torsdag 31 maj 2012

52 photos in 52 weeks | 2012 - roundup post #5

it is time for another roundup post. there has been 7 themes shared since the last post. 

week 16 picnic by patti.lin

week 17 cuddle by slcphc

week 18 stripe by C-Rose

week 19 grow by adaynasmile

week 20 flat by C-Rose

week 21 trace by me

week 22 behind

again the thing that strikes me is that we all see the world so differently which is so cool :) 

måndag 28 maj 2012

Magic Monday

the weather was totally wonderful this weekend and at night the light was magical. 

torsdag 24 maj 2012

a random photo i love...

there is this old couple that lives near me. they obviously are elderly and have trouble walking. so they got this moped kinda thing. the thing i love is that the lady always holds her arm around her husband when they are out and ride. i had wanted to take a photo of them and one day i did snap this by the store. i heard that she has to hold her arm there because they have trouble fitting in the moped, but in my mind she is still madly in love with her husband :)

Project Life | my favorites

i am closing the first project life album of this year. it is getting so full and i need to get started with a new one. when i flipped through this album (which took a while because i love it!) i jotted down a few things that i especially love. here are a few things i have made that i am really glad i did!

i am happy that i included my grandmothers passing during week 3. it was almost all that i thought about that week, so it would have been weird not to include it.

i am happy that i have included a few fun cards that i have recieved during the year. this one especially because 1. it is from Monika and 2. it is super cute! 

i am so happy that i have gotten my daughter and husbands cooperating with this project! they both take photos when they are out and about so that i can use them and on valentine´s day we all filled out these currents cards from tina. here is the link to week 7.

i am happy that i have included all sorts of photos in my album. i mainly shoot with my nikon d90, but have used my phone alot during this year too. i don´t have instagram, but there is another version called Molome that i use instead and here is my profile if you´d like to see what i upload. it makes it super easy to access my phone photos without getting out the cord and everything. i just upload them to the net and go there, and save them. 
i also used my instax camera, and should include those in my album more!

i am happy that i included simple things like what we are reading etc. 

i am happy that i have played a bit with backgrounds for my cards. i will be using bookpages more :)

i am happy that i discovered picmonkey which i have become to use almost on everything the last weeks. 

and finally i am happy that i have used flip pockets so much. it really adds both dimension and a place for more things in the album. and i am happy that i have used my daughters own words from her blog! 

onsdag 23 maj 2012

Sweet friends

oh my gosh, these guys are such cute and sweet friends :)
i love how the grey and white actually feels colorful on this! i know it sounds weird, but everything kinds popped :)

this is the last layout that i wrote on with my typewriter before it ran out of ink...i need to go thriftshopping for a new one. i like to reuse things and went to see if i could find new inktape for iit, but they are really hard to get these days. so it is both easier and cheaper to go buy a new old typewriter. 

tisdag 22 maj 2012

Dear Photograph

there is a cool challenge over at the Ella publishing blog: Ella´s Dear photograph challenge! the thing is to use an old photo, go back and hold out your old photo infront of the place today. there are some really cool stories behind these photos! 

i used a photo from 2009. the dandelions were evrywhere and the sun was hot. now, the field is a bit greener and the dandelions chose not to bloom right there this year. 

after i took this years photo the wheels started turning in my head; i would love to look through my familys photoalbums to see if i can find something from my childhood that i can use.

have you done something like this?

here are the layouts that i made with photos from 2009.

and here is another dandelion photoshoot :) this one is from last year in may and i still smile when i look at those photos.

clearly i LOVE dandelions! i have shared some new dandelion photos to flickr lately! 

måndag 21 maj 2012

A Mother´s Day layout I love

i know that some of the world celebrated Mother´s Day a week ago, but we celebrate the last sunday in may (which is this upcoming sunday). after this winters loss of my grandmother i have been thinking alot about what i know about my mother (and grandmother also). so for this layout i collaborated with my mother asking her questions like what her favorite subject in school was, her favorite teacher, what she did with her friends growing up etc. 
i sent her an email and she responded.

then i thought hm, it would be cool if i answered the same questions. so i did and that is how this two-page layout came to be.

it is plain and simple as i wanted the journaling to take the center part. i know that i will love to go back and see this later in life and not to mention my daughter :)

Today | a layout

today april 30th 2012

Outside my window: the sun is shining, but the wind is chilly.
I am thinking: about the future.
I am thankful for: great co-workers.
From the kitchen: fish and chips.
I am wearing: my pyjamas.
I am creating: a few layouts and a photobook.
I am going: to go to bed early and read.
I am reading: a John Grisham book.
I am hoping: for more sun tomorrow on my day off and that things turn out as they should.
I am hearing: the neighbour mowing the lawn.
Around the house:  it is messy.
One of my favorite things: that i could work in my garden.

i make "today pages" a few times every year andand i have shared even more todays on flickr!
here are a few other today pages

lördag 19 maj 2012

outtakes on a layout


my printer (i have a canon iP4950) can print different sizes on both bigger papers and these 6x4 photos. so, when i went through the photos we took of us with the tripod and self timer when we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary there were so many not so good ones, but i wanted to include them too since there is a story there. i printed a few of them as index photos (i think) on a 6x4 photo paper and used them as they were on this layout. 

the story is that we used a tripod and a remote with a cord to the camera, so i couldn´t hold it for these photos, so we pushed the sequence button and i was so stressed out by the sound of the constant clicking and knowing i would have do delete like 200 photos later, i commanded my husband: now hug me, kiss me on my forehead, smile!!! haha! 

thats it, sometimes it is the outtakes that make it onto a page!

fredag 18 maj 2012

33 things about me right now

i wanted something that said who i am right now. so i made a list of 33 things (i turned 33 in february) about me right now. 
i decided to make a double pager with the list and some recent photos of me. here is the list:

1. i seem to be having trouble sleeping
2. i see that being a homebody is one thing, being antisocial another.
3. i love my mohawk.
4. i still love Patricia Cornwells books about Dr. Scarpetta.
5. i can´t wait until i get to work in my garden again.
6. i have felt some anxiety lately.
7. i, once agin, have a little to many projects going on.
8. my knee hurts, just like it did the first time 20 years ago.
9. i see better without my glasses when ii read or thread a needle.
10. i am super excited about going camping again this summer.
11. i feel like i need a change.
12. i carry an extra few punds.
13. i am not good with money, spending - yes, saving - no.
14. i still love my husband very much.
15. i will be a parent to a teenager in august.
16. i love my job.
17. i feel naked without my camera and phone.
18. i still have acne.
19. creativity and coffee are my drugs.
20. i really need a kick in the butt to start yoga.
21. i dance to seldom.
22. social media is fun.
23. i still love photography.
24. i like it when it is nice and quiet.
25. i love nature.
26. a perfect day include coffee, blogs, creativity and sunshine.
27. i need to do more stuff, not just talk about doing them.
28. i really need to not spend so much time online.
29. i like black nailpolish.
30. my pets make me happy.
31. i like to go to soccer games.
32. i´d really like to get a tatoo.
33. slow technology makes me crazy.

oh, and i had fun with the triangles too!

torsdag 17 maj 2012

Take Twelve | May - the layout

I had a lot of fun creating the layout for the Take Twelve challenge this month! 

i made my photos into these polaroid kinds with the Polaroid frame option on picmonkey, it was super easy and then i just printed them all out. 

don´t forget to share your page to Ella Publishing to be able to win some awesome prizes each month! and the flickr group is always full of great inspiration! 
here are the links to the other ladies in the inspiration team:

onsdag 16 maj 2012

A quick tutorial to make journaling spots in Picmonkey

i wanted to quickly show you how i am doing the journaling spots i have been using in PL lately. as i have mentioned before i have used picmonkey for this. 
ok, open up your photo and then follow me lead ;)

and here is my finished card.