torsdag 28 mars 2013

Easter crafts | Sharpie eggs

I had fun with just a black sharpie pen and white eggs the other day! They are not at all like the beautiful ones that Alisa does, but I like them all the same :)

It is fun to just doodle! And wouldn´t you love to see one of these when you open your fridge?!

onsdag 27 mars 2013

Easter crafts | Decopage eggs

I saw this  Easter egg makeover and loved the clean look! 

I thrifted these regular Easter eggs for a buck. 

I did it a bit reverse to the inspiration, so I used newpapers and regular mod podge and went to town!

To finish it of I added tissue paper shaped as hearts in different colors. Fun, fast and simple!

tisdag 26 mars 2013

Project life 2013 | Week 12

Week 12. I used products from the digital Kraft edition I bought from Acdigitals. I was so happy when I saw ut was available so I bought them all :)

Another normal week around here. Monday morning was...monday morning ;) I hurt my hand pretty badly while walking Melvin (it is much better now!) and I thought that I had broken it. I have never had a broken bone and it turns out I am still un-broken ;)

My sister send me the cutest picture of my nephew and my new love caught a great sunset. 

This is the first text message I saved in this spread. This one was from my sister asking if we could have a little crafting meet up...uhm, yes!

I have one insert this week. I highlighted a story about how the other pets are picking on miss Sally. The page protector is a A5 size with just 2 pockets. It is perfect when I need to add an extra photo or...4 :)

The second highlight was one about how my daughter is thriving at the stables with the horses. 

The second page holds a text message from my daughter as she squeals that one of the One Direction boys re-tweeted her! I was at work giggling at her :)

The three last pockets holds stories from the weekend; thrifting, running errands, walking in the sunshine, shutting of the lights during Earth hour...

And that is week 12.

Easter crafts | Paper egg ornaments

Here is another egg ornament idea. This one came from here! Go to link for a printable template and a super good description! 

I used some of my favorite scrap papers for these eggs!

They are very easy to do and kids can do them too!

måndag 25 mars 2013

WCS | Mini Madness with Cocoa Daisy

We are having March Mini Madness over at WCS this month and this week we are showing you what we have done with the March kit from Cocoa Daisy. I loved the kit and I am sharing my minialbum today!

Easter crafts | Salt dough egg ornaments

I thought I would share a few Easter inspired crafts during the week. I hope that you can be inspired to make some of them alone or with your kids! 

I made these egg ornaments with salt dough

1 dl salt
2 dl flour
1 dl water

Cut out egg shapes using a cookie cutter or a paper shape. 

Make holes using a straw (super easy!) and let them dry over night. 

Then paint them! i painted mine with a gold color and added some aqua dots. Kids can be creative here and make the eggs really colorful and fun!

I hung them on the branches we always pick before easter. 

Go make some salt dough and have fun!

onsdag 20 mars 2013

One little word | Being brave

I haven´t blogged about my word of the year, brave, in a good while. I thought that I would try and recap the last months and how my word has interacted.

When I first chose the word my life was upside down and I was sad and unsure of the future. You can read more about that here. These last couple of months has changed my life.
I have been thinking alot about this, and I was devestated when my husband left me and it felt like apart of me had died. But now I know why I was so sad; I was mourning the fact that we hadn´t been able to make it. I don´t regret the 12 years we spend together, but I wasn´t mourning the person (i.e my husband) I was mourning what we had had.
It was clear to me when I started dating so shortly after everything. The love that we have had for eachother had become a love of something safe and taken for granted and more like between best friends perhaps. But as this new guy stepped into my life (by chance) I found that my heart was completely open.

Pinned Image

During the time when I started dating my new love, I was being very brave for my daughter. She has had big issues with what have been going on. So my focus of being brave have definitely been shifted from me being brave for me (to survive and go on) to making the transition into this new life easier for her. We have talked and talked and cried and cried. She was (and is) mourning a father that isn´t in her life as before. She was sad for me also.

I went back and read what I first wrote about my word:

I know that I will need to be brave alot this year as I (and my daughter) face a new chapter in our lives. Clearly I need to be (or atleast act like) brave for her, but also for myself. Now, when I just wrote that last sentence I thought: No! I want to teach her that yes, this breaks my heart and hurts so very much, but it will not brake me. I don´t want to act brave. I will act as an adult and try to explain stuff for her and I also want to teach her that I am going to my very best to be brave and make the best of what life hands me.
 This is exactly what has happened! I have showed her that I could move on, I am still alive and active like I was before and that my heart could love again.

Ofcourse we have been very sensitive towards my daughter when it came to meeting the new guy etc. But everything around that has gone very smoothly and she likes him very much.

Am I just happy and in love? Yes and no. Yes, I am very much in love and all is going very well with all that :)
And no, I am not all happy and done with my ex. We still have many pratical things to plan and do. We still have to make many decisions about the future and on occasion I am still sad about the fact that we didn´t make it. We spend a large portion of time together and shared our lives with eachother, and that doesn´t just go away.
Pinned Image

A few weeks after Christmas I made the decision to be happy. Yes, it sounds very easy doesn´t it?! But it was what I did. I was over being sad and crying and having anxiety. I wanted to be as happy as I had been sad. Does that make any sense?!
I really did have an AHA moment where I felt like life is short and if I want something I want it now! Why wait? For whom would I wait? No, I wanted to embrace being pampered and showered with love. It felt good. Period. And who doesn´t want to feel good, right? I have always been thinking to much about what other people would think about me and my actions. I still do, but much more less than before. And it feels so good!

I still have low days, clearly. When the pratical things of being a single parent and with everything that comes from a separation, becomes to hard. At those times I just want to go on a long vacation and while I am gone someone would make every decision and all pratical things for me ;) 

I still need to remind myself to be brave. But I guess we all have to do that from time to time.

WCS | April sneak peak

Yes, it is true! It really is March 20th already! Crazy! The first day of spring and we are getting more snow as I type :(
One happy thing though, is that we (the WCS team) have new sneak peaks at our April projects!

I had so much fun creating my page for this months theme. I am loving the colors I used! I understand that it can be hard or even impossible to guess the themes of these sneaks, but you should go look at our FB page to see more sneaks just for fun!

tisdag 19 mars 2013

Project Life 2013 | week 11

Here is our life as it was week 11!

Just a normal week again. Stories include visits to the stables, finished crochet projects, spring flowers and physical therapy. I included photos that my new love send me from his physical therapy camp he is attending at the moment. I love that he is happy to be included in the weekly spreads!

This week I added 2 photos from my sisters showing their kids in action. We live apart and using our phones to stay in contact is such a blessing! I included my new WCS layout for the April gallery, and photos from when we were out and about. 

On to the next week!

måndag 18 mars 2013

Photoproject | Where I was in March

Just before March I decided that I wanted to make a photoproject for the month. Since i have done it before, I choose to make another Where I was in March project. 
It is simple really, I take photos of where my feet has been during a month. This time I have taken a few somedays and just one other days. 

Here are the first ones.

March 1st-March 18th


If you want, you can see photos from the other times I have done this project by clicking the links. 

September 2012