måndag 31 oktober 2011

happy rituals

ever since she was little we have gone outside when it is raining (not every time ofcourse!), but both me and her recall several times when we have heard the rain, looked at eachother and said we going ouside right?! :)
after all it is only water and it is so much fun! it´s one of our happy rituals.

i hope you all had a lovely weekend (i did and got a ton of things done when i had my computer hiatus!). i´ll be back with more pages this week that i managed to get done this weekend!

peace ♥


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Happy Halloween to my american friends!

i hope that you all have a wonderful day! i have a date with my sweetie later today ♥


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söndag 30 oktober 2011

the simple things #51

this marta is such a cuddler. she loves to be in my lap especially when i sit here by the computer or at my craft table. she makes a nice companion. 


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fredag 28 oktober 2011

the one where i sign of....

i wanted to let you know i will sign of internet for the weekend. i feel that my time on here has taked over abit and i need a few days to re-focus and actually get things done! 
i will however check my email and fb a few times on my phone, so if you need me just message me there or send an email. 
in the meantime, feel free to visit the shop! remember that christmas is here before you know it ;)

peace, Lisa ♥

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tisdag 25 oktober 2011

måndag 24 oktober 2011

the one with three layouts and a card

this layout was a part of my blog post for Write Click Scrapbooks saturday post click a week ago. i challenged you all to take a look at design and/or style in your home.

this one was also supposed to be in that blog post...i must have forgotten to add it :) it shows a bit of details around our house.

this layout and the card i´ll show you next are both based on this months sketch over at Write Click Scrapbook. 

when did you document how your house looks last?
go get somephotos of the details that make your home yours and make a layout! 

peace, Lisa ♥

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söndag 23 oktober 2011

the simple things #50

during an evening walk the other night my daughter showed me a new place. it is nearby our house and i have passed it for the last 9 years. i instantly felt that this is my place. you know the place where i can be alone and meditate or just be. i went back today (sunday) and took my camera with me. the light was glorious! 


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fredag 21 oktober 2011

there are new things in the shop!

i am super excited to tell you that i have updated my etsy shop

the first items that are new are these cute gift tags

they are supercute to add to any giftwrap really, but i am personally thinking about holiday gifts already :) 

i also added one of my first pin to reality crafts! 

i think these are my favorites :)

and last but not least, i have added some quote cards made from phototgraphs that i have taken! they look soooo nice printed! 

wait...maybe these are my favorites... :)

now, go take look in the shop and remember during the month of october is breast cancer awareness month and all proceeds from my shop goes to the pink ribbon! 

peace, Lisa ♥

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torsdag 20 oktober 2011

the one with some happiness on a rainy day

the other day it just poured down outside and we were just taking the dogs out for a walk. yeah, we got soaked! but i decided to have some fun when the rain was over and the puddles where deep :)

and here is my daughter...soaked.

it was great! 

peace, lisa 

just a quick reminder of this! and thank you for the 22USD i already donated to the pink ribbon all beacause melanie bought these...and shannon snagged this

söndag 16 oktober 2011

the simple things #49 + something important

first up, here is my simple things photo for this week. my husband is in charge of math homework and i help out with the rest :) that is something i am very grateful for!


next, i just want to take up a few minutes of your time for something that is important for me. this past march i lost one of my dear friends to breast cancer (that has spread to most of her body.). last october i made an effort to spread the word about how important it is to check your breasts every month to prevent breast cancer. still, my most viewed post on this blog is the interview i did with my friend linda.
today, it is once again october (breast cancer awareness month) i ask you to check my older posts for some reminders and also visit my shop and buy something for you or someone you love and i will donate every last penny to the pink ribbon

thank you ♥

fredag 14 oktober 2011

the one one with my scrapbooking process (from WCS)

last week was my blog hosting week at Write Click Scrapbook and the topic was my creative process. go check out the post where i explain my process of scrapbooking! 

torsdag 13 oktober 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks: week 40+41 roundup + new prompt

here is another 52 photos in 52 weeks post! i cannot believe that we are at our 41st week already!

for week 40 the theme was today. here is my photo...

i took a photo of one of my recent today pages. 
i love looking back at these. such an easy way to keep your memories.

week 41 we focused on finding calm

i walked passed the bedroom, when marta caught my eye. she was sleeping sooo good! 

for the week 42 the theme is collection.

come join in on the fun! 

tisdag 11 oktober 2011

the one with martas first layout.

just wanted to share our new kittens first layout! 
i used a photo mask to create the wonky shape. i actually think that the digital masks are called wonky and i bought them a couple of years ago on 2peas. 

apperently my new favorite thing is to journal on these shipping tags. 

i am happy with the page, since i was going for the clean and simple look!

peace, Lisa

måndag 10 oktober 2011

the one with the day we loved.

i don´t get why the colors in the photos above got so wonky...here are they again...

see, better color, right?!
anyhow...now i need to post that layout again down here since it´s hard to talk about something you can´t see :)

these photos were taken by my daughters friend and i love them!
i went with less on this layout and i do believe i like it! 

just some bits and pieces i found on my table. 

journaling says:

today we loved eachother...even though we do that everyday :)
but some days you can feel that little extra...like today.

peace, Lisa

söndag 9 oktober 2011

the simple things #48

can you believe that i hardly took any photos this past week?! but i do think that this one could pass since it was taken late last week :)
autumn is really here now;

the leaves are changing and falling
the ferry rides less
we have had really windy weather
we have curled up on the couch lit candles and watched good movies. 


lördag 8 oktober 2011

the one with the beauty is everywhere layout

i remember taking this photo sitting in the car and thinking wow, everywhere we go it is so beautiful! seriously, during our 2.5 weeks vacation trip this was our view pretty much. 
i made the ali e brush a grey tone before i used it on the photo and then just printed it out. oh, and the journaling tag ontop is a free download from karen grunberg (although i am not sure it is still there...) 

and hey, please stop by the shop to see whats new! 

torsdag 6 oktober 2011

meet marta!

we decided to take in a new kitten last week. she is another "summer cat" as we call them; a family has a kitten during the summer and then leave them behind when vacation is over.

welcome, marta!

she is a dream. plays hard. sleeps hard. 

she also bites hard :)
right now she is sitting her beside me blogging and watching tvshows online!

onsdag 5 oktober 2011

the one with the fall minibook

a while ago i did mention i started a fall minibook. i really loved my summer one, so i wanted to make another one. 

here is the first page kind of a welcome page. 

i will continue to add favorites to that list as they come to me :)

the autumn subway art was shared in a wcs post in september and here is the free download

here is my (poor) atempt on making a pinwheel painting like this :)
either way i did have fun! i never do these kinds of things on my layouts, so i guess these minibooks makes me try new things.

a recent photo of me and a little right now journaling. in my summer mini i did the today journaling and this time i am doing a similar thing now and then during the autumn.