söndag 31 oktober 2010

goodbye october

goodbye october! you have been such a good photo month. i took 122 photos this month, well there were about double of that since i do have a digital SLR so i can do that :) but there are 122 photos in my october file on my computer. that´s rather good for me, i am happy with that. tomorrow i will say hello to november. oh, november when exciting things will go down for me;

my secret will be revealed :)

i will take an airplane to the big land in the west

i will celebrate my very first american thanksgiving...i guess i will do alot of firsts since it is my first trip to america :)

i will drool over the craftiness over at sew mama sew since they will have their 4th annual handmade holiday festivities!

my own holiday crafting list will also be shared here on the blog and after that the blog will be filled with holiday goodness

hello november!

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