lördag 31 mars 2012

scrapbooking teenagers

ok, so here is the deal. i listen to the paperclipping roundtable every week and i get updates through facebook about their episodes and themes. so, earlier this week they posted that they were doing a show on how you scrapbook your teenagers. write click scrapbook´s amy sorensen did a whole week worth of scrap your teen in january and i linked them up to the posts. and get this, they mention my name in the episode :) very cool i think! and i am super excited that amy and wcs got mentioned too! 

the whole discussion was really good and it got me thinking about a few things. 

1. i know that technically my daughter won´t be a teenager until august 31st when she turns 13, but i see her as one already. she has changed into a "big person" suddenly and it is amazing. 

2. on the episode they got to talking about photo taking, taking photos of your teenager. some of them had some troubles with co-operation from their kids to actually have their pictures taken. 
well, i don´t have that problem :)

for one she comes home with amazing selfportraits all the time.

and she is more than happy to pose for me :)

3. they also talked about how if you don´t document your teenage years you might regret it. well, i have alot of photos from high school and junior high and i like them. i haven´t scrapbooked them yet, but i have been looking at them a bit to see if my daughter looks like me when i was her age. 

4. for a while now i have been thinking about documenting her last semester in the 6th grade (in the fall she will be in a school on the mainland). i love that she takes pictures with her phone all the time and shares them on facebook. i usually just "steal" them from there or ask her to text me them. i might do a photobook or perhaps a smash book thing with photos and other bits and pieces from her life. 

here are a few layouts where i have scrapped about my (almost) teeanger.

story: how it is to have an (almost) teenager in the house. 

story: my daughter and her boyfriend ♥

story: my daughters obsession with her phone. 

so, what do you think? how are you doing with scrapbooking your teenagers?

fredag 30 mars 2012

Re-srap 2012 | march

older layout

i decided to use 2 instagram photos under the large photo and to not include them all in one grid. 

older layout

i used the photo mosaic with photos from my grandmothers funural for this layout. i had included it in my PL album before and also wrote about the day. I used the journaling from there on this layout too. 

i tucked the journaling in behind the photo and embellished a paperpin to hold it in place. 

older layout

i used the photo and text from my blog post i made on Leap day this year for this layout. 

a thought: lately i have had use for items (read journaling) i have made in my project life album when i make scrapbook layouts. i have all my PL stuff saved on my desktop devided in each of the weeks so everything is easy to find. that way i have had more time to play with the actual design and also have had the words there!

torsdag 29 mars 2012

i miss her.

one year ago today, we said good night to linda. 

52 photos in 52 weeks 2012: roundup post # 3

can you believe that this is my third roundup post already! that means we have come three months into this yearlong photo project
how are you doing? is it as fun as it was in the beginning? does the spring weather make you be gone from the computer a bit more than usual? it has been the case with me. and another thing is that i use my phones camera more and more. when i look at my photo folder from march i see that i have taken alot of "real" photos too. so that feels good. 
speaking of good, that was our 7th theme.

week 7: good

i choose this photo of my daughter because she is good. like really a good person. i am so proud of her!

week 8: morning

the light in our livingroom is fantastic in the mornings!
here is the photo i chose for last years morning theme! it was taken in february which means not as much light.

week 9: work

i love my work as a kindergarden teacher and i love the environment where i work. it looks kinda like this still, but we have an owl theme right now so the place is packed with owls.

week 10: down

down is a cool theme. i take alot of pictures where i look down at my feet. you can see more here! although i would advise you to set you feet photos to private on flickr, because i have had a few feet fetish people contact me :)

week 11: sign

a tradition that has recently started on this German bridge: Couples will take a lock, and attach it to the bridge's fence and throw the key into Rhine for love and good luck. So, all the way across the whole bridge the fence is covered in locks..super cool! i was hoping to see one of the bridges with lots of locks on it and while walking one day in the city, i saw a few locks! it made me smile.

week 12: door

i LOVE doors. i have a set on flickr where i have collected doors from all over the world. 

ok here are a few of my favorites from you from the past weeks...

i loved the story behind this phoyo by mkwyoming

i would love to work where monika works!

patti.lins dog looking down
"A little bit different perspective - rather than me shooting looking down on something, I took the shot with LtWD looking down on me!"

c-rose´s photo made me want to travel! 

thank you for playing along this year!

our 13th theme is: treasure

onsdag 28 mars 2012

projects in progress

i decided to make my own version of this.

a card in the making.

i am doing a insta photo minibook.

i am doing a cute gift.

what are you working on right now?

tisdag 27 mars 2012


i know i just went away for a bit there :)

my mother in law turned 65 this past friday and we went there to celebrate with my husbands family. we had a lovely time! 

she is such a cutie!

we ate at this great turkish resturant and the food was amazing!
i pondered if i should lick the plate :)

we just barely got to see my sisters kids and we spend most of that time outside in the awesome weather!

on firday i had meetings in the city and i had planned to take the bus, but ended up taking a lovely walk instead. i loved it! i walk alot here on the island, but to walk somewhere else is just exciting. it was around 8 am and the city was waking up, the traffic wasn´t that bad, the sun was shining and there were alot of other people out doing their exercise. i was so happy that i had my phone with me so i could snap a few photos along the way. 

it was amazing.

on sunday we all took a long lovely forest walk with all our dogs ♥

this week has begun in a slow pace, which i love. my husband stayed at his parents a few extra nights and i have just been to work and then home to work on things around the house. the weather has been amazing and we have spend as much time as possible outside. 

this week i am also working on small creative projects. i will have a post for you with my wips (work in progress´) tomorrow.

until then.

fredag 23 mars 2012

Scrapbooking week - day 4

this is a bit of an older layout (made in february) and the photos are from this past summer. it is pure joy to see my daughter on a horse because she is so good up there! 
i used the "white space" in the large photo to place my 2 smaller ones on. 

torsdag 22 mars 2012

Scrapbooking week - day 3

i actually began this layout right after my birthday in february, by lots of copy + paste with all the sweet messages on facebook. 
it took a while, but i think i have got all of them :)
i made the title right in WORD on the same page as i got the messages on. printed and also printed the photo and splashed some fun colors after.

and just for you here is the behind the camera real life mess :)