onsdag 31 oktober 2007

new etsy stuff

i made some new paper designs. First I made a paper kit with a Halloween touch! :) Perfect for those cute Halloween scrapbooking pages you are going to do after this week :) The kits contains of 4 papers, all four shown here in a collage.

And just because I am so in love with my husband right now :) I made a love kit too! The kits contains of 4 papers, all four shown here in a collage.

I am going with only black prints for now, but if you really want an other color on any of the papers I can be convinced :)

Happy shopping!

tisdag 30 oktober 2007

cool things to do in WORD

You know all the blogs that have lists of categories of what their blogs contain? Well, I was out walking the other day and decided to make a Life Category list of what my life is all about right now. Here is the list:

everyday life
the world

This is what I did with it!

And here is where that cool-things-to-do-in-WORD title comes in. I made that background patterned paper in Microsoft WORD. Yes, I did! You really can do all sorts of cool things in a simple program like WORD that almost everyone has in their computer. Here is what I did:

I have the swedish version of WORD but I copied these images from my computer so that you can see what I did and where. I opened the FORMAT tab and chose the background option. In that option there is other options I chose the middle one.

Then I picked the PATTERN option and played a bit before chosing one of the square patterns.

I added my journaling and title, then before I printed it I went over to my printing options to choose the OPTIONS button and clicking so that the print would include backgrounds colors and images. See where I have circled! Then just print your document! Voila! Go play!

I also made a layout using the photos I posted yesterday!

And I made a cool thing with my cookie form that I usually use for all my little embellishments. I digged up some small plants in my garden and added that to a few of the forms. I used small stones for some of them and then just added candles and other small items to make a decoration for my table!

måndag 29 oktober 2007

weekend re-cap

1. we had a christening to attend to in Gothenburg this weekend. We went there on friday and made some shopping before we headed over to my MIL and FIL where we were going to stay. Made some cool finds at the LSS and over at IKEA too. If your IKEA has started their Christmas display (which they most likely have!) go for the gift labels. They have these plain red, green and black ones in diffrent sizes. Perfect for any scrapbook project! They had some cool cards too.

2. The people who were Christening their son were my husbands cousin. They are big city people, rich and minimalistic in their style. They live right down town and I love their view over the other houses.

And I also love their art work.

Me and my husband were a bit bored at the following dinner alot because we weren´t seated together. What is one to do? :)

3. We are also very happy to say that our favorite soccer team won the swedish championships on sunday! GO! I love this photo of my husband in his gear :)

4. Some new flickr faves :)

1. A Warm Cozy Haven, 2. beautiful, 3. Unwanted, 4. feet, 5. Day 168 of 365, 6. Parasol, 7. Untitled, 8. Bubbles., 9. I Love Watermelon, 10. little girl. big bed, 11. old school, baby!, 12. pirate*girl, 13. wrinked hands with rock.jpg, 14. crewel, 15. jaywalkers, 16. Guest Room, 17. quilt, 18. love in fall, 19. sweet, 20. baby day, 21. On the kitchen table, 22. flowers on a hill (detail), 23. LILY (YELLOW), 24. don't you love those little feet?

5. Some new scraps:
First is one for a new challenge over at SIS. I made a 6*12 lo about my "yellow paradise" aka my scraproom :) I love the orange and pink together!

And I know that I have used this photo of us like 20 times :) But I just love it! This is going into a frame for my room.

And off course I had to scrap Harry´s lazy time in the couch :) I love that red felt star border.

6. I love coming back from an internet free weekend and just sit down with my coffee and look and they yumminess that have been uploaded on my favorite places!

onsdag 24 oktober 2007

happy humpday ♥

1. still sick! kleenex is my life!

2. Here is finally the story of my daughters stuffed-animal-birthday-party:

One morning my daughter declaired that her stuffed dog Lily was having her birthday the following saturday. She wanted to have a party where her friends came with their stuffed animals. My husband instintcively said NO! :) Then she went forward to me. She said that she had already prepared the invitations and everything. So, I said ok! :) We started to prepare the party which we invited 2 guests to, because hey it is only a stuffed animal party (!). We baked cupcakes and set the table with the fine china and blew some ballons. We had to have 3 candles in Lilys cupcake and the girls sang happy birthday and everything! They were to cute! Then they went on to some dancing and partying :) They also played a music game and ended the party by jumping on the trampoline :)

3. I took some yummy fall photos from the train when I went home from my mothers yesterday.

4. Harry ♥ Sadie

5. I need some self boosting! So, I made a layout for that reason only :) The title says Dare to live!

6. This layout didn´t come out anything the way I planned. I used lots and lots of masking tape on the background and then painted the lot with my orange paint. The photo was taken on our last datenight.

7. Ali´s new book Life Artist has still not been published in Sweden! Argh!

8. I am playing around on the blog today and it is all oranges fault! :)

måndag 22 oktober 2007

miss challenge winner :)

oh, yes it payed of cheating on my no-scrapbooking-week! I totally won Sarahs Recycled inspiration challenge! (I posted it here) Yay me! I still have no idea what I won, but I am still so so happy!

I am sorry the update on my daughters stuffed-dog party is late and it will be later still, becasue I went to my mothers house and left the photos at home :( bummer. But the story will come! :)

Ok, a little list:

1. I am sick! Soar throat and running nose :( Feel sorry for me a little :)

2. Check out Anilus etsy shop. She makes gorgeous stuff!

3. I found an amazing set on flickr by one of my favorites. Isn´t it lovely how natural and healthy they look :) Now that family is my favorite :)

4. Did I mention that I am sick? ... :)

5. The new ER season starts tonigt!

6. Dagmar posted this cutest ever layout in the 2peas gallery!

7. I am going to try to take some urban-ish photos while i am here at my moms. But don´t hate me if I don´t!

8. I have been shopping some new supplies for different Chistmas projects...But I am still not quite sure what they will be yet :)

9. I am making alot of journaling to future scrapbooking layouts while I am not home to acctually scrapbook. That is something I do quite often as I sit and wait for something like the bus or in the post office etc.

10. I promise a happier post and a healthier post soon! :)

fredag 19 oktober 2007


Ok I can offically scrapbook now :) Yay! Even though I know that I have cheated at least twice, but it was only because they were for a challenge and they were due tomorrow :)

Tonight (it is friday night here right now) I have done a minibook that features or family of 6 :) First I painted some playing cards with my new yummy orange paint. Printed out some small photos of the family and made each familymember a cards. For the front I laminated a small pouch and added some letter stickers. Fun fun fun...

(sorry about the wonky colors on a few of these!)

I also made Harry a mini of himself :) Just a quick one!

We checked out High school musical 2 tonight on Disney. My daughter had booked the TV a week ago because this was a translated version :) As the last scenes was coming she was like 3 inches from the TV and saying: Mom, now we have to see if they are going to kiss! I said, You think they´ll do? Mmmm...she said or maybe we will have to wait for the third movie :) Now she is playing Gabriella in our big bed! Sweet.

Oh I have to show you who held me company in the scraproom tonight!

2 cuties :)

Have a wonderful friday! Be sure to come back tomorrow, we are throwing Lily the stuffed dog her 3rd birthday party :) It is a long story, I´ll share it tomorrow :)

Ps. Don´t forget to say hi!

onsdag 17 oktober 2007

just a quick one

Ok I admit it...i couldn´t help myself...i scrapped...But it was just one and it was for a fun challenge over at SIS...ok? The challenge was Inspiration Recycled alas look through your albums and use something there to create a new layout. I picked one that I made in June and as I look at them they are more of a scraplife that just inspiration, but hey that´s ok with me! I made the one with my husband for the challenge.

I keep practicing on taking self portraits and converting photos to black and white ones. Pratice make perfect I have a long way still. But it is fun though!

We had a playdate the other day and we walked through the woods home. This is what we saw. Isn´t it fantastic! I love fall!!!

And Lisa tagged me:

YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car): Flackis Mitshubishi

YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fav ice cream flavor, favorite cookie): Vanilla Ballerina

YOUR "FLY Guy/Girl" NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name): L Ott

YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal): Green Ape

YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born) Lisa Gothenburg

YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first) Ott Li

SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink put "The"): The Red Coke

NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers) Peter Janós

STRIPPER NAME: (the name of your favorite perfume/cologne + favorite candy) Adidas Chocolate

WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother's & father's middle names ) Elisabeth Janós

I especially like my Gangsta name and my Soap opera name! My DETECTIVE NAME isn´t bad either :)

We (daughter and me)have had some fun with those good old plastic beads you can iron so they melt into diffrent shapes. I made some coasters and 2 lanterns. It is so relaxing and peaceful AND I can do it together with my daughter. And when we sit there we have the best talks.

måndag 15 oktober 2007

small pet update...

we had a rather slow sunday and i love those. we had coffee with one of our neighbours and then we just hung out here at home. Today was also kind of a slow one. I worked my 2 hours and then came home to Harry who missed me terribly for those long hours :) He is such a cool dog and he is doing so much better. Just look at him laying on the couch, where he climed up all by himself thank you very much! :) He such a happy dog and he brightens our lifes every day.

Our all grey cat :) He was a little camera shy :)

I was browsing my blogs and came upon so many cool black and white selfportrait. Well, you know me I have to try it out. I think I will have to use this on a scrapbook page or 2 :) It was fun, but a little bit tricky too.

and i seem to have really come out of my black and white route. I used to play alot with black and whites, but lately I am all about color. I am praticing again, so that´s why this post is only black and white photos.

I am still on my scrapbook break and am taking lot´s of photos and coming up with ideas and lists on new projects. It feels good.

Oh, before you leave, check out my mini me I made today!

lördag 13 oktober 2007

other things

ok, so I did some other projects :) First i tried that cool make-an-album-using-an-old-book thing. Such an easy projects really. I bought an old book for like a nickel and toar the pages out (am saving those to use in other projects!) and then adhered some wellcrow to both ringbinder and the book itself. Voila! Now I can keep adding either journaling pages and/or photos + scrapbook pages. The ring size is from a larger Filofax calender.

Next I tackled an other project that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I printed out about 25 of my newest scrapbook pages in wallet size and made a quick felt pouch to put them in. Voila! Instant gift. I am doing a few of these for Christmas.

Here is a tip on how to use up your scraps of paper. I made a few of these tiny note books for people to have in their purses or pockets where they can jot down phonenumbers or such.

I even wipped out some earrings :)