ritual.
What are the emails about that you get on an ordinary day.
Are there any TV shows you watch everyday?

Well the list can go on really.

I hope that you will join us tomorrow! It´s giveaway day!

Lisa ♥

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lördag 26 februari 2011

Scrapbooking yourself {day 4} from Write Click Scrapbook

Hi there! Today I am going to talk a bit about scrapbooking both the good and the bad. This far we have focused more on the fun and happier things in life, but we all know that we are not always on top of the world. And I have found that it is equally important to record how "real" life can be. On my blog I have shared scrapbooking layouts about my feelings about infertility and sickness and I love that they are there in my albums!

Late last summer I had a cancer scare and this is a layout I did in the midst of it all. It helped me a whole lot at the time; to get the story down and the creative time I had while I put it together. You can go here to read more about it.

Here is another layout where I share my love for my garden and how it has helped me during my depression.

Nancy shares her thoughts on being or becoming brave.

Sometimes we need reminders or as I call them Notes to self!

A note to myself to let go and be more free!

and to just live life!

This is Francine Cloudens take on the Note to self theme.I got my drivers licence just almost 2 years ago and my gosh was I proud of myself! Of course that is going in the album!

I am pretty sure people who looks through your albums will treasure honest pages like these. And if you do feel uncomfortable having them in the family album, just have them in a private one that you only share with your closest.

It is also fun to include pages that celebrates you! Like this one I did about having self confidence, which is awesome!


And the feelings I had at the time when I made this layout about the thoughts on body changes after childbirth...

It can also be small things, but big accomplishments! I had tried over and over for a very long time to make an origami crane. I finally did it!

But the most difficult page I have done, I think, is this one where I listed things that I am good at. Let me tell you that it wasn´t easy coming up with anything :)

ok, these are a few examples of good and not so good things that you can include when you scrapbook yourself. Now go ahead and think about the things you can include in the scrapbooks about yourself...

Lisa ♥

Ps.As always don´t forget to share your pages/projects in the flickr group!

Ps. Wasn´t that an awesome giveaway yesterday! YAY to the winners!

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torsdag 24 februari 2011

scrapbook yourself {day 2} from Write Click Scrapbook

this was my second post on my hosting week at Write Click Scrapbook. enjoy!

Hi there! I am glad that I didn´t scare you off with my topic yesterday :) Let´s get started, eh!

One easy way to get started with scrapbooking yourself is to use the good old list method. Yes, list things about yourself! You can really go any way here, but from experience I know that it is far easier to list happy and lovable things rather than negative things. So, let´s go the happy way , shall we?! Go ahead and list things that bring you joy and comfort! Here are a few examples:

Here I have listed stuff I love, for example: good movies and love, vanilla scent and crisp sheets, calenders and photography, to laugh with children. I just let my mind roll and wrote down whatever came to mind.

25 things I never get tired of, for example: romantic comedies, happy mail, fresh air, eating chocolate, going to the library.

You know those tag clouds on blogs? Well, they can also be called categories, right? Well, one day I decided to make one about me; my life categories: everyday, depression, travels, kids, shopping, lists.

Bethany Crowell made a page listing 10 things that makes her happy. Such a fun page

Lisa has listed things she loves, a lovely way to share things about herself.

Wow! Marnie shares a whopping 60 of her favorite things on ONE layout!

Just as a bit of help here is a pdf download I made with a list of things that you can list :)

Lisa ♥

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onsdag 23 februari 2011

scrapbooking yourself day 1 ~ from write click scrapbook

i have been enjoying myself with all the sweet comments on my first posts at Write.Click.Scrapbook :) it is so much fun! today is my third post!

i am sharing the first post right here, right now :)

Hi there! This is my very first hosting week here at Write. Click. Scrapbook. and I am so excited and nervous :) Anyway, here we go!

When I had picked out my week to host the blog I first decided on another topic, as I thought that would be easiest to me. But when I was going through my albums to find layouts to share, I noticed that I have quite a few layouts that are about me. Hm...I thought about it and decided on switching topics, so my week will be all about you! Because, honestly where are you in all of your family scrapbooks? I know many people that barely has one layout that describes the life that is lived by you, not you and your husband or kids, but just about you!

I am a person that thinks a lot about what other people might think or say, so my very first thought was gosh, do these many layouts make me egotistic? ! But then I said to myself that ok, I am egotistic if by that you mean that I want to record what kind of person I am for my daughter. Because I think it super important that she will be able to see who I was when I was younger, what I liked or what my quirks were. I know that many people lose themselves in the scrapbooking process, especially when the kids enter your life! But I am here to help you to add a bit of yourself to those precious albums!

First I just want to tell you about why I think that it is so important to scrapbook myself. I do it as a creative outlet, but mainly for my daughter. I myself, would love to know how my mother felt and thought when she was my age. What did she focus on and what brought her joy. I could ask her, but if her memory is anything like mine (and it is!) she´ll just remember the big events, and I firmly believe in recording small and everyday stuff!

I actually took parts of this post and used on my layout! I love that it is easy to use already written words to make a quick layout.

Our own Francine Clouden shares a page about her challenge to include herself in photos!

I also wanted to share a few layouts that are about you in different ways.

This one is about my nickname; Darling :) My sister used to sing me Oh my darling clementine when I was younger and it stuck. To this day all my family calls me Darling from grandmothers to brother-in-law :)

Amy Sorensen shares a page about her love of the outdoors.

Marnie Flores shares her quirks. Come on we all have them :)

I named my quirks layout, "I like it like that!"

Here our own Celeste Smith shares her hilarious food quirks!

Caroline Ikeij helps out sharing 12 things people should know about her!

Amy shares her toe knuckle talents :)

Ok, take some time to digest that you are actually going to be recorded :) and join me tomorrow when I give you some tips on how to get started!

Lisa ♥

ps. If this post sparks your creativity and you end up with a project, please share in the flickr group!

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tisdag 22 februari 2011

virtual coffee ~ story edition

welcome to this weeks virtual coffee! i am happy to have you here on my birthday ♥
today i am doing an all photo coffee to celebrate my day! i hope that you´ll enjoy some yummy cake with me today :) 

the scene i woke up too!

a tradition, we don´t get cake in the morning but candles on our sandwiches :)

these are so beautiful they made me cry.

snow on my birthday, just like 32 years ago ♥

(the story overlays are courtesy of cathy zielske)


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måndag 21 februari 2011

join me on write.click.scrapbook!

today marks the beginning of my very first blog hosting week over at Write.Click.Scrapbook!
Yay! I hope that you will join me on a journey that is all about scrapbooking yourself!

i have some really cute layouts to share, both mine and awesome guests, including Francine Clouden, Amy Sorensen and Celeste Smith!

see you there!

söndag 20 februari 2011

the simple things #15

this week i am going with this photo of me and my niece (same niece as last week!). this is how i usually spend my time during family gatherings; on the floor with the kids :)
this time it was my husbands and my birthday celebration on saturday.

thank you, rebecca for hosting this every week and thank you for a fun week on the write.click.scrapbook blog!