torsdag 30 augusti 2012

52 photos in 52 weeks 2012 | roundup post & a giveaway!

finally i am back with an update on the 52 photos in 52 weeks project! i thought i´d just share my photos from week 25 until week 32 today. the summer has made the group a bit slow and i am totally getting that since i have been a bit slow myself :)

week 25 nature

week 26 message "amor vincit omnia"

week 27 dinner

week 28 sky (this is what i call a halleluja sky!)

week 29 little

week 30 face (real, raw face)

week 31 breathe (my time to breathe)

week 32 low 

please consider to join the 52 photos Facebook group, we have found that communication is so much easier and faster there!

i am giving away a wonderful photography E-book by Rebecca Cooper! It is an Ella Publishing pdf book that Cathy Zielske designed. 

40 Top Tips for Better Photos: Simple suggestions for stunning photographs cover (by Rebecca Cooper) 

40 top tips for better photos by Rebecca Cooper

if you want to be in the giveaway, please share this post on Facebook and/or Twitter and leave a comment! I will draw a winner on Thursday September 6th!

tisdag 28 augusti 2012

Project Life | week 34

here is week 34.

i need to add journaling to the first photo (i totally forgot!) about the night before first day of junior high school. 
second pocket has the story of the first day of school and out parent teacher talk.
the weather was crazy this week; first gorgeous sunshine and then it rained cats and dogs! but the kids at work had an awesome time playing in the rain!
the fourth photo is one i took while out in the backyard when i felt low and looking for something to sooth my soul.

my daughter had a picnic on sunday so she baked her special muffins :) she did a blog post where she took all these in process photos, so i just stole them from her blog :)
2 new craft publications came out this week and well, that is happiness in my book!
sunday we just puttered around at home and took a walk with the dogs. just a normal sunday at our house.

next week will include a 13th birthday, a trip to the amusement park and a move. fun times.

måndag 27 augusti 2012

WCS | September gallery sneak peek

September 1st is coming sooner than you think and on that day the new gallery will be revealed! here is just a sneak peek at my page.

until then, you should really check out the gallery walk post from this past saturday, trust me!

have a great monday!

lördag 25 augusti 2012

Re-scrap 2012 | August - the pages

I have actually finished my pages for my Re-scrap project for August! Let´s just get going to them pages!

Here is my older page

And here is my new page. As you see i was inspired by the strips of paper and one photo. 

The page is about Myrra, my in-laws dog that has been with "us" for 11 years. She is getting old now, but she is always such a sweetheart! 

older page

The new page! I love that size and I have said it before. I actually just made the pattern on the background paper with my grey pen. I like it. 

Photo of me on the beach getting my crochet on :) 

Older page

As the the older page, this is also a "right now" layout where I just jot down what is up with each of us right now.

I am in love with this layout! 

I am so happy that I have this project, because none of these would have been completed this month if I didn´t have the inspiration pages! Yay!

onsdag 22 augusti 2012

WCS | Summertime post #3

Summer daily
My last (for this year) summertime blog post is up at the WCS blog today! I share an easy way to make a little minibook using a page protector. go check it out!

tisdag 21 augusti 2012

Project Life | week 33

ok, my 33rd week of Project Life is done.

this weeks stories:

i have read about Ubuntu before and i saw a great quote by Desmond Tutu this week that i wanted to keep.

One of the sayings in our country is Ubuntu – the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can't exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness. You can't be human all by yourself, and when you have this quality – Ubuntu – you are known for your generosity. We think of ourselves far too frequently as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole World. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity

we have had really nice weather.

my inlaws came to visit with their dogs.

my daughters biological father is getting remarried in september and they both visited on sunday, to visit and to order a dress for my daughter. 

alot of visits to the stables.

and a great post on zenhabits. (go and read it!)

super simple week.

måndag 20 augusti 2012

Inspiration | books

I have been enjoying Tracey Clarks books Elevate the everyday and Expressive photography . I am saving quotes from the books that just hits my heart when it comes to taking pictures of our lives. 
I was also happy to hear her on the latest Paperclipping roundtable. It was an awesome episode! I was nodding my head the whole time :)

here are a few of the quotes i have from the books (i have only read a few chapters yet!):

"There are certain moments in time when you can feel the intensity of Mother Nature - the weight of her breath and the boom in her voice." 
Stephanie C Roberts (Elevate the everyday)

"The stories of our lives can´t be squeaky clean all the time and neither should our photographs." 
Tracey Clark (Expressive Photography)

"A photographer´s eye is trained to look for the details, however small, that transform an image from a mere snapshot into a treasured keepsake."
Tracey Clark (Expressive photography)

fredag 17 augusti 2012

Take Twelve | August - the page

i took photos of all the technology we used on that day. and i already saw this layout in my head. i actually made 3 mosaics on picmonkey and printed them out. that was an easy way to make sure the squares are evenly large. 

i used black and white for this layout. i wasn´t at first, but then when i had attached the photos it was just the way to go. 

i can´t believe that this is the 8th month of doing this project!

don´t forget to check out the rest of the teams pages!

onsdag 15 augusti 2012

Celebrating 13 | signed sealed...

here they are. the cards in their envelopes. i love that little pile. as of yesterday they are of out in the world to some of you!