måndag 15 maj 2006

Happy Monday!

I hope everone has a happy monday! As usual i was up before the roaster :) as I start work at 6 am. It seems like it is going to be another warm and sunny day here in Sweden.
Weekend update:

Friday: I went to town with dear daughter and left her at her dads. They were going to Gothenburg for the weekend. as i am rarely in town i made some yummie shopping :) I found some great halterneck tank tops at H&M for only 49.90 crowns. A bargain! I got 4! Also looked for a dress for my sisters graduation, but i don´t think I really found anything. Happy though I fit all the dresses I tried :) I got home at half past 8 and did some scrapping and went to bed.

Saturday: I got up earlier than I had planned and whatched some E! I love to just lay on the couch and look at all the celebraties :) I went for a long walk with the dog and went down to check my friends shop out, as usual I got home with some new things :) In the afternoon we put together dear daughters big trampoline! It took like 3 hours! But boy is it fun! (I´ll post some pictures later) My husband said "I´m not going to jump!" I said that he should atleast try once....he jumped the rest of the night! haha... When we were done with that we grilled some nice meat and had a wonderful salad. We were going to go inside to whatch a movie but I ended up scrapping and he sat infront of the TV. You can check my work out here.

Sunday: we slept in! Nice! Then I trimmed the grass...again. And gardened a bit. after that I was supposed to go for my walk but I was so damn tired I layed on the couch insted...bad me :)
dear daughter came home and she was thrilled about the trampoline! So happy!

As previously said: i will post some pictures later today!
Until then! Smile :)

lördag 6 maj 2006

Happy Saturday!

Mmm... the weather is fantastic! We have had some freat weather the lst cuple of days and ofcourse I am the first to get some tanninging done :) I love soaking up the sun!
Made a trip to make dear daughter her passport....yes, we are going on VACATION! WOW! We have never been abroad together (well we went to Norway last year but does that really count?) We are going to Mallorca on the 10 th of june and I am going to love it. I am going to take a horizontal position and stay there for as long as I want :) No, but we are really looking forward to this and are still wondering if it is really true. Since I have been in collage for the entire time we have been together the money part has always been an issue. Now that we both are working we have so much more money to go around. It is a great feeling to be able to do fun things every month instead of having to save and save for months. Anyway, Mallorca....we are going for one week and we are staying at a good hotel for kids. Since dear daughter is an only child it is great that there will be lots of other kids there she can be friends with. The hotel has 2 pools and that is where you can find me :)

Tomorrow is garden day at our house. We are going to trim the grass for the first time this season. It is amazing how fast the grass grows once it gets green. After that I hope that I can sit in the sun for a while and then excercise :)

Happy saturday to you!