lördag 7 augusti 2010

happy and serious

todays scrapbook shares are total opposites from eachother. not layout wise, but theme wise. let´s start with the funny one, shall we!

during our vacation we visited oh so many yard sales and vintage stores (♥) and the very last day we stumbled over a small yard sale or more in a garage really. it was mostly junk, but then i found these sille glasses/nose/stash thingy and paid 1 kr for it. i knew that we would have some fun it them when we came home to the cottage.

we did!

ok, this is something serious that i don´t think i have talked about much here on the blog.
when me and my husband met, i already had my daughter she was about a year old. as we decided to be together for the rest of our lives, we naturally (?) wanted to have kids together too. my husband has always seen my daughter as his own and she has 2 dads as she is concerned. but after several years without a pregnancy we started to realize that we had a problem. it took a few more years before we even decided to try to find out what was wrong. well, the whole thing is so filled with emotions and deciditions and other hard things.

to make a long story short we found out that we are not able to have biological children of our own.

as you can imagien we were sad and devastated. but also curious about what we would do now. we had some big decisions to make yet again. there are a few alternatives as you know.
but, again a year or two past and it was like neither of us really wanted to adress the issue.
we have had serious discussions on serveral occasions and we both had a feeling of that we subcontionally already had made a choice but hadn´t spoken the words.

we have decided that we are content. content and very happy parents to one soon to be 11 year old angel. we decided that we are going to continue to be a small and happy family of 3.
we decided that we are ok with that.

but boy, have our heads been dizzy with thoughts and thoughts and even more thoughts.

the layout has hidded journaling in the envelope and the photo is from creative commons.

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  1. First, I love the glasses. Totally awesome.
    Second, thank for sharing your story...I can't imagine how heartbreaking that must be fore you. I am so happy to hear that you have come to the decision that you have...you are so strong to share it with your blog readers.