måndag 31 mars 2008

monday and short weekend recap

Yup that is what i am making on my desk right now :) I am loving is! Here are 2 peeks...

I am working on some other projects but they are mostly in my head so far :)

We took the loveliest walk in the forest saturday...I handed over the camera to my daughter and I love the photos she snapped of us. Note how tall my husband is :)

Yup, Harry was resting just a short while on our walk. While my daughter and Sadie had more energy!

We had a lovely relaxing weekend and i am happy about all the new photos that I can use in future scrapping projects!

I have to make dinner for my sweethearts!


lördag 29 mars 2008

Internet inspiration: photography

I love photograpy! And I do use my camera alot, but sometimes I do need some new ideas for new objects or projects. Through scrapbooking I have come to read quite alot about photos and photography. Ali talks alot about how to use photos in scrapbook layouts and especially photos in your everyday. You can read a good list here and here on taking everyday photos. I have that list on my fridge to give me a reminder when my fantasy is bad. Everyday photos is something I have started doing more and more. The idea of photojournals/diaries has exploded the last cuple of years through projects like 365 etc. It is a fund concept and I have tried it a few times, but I am more of a spontanious phototaker.
I have found a lot of tips and tricks over at shutterfly I recommend a look there. And I also found alot of interesting articles on 2peas. They have a nice mixture of technical info and object inspiration. 2peas also has a nice photogallery.
Flickr has a very nice feature that allows you to add contacts that makes you see their latest photos whenever they add them. Photos in my contacts feed has blown me away more than a few times! Just to see a technically perfect photograph is pure joy to me, but to see a photo that beems happiness or feeling is lovely. I get lots of ideas and inspiration from Flickr. When I was going on my recent trip to Amsterdam and Paris i searched for photoideas of the Eiffel Tower etc. It was a perfect inspirationsource! When i was about to do a babysession I browesed both 2peas and Flickr galleries for poses and ideas.
You can really get lost in the flickr-world. Just go into someones favorites and you can click your day away!
Tara Whitney has always been one of my absolute favorites in phototaking. I love her photos! They are full of life, vibrant, random and real. I know that most of you already know about Tara and her phototaking skills, but she did write some interesting photoarticles on 2peas that are worth reading.

Here are a few difital photography sites too:

Digital Photography School
Digital Photography Tutorials
HP Digital photography center

So, these are the places I go for photo inspo.

torsdag 27 mars 2008

Just an other random post :)

i did some scrapping the other night!

This layout was chosen to be the one to jack in the Wacky Wednsday challenge. How cool is that! :)

The photos are from when my daughter held her baby cousins the first time. Doesn´t she look like the proudest big cousin :)

I do love to be an aunt!

And my daughter is doing such a good job at school, it makes me very proud!

tisdag 25 mars 2008

Internet inspiration: homedecor

When I am on the hunt for things to use in my home I rarely search the shopping sites for it. I usually search the item on for example Better Homes and Gardens to see if there are alternatives for it. For example if I am searching for a bench I can see if they have any DIY projects, how you can use other things as benches etc. I also turn to BHG for inspiration for just about anything! For example these kinds of slideshows. I get their e-newsletter and they are just packed with homeprojects, decoration tips ets. I recommend a visit!
Since we have our own house, it is already built, but we do re-decorate alot! I usually look for decorating details. You know display tips, lighting advise etc. I love flickr for that. I can search for anything with home decor and get thousands of hits. I started here I loved to look at there photos. I then browsed Sarahs photos and found this photo which I can watch forever. There are so many cool details in that livingroom! I frequent groups like:

Corners of my home
Very small houses

Recently I discovered Apartment therapy. I am still discovering it, but I have a hunch that it will be one of my new faves. How cool is it to take a peek into a flashy Paris home or a cool San Fransisco flat.

Lastly I have a natural love IKEA, afterall I am swedish :) I have my Ikea catalog at hand most of the time just to flip through. and ok, I am the first to admit that not everything IKEA has the highest quality, but I do like their accessories, whom I cannot leave a store without :) The Ikea site has a few cool features that you might want to try. I especially like the slideshows like this one. I find a lot of inspo just looking at the room displays and the colors + it is nice to know that alot of the things are both doable and affordable!

1. house_front, 2. Lisa O_my outside, 3. Lisa O_ my computer area, 4. little red elephants, 5. Lisa O_ my bed, 6. Lisa O_ handmade, 7. wall art, 8. my wall yesterday, 9. Green Lisa_O, 10. Lisa O_ flower power, 11. Lisa O. autumn decor, 12. special small things, 13. lights & rain, 14. Lisa_O something glittery, 15. Lisa_O my scrapspace, 16. white flowers, 17. our tree, 18. welcome, 19. the cutest gift ♥, 20. my latest angels, 21. the 4th sunday in advent, 22. light on table, 23. Christmas table, 24. latest layouts, 25. fave shelf, 26. nice reads, 27. in-the-middle-of-a-project-mess, 28. my workplace, 29. hearts around the house, 30. baskets

my easter

my easter, originally uploaded by lisafisa.

well, my easter was filled with the above :) Ali´s weekend creative prompt was to list what you want to focus on this weekend. Here is mine:

♥ family; i love spending time with family! As times goes by and we all spend more and more time together I love it more and more too.

♥ animals; i also love to spend time being around animals. We are so lucky that all our animals like eachother and come along.

♥ nature; we took lots of long walks in forests this weekend. The snow and the sun made the forest look like magic.

♥ conversations; just random conversations that can be about small things and big things.

Ps. Look out for my first post in my series of inspo on the internet coming tomorrow!


måndag 24 mars 2008

i ♥ the internet!

Yes, I do love the internets! If you read my blog often you know that I have stated that before :) I love it for so many reasons; I have made lifelong friends, I can share my hobby with millions, I can stay intouch with so many, I can search for information and these are just a few things. What I also love about about it is that i find inspiration and ideas for so many different things out on the w.w.w! Since I have also declared that I "find inspiration everywhere" I thought that I´d do a little inspiration series here on my blog where I share my favorite places I visit when I am on the hunt for some tips on:

♥ homedecor
♥ photograhpy
♥ philosophy/life
♥ scrapbooking
♥ crafts

For the next week or so I will dedicate some posts where I share my fave http`s with you. Now, dont you just long for that?! :)

Ok, posts you soon, friends!


torsdag 20 mars 2008

happy easter!

happy easter!, originally uploaded by lisafisa.

we are leaving this evening to spend the Easter weekend at my husbands parents. We are leaving a little bit early since there will be an other snowstorm tomorrow. Since we aren´t going to spend the holiday at home we haven´t even colored eggs! We usually do, though :) So I had to search the ever so lovely flickr for some new colored egg shots. (I will add credits soon)
Today is one of those lovely days; sunshine, getting out of work early, having a long weekend to look forward to...ah...
I will be having internet acess the whole weekend so I will be updating with some photos and such :)

I hope that everyone will have a wonderful weekend!


tisdag 18 mars 2008

tuesday update

a list of updates on this march tuesday.

1. we got a nice thick coat of snow yesterday...hm...i don´t really know what to think of that...

2. ok, so I can take these kinds of photos when there is snow :)

3. i had a very tired day today, i mostly blame the weather :)

4. I scrapped a bit...click on the first one to see the second photo and all the expressions of: what?! did you already take it?!! :)

5. i am liking the new features over at SIStv I especially like that they decided to name the message boards "SISterhood".

6. we are having homemade pizza tonight...yum!

7. I so want to go to a crop! Can´t we get together?!

Ok, so this was not much of an update list, more like a random ramble one :)

måndag 17 mars 2008

organizing project, minibook and a layout

i am back in scrap :) hehe! Ok so I have done a few projects over the few weeks that I have not shared yet. When i turned 29 (or rather a few days after) I did a little minialbum about me at 29. I was inspired by Garden Girl Joy Uzarragas album. I used chipboard that i cut to the size that I wanted. For the cover I printed out my most favorite digital brush on my printer! I continued to print out a few labels from a kit by Rhonna. I added a few things like my playlist, where I work etc. It is not finished, I have to journal a little more.

Then on saturday I bought this little sweet thing :)

It has so many cool ideas, not just for kids but for any crafter really! I jumped on project number 18 which is a wonderful idea for us moms to artful children! I know that my daughter comes home with lots and lots of drawings and artwork from school. The idea is to store all those pieces of paper in these mailing tubes! Perfect! And the idea looked even better when my mom told me she had lots of old mailing tubes laying around! Yay!

So I started with picking all the artwork out and sorting them in different piles. Sorry for the bad bad photo :)

The mailing tubes had small white labels already on them, so I just picked them of and stamped the content on them!

Voila! And yes I know that I could have just explained this in text, but´I love to show and tell!

I was impressed by that little magazine! Here are a few of my other faves:

idea # 9: nature containers (put nature finds in jars inside)
idea # 14: cannery row (make nautical frames of aluminium tins)
idea # 39: crayon blocks (melt chips of old crayons to new ones)
idea # 55: artistic agenda (use kids drawings as backgrounds for calenders)

And I was again inspired by an idea from Ali´s new book; to document your kids room. Really I was going to do something else with these photos, but it struck me that her room is just filled with all kinds of animal things!

lördag 15 mars 2008

some inspo and a few photos

ok, I am back again! This will be one of my inspo-list posts :)

1. I just found this site and I can´t wait until I get some time over to explore it more!

2. I would love to play with this kit, wouldn´t you?!

3. I just love this layout! So colorful and cheerful!

4. As Easter stands at the door this project might be fun.

5. I´d love to be in this choir when I get old!

6. Look at the rolls on this cutie!

7. Can you think of any cooler people to go shopping with?

8. i love this layout and especially the message.

Ah, the joy of being an aunt :)

Well, at times I did have my hands full :)

It was so nice to spend some time with my grandmother at the hospital today...

That´s it folks. Don´t forget how much I love when I get comments ;)

fredag 14 mars 2008

gone for the weekend

hey everyone! I will be gone for most of the weekend; visiting my grandmother in the hospital, having a family dinner and today we are attending a funeral. I´ll leave you with one of my fave songs! Enjoy this and your weekend!

and a video with one of my fave scrapbooker!

måndag 10 mars 2008


I was tagged by the beautiful mindi :)
The rules: Link to your tagger and post these 3 rules on your blog.

Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Ok herewe go;

1. I think I am addicted to the internet and more specificly to blogreading :) I am so loving to get a peek into lives of other similar minded people all over the world.

2. I am equally addicted to anything chocolate :)

3. I love all sorts of music, yes all types will go down for me.

4. I cry at the movies and I can even cry if a commercial is emotional = I cry to easily!

5. I crave sunshine! I need to feel sunshine on my face to feel well.

6. Fridays are my favorite day of the week.

7. Sundays are my least favorite.

Poor people i am tagging, they have been tagged by me before I am sure :) But I tag:
Mel, Anna, Tina, Nicole, Caroline, Nadine, and Karoline.

lördag 8 mars 2008

a saturday in bed...

I was feeling a little bit funny today so I decided to stay in bed...all day! I love those kinds of days! But I am to easily bored to just lay there, so i brought some of my scrap stuff in bed with me and set up the tray-table for my smaller stuff and as a workingplace.

This morning i checked Ali´s blog in search of her weekly promt for "weekend creativity" and find delight in her butterfly mobile project! I jumped on it! I know that Ali used all types of techniqes for making her butterflies amazing, but I didn´t feel like painting and such today, so turned to my Amy Butler paper = yummy on both sides :) I used a butterfly template and cut 5 out.

Then i just used clear fishing thread to tie them to my base.

I love how it turned out! I hung it in my livingroom window.

I also made some scrapping! It makes me happy just to be able to write that! Here they are:

I just had to scrap a photo of the wonderful flowers my husband gave me the other day. Such an ordinary day happiness! I printed the bird on transperency. It is a digital brush from one of Rhonna Farrers kits. The tag is also a digital kit print-out. I bought them from 2peas.

Harry made himself into a layout too :)

For the frame in this layout I printed out one of the pages in Jennifer Pebbles digital kit called "Little Birdie book" . Sleeping with Sadie is just one of the greatest things :)

During our trip to Amsterdam and Paris we had some great food!

Wow! I haven´t made one of these posts in a while! I hope you´ll enjoy my scraps from bed today :)

fredag 7 mars 2008

Q & A and friday post

I have had some awesome comments on my last like 12 posts :) Thank you very much! I have also seen that I have had some questions that I haven´t answered yet. So, here I go:

Kerry asked about "the black bird" I have been using:
- Kerry, the black bird is a Hambly rub-on. You can see the whole sheet here. I also have the pink one :)

Lisa asked about the spring flowers:
- Yep, Lisa it is way to early for spring flowers!!! It is all very strange for me, because when I was younger we always had such defined seasons and now the last cuple of years it has all changed. I had flowers in my garden that bloomed 2 days before Christmas!!!

Elizabeth asked a long time ago about the "e" photo I used here.
- I found the "e" photo on flickr. I email and asked if I could use it. Isn´t it awesome!

Amanda asked about the frames I have used on some of my photos lately.
- Aren´t they yummy, Amanda?! It is a Digital Frame Kit that I bought at 2peas. You can see it here. And Amanda, you asked about the labels I used in the Paris layout, they were bought at a swedish office store.

Karoline asked about scrapstores in Paris:
- Well, I wasn´t on a hunt really, but my friend J had spotted one in the mall right outside the Louvre :) It was more of a crafting store (like Panduro) but they had a section for scrap stuff. I bought some new stamps and a punch which were a little bit cheaper than here in Sweden!

I will most likely be back again later with a new post :)

torsdag 6 mars 2008

a fave, layouts, music and a mosaic

First of all:OMG have you seen Ali´s blog post today? If not go there and soak up the album yumminess...and then come back :)

Second of all; I have scrapped :)

First was a life in february layout, much inspired by Tinas Calico Studios gallery layout!

Then using some of the cute photos I got from our picknick the other week :)

Thirdly, I am so happy that I found KT Tunstalls video at youtube :) + happy to now know how to post videos :)

I love that song and I especially love her voice it is amazing!

And this flickr mosaic makes me smile!

1. mondays are for color, 2. 14 Studio Space by Starlee Matz, 3. 124*(365), 4. 25 / 52: Be Grateful!, 5. Creativity defined..., 6. Rice, 7. Happy Mail (#53), 8. My house in a bubble, 9. Approaching..., 10. OMG SHE DID IT!, 11. *Kill time...., 12. Belly Button Smiles, 13. more macro fun, 14. valentine, 15. Untitled, 16. Bedroom, 17. A promise of spring, 18. the reading nook, 19. sammy, 20. pomegranate heart, 21. CSC_5929, 22. CSC_5455, 23. DSC_5696, 24. DSC_5736, 25. Dandelion, 26. tanpopo, 27. I love you, 28. You give me wings. (Me #4), 29. I built you a home in my heart., 30. I John 4:19, 31. I Heart You!, 32. write it down, 33. Untitled, 34. Untitled, 35. star dust and rainbows. 156:365, 36. Untitled

onsdag 5 mars 2008

good days

We have had a few good days...Sadie and I had a good snuggle yesterday after a long walk in the sun.

And then my husband just randomly came home with roses...for me :) If you are not in a good mood before, you sure are after some roses just because.

We took these photos on arms length and I adore them! These photos are not technically perfect or even good, but they show how much we really love eachother. We love her...she loves us...we love eachother...

Sometimes it just hits me, we are family...all the things we do now, today, yesterday and tomorrow, are the things that our daughter will remember when she looks back on her childhood. How we aet dinner infront of the TV, how we always are silly and joke with eachother, how we take random roadtrips with the car without a goal...it´s kinda cool isn´t it :)

måndag 3 mars 2008

So, do you wanna come with me and Sadie on a walk? Ok, let´s go!

This is what we see when we get out of the house. And we are going south to begin with.

Our street or neighbourhood consists of about 20 houses and they are a majority of red houses with white details :) But my friend lives here and I love that they have a white house!

This is our firestation. The firemen work 25% as firemen and then they have "normal" jobs also. We are turning right here and will head west.

Down towards the lake.

I always love to walk here in the different seasons. The farmland changes all the time and the view of the lake is beautiful to me.

Down by the water there are a few summerhouses. This red one is my favorite. It is an artist that lives here and their garden are full of cool details that she has made.

If we would have walked straight on here we would end up on the beach. But we are turning left here and head south again.

This is what is right to me for about 2 km. Ah!

At these old milkcans we are turning left and head west. The little mushroom on the side indicates that the schoolbus should stop there. And if you see that there are reflectors on there, they say how many kids that lives there that will go on the bus.

These are mostly smaller houses that are for rent.

Now we have come to the way that goes down to the harbour and the ferry. The sides were filled with trees, but after 3 bigger storms the last years so so many of our trees have fallen.

Sadie wanted to go the other way! We usually take a shortcut here :)

But today we are taking the "long" way to the store before we go home. Aka north.

This is one of our stores. Although we are only about 800 people living here we have 2 grocery stores. There also a postoffice in here.

Ok, so now we are back at the firestation, do you see it on the left side?

And after about 45 minutes we are back home :)

Ah, thank you for coming along! :)