måndag 30 april 2007


I scrapped baby! I just completed 8 layouts! You can see them here as a preview peek!

But please visit here to see them in whole!

I have send of the family yet again to get some alone time, I so need that right now. And what to do when you are left alone? Yes, you guessed right : scrap, blog, dring cola light and have the TV on listening to either Top Model or any other tv-show of such!

Have a wonderful day!

söndag 29 april 2007


...that was one beautiful baby girl I got to shot yesterday! I am so happy with the results and have been doing some editing today. I won´t be sharing any face photos but here are some yummy details :)

I made the krochet flowers into magnets. I like them! But these are going into a package to a special friend of mine :)

And here are some layouts I made for a few calls that got no love :)
I love them though :)

Have a wonderful and happy day!

fredag 27 april 2007

wedding anniversary :)

We had a wonderful day yesterday. Just hanging around doing nothing together, our favorite thing to do. :)

I am still crafting! If anyone wondered :)

Here are a few of my recent additions in my flickr.com gallery. Most of them are made out of felt, my favorite material right now. I made these huge flowers that I use as pins on bags or like here as a accessorie on my clothes :)

I made a little bag (I love bags) out of a towel and breaded the string.

I finally figured out how to krochet in a circle! Yay me! I made these kinds of flowers and just made a necklace out of one. The whole necklace is krochet. Voila!

These flowers have made that I have recived a few emails. People are asking me if I have a shop! How cool is that! I made these flowers into magnets.

I like flowers in my hair! I made this headband using ribbon and made a felt flower to make it pretty!

I´ll be gone from the computer today and tonight because I am going to visit C who has a brand new baby girl in her arms :) yes, i am bringing my camera!

Have a wonderful day! Smile, baby!

onsdag 25 april 2007

Seven is a wonderful age. My daughter is 7.5 years old right now and she is a thrill to be around. She is so smart and clever. And she thinks and sees the world with totally different eyes then me sometimes. As she said when she was sick and my husband was home sick aswell: Mom, why can´t you be home with me. I replied: Well, we loose a lot of money if I am home too. She said: Oh, why is money so important, why can´t people be more important!
And how right is she!
The other night we went to bed way late and I had told her to go to sleep numerous times. But she just talked and talked on and on. Then she said:
ok, i won´t ask anything more.
I felt guilty and said: It´s ok.
Ok, she said, how come boats have so much petrol?
I replied: I guess it is because they have big tanks.
Ok, she said. Mom, What´s up with hiccups? In movies they always get hiccups when they get scared.
Hm, I said, I think it is a nerv that makes that.
Ok, she said. Mom, she finally said, are there giants?
No, I said.
Ok. Then she turned around and fell asleep. I love that!
I made this layout preserving that memory!
Kim! She I used the very first (of many) rub-ons!

The weather have been so good here and I love that. My dog loves it too. Although he loves to play in the snow too! Here he is with the cat!

I leave you with at link list:

Lots of new books coming out this summer. Have you heard anything about that?

Have you seen this?

My last entry to my BOS at 2peas. I am so doing one :)

I think I have to do one of these because I just bought another pair of these!

I am so happy that I have found this. (one of Nely´s layouts is the very first in my BOS!)

Someone calls this a favorite! :) It´s mine!

This is a new favorite place for me!

Have a wonderful day! Say some hi!

måndag 23 april 2007


OMG! I cannot belive what just landed on my doorstep today! Miss sweet Kim aka one of the fab HMITM girls send me an amazing prizegift since I won the challenge the other week. Wow is all I can say. My Minds Eye galore! She send me so much cool stuff and I am so happy and so grateful! Thank you so much, Kim! And you will be seeing all cool layouts and projects right here! :)

As my daughter said when she saw me jump around: Mom, you are like crazy-pee-in-the-pants-happy! That says it all!

And on top of this I recived a sweet RAK today also! Thank you so much, Shell.

söndag 22 april 2007

5 years

On friday this week coming up is my and my husbands 5th wedding anniversary. 5 years wow! It has really been so many ups and downs, in sickness and in health and in good and bad for us. But we have made it this far and we are really really in love still and that is just a fantastic feeling! I was going through some photos on the computer and found these 2 that I love. I love them because of different reasons and one is that they are both a little out of focus and in the moment.

I love my smile that the photographer caught when I was walking down the aisle with my dad.

Here we are the end of the service and we were both so relived :)

And this is my wedding dress that I use everyday. Yes, you read that right! I am one of those people that think that a dress that you wear only once is a waste of money really, so since it is so beatuiful I use it as a window curtain in our spare room :) The light comes thtrough it sometimes and it looks magical!

This is us at last years anniversary celebration.

My calm and easy weekend are coming to an end and now I am packing up my crafty stuff and making some lasange for the little family that are on their way back home.

oh, and i just uploaded some new goodies to flickr. You can see them here!

lördag 21 april 2007


that is what i have been this week :) Work and life got between again, you know!

First, I have a wow-moment to share. As you know I usually make link lists and use links to show you a few of my favorite things, people, crafty people etc. But, I have never been so suprised as i was when i read the comment on my second last post. Ali McLaughlin had found the way here to my blog and wrote a sweet comment. How cool is that! I love that! Thanks Ali!

Ok, so I have the house completly (ok Sadie is here!) to myself this weekend! YAY! So I am really doing just the things I want to do. Last night I saw a Hercule Poirot movie, love Agatha Christie novels! And had chips for dinner ! I know I am bad! :) Then walked Sadie and went to bed with a PD James book. There is nothing quite like a murder at bedtime :) I slept in today and had some breakfast before I started doing some scrapbooking! I made a few layouts that I share here and some that are for magazine calls, that I´ll share later.
I had a bunch of photos from my MIL`s 60th birthday laying and I decided that it was time to do something with them.

First a layout about the reaction my MIL had when I gave her the sharebook I (and the others) had been working on.

Then one of the speach my father in law gave during dinner. He is such a public speaker and had the other resturant guests listen in on the speach! It was very sweet and the emphesis was that HE should be congratulated instead of my MIL, because he have had the fortune to have been in her presence for so long. Ah...

TXRunner over at 2peas is such an inspiration for me and I have lifted her a bit on this one :)

My DD was so tired during the 60th birthday celebration that she finally just fell asleep on my lap. She looked so small sleeping there.

Finally, my DD is in love with her Littlest Pet Shop animals! :) They are always with here and here is a layout showing her discovering that they can sit on the spoon during breakfast :)

Oh I just wanted to share where my Sadie lays during my scrap sessions this weekend. She is to cute!

Now I am going back to the craft table and taking out the sewingmachine :) I´ll share more later! Have a wonderful lazy saturday!

onsdag 18 april 2007

Today I:
woke up at 6.15 am
baked some cupcakes at 7 am
walked the dogs
went to work
re-booted a computer
chased kids around to get their clothes on
went to play in the forest with the kids
whatched ants run around
stopped a kid from kicking the anthouse
changed dipers
wiped noses
talked a kid into eating his food
blowed on an ouchy
put on a band-aid
pushed a kid “to the moon” on the swings
made sand cookies
had coffee
went on a lunch break
pushed another kid “to the moon” on the swings :) (i could go on)
had a cupcake
talked to parents
had another cupcake :)
helped a co-worker with a PC problem
read books outloud
made dinner
walked the dogs
aet dinner
tried to make something creative
listened to DD`s play rehersal on her leading role as a seal
hope I taught someone something today

I am T.I.R.E.D
Bye ya´ll :)

måndag 16 april 2007


I took this last night at the beach! Cool eh! hrm..besides the fact that the car window makes me look fat :(

I made it! I made the HMITM challenge this week and it is just monday! Yay me! :) I like how it turned out and I am so happy that I am beginning to see that much stuff on one page CAN be ok. They don´t have to be that big see. As a perfect example you can see Kims. It is perfect, isnt it? It is not overloaded at all, although she has used 5 diffrent cardstock, 5 transperies and 5 words to describe her daughter. Cool! Here is my take:

I have been lurking blogs again :) I love that! And besides Kims :) I have been looking at Ali´s blog and I like her work more and more. Be sure to check it out. Besides being a great scrapbooker she takes amazing photos too.

Donna posted a really cool photo of her green paint. I LOVE the color green and that photo makes me go mmm...

And here is a girl I´d love to have a blog. I have always loved Shelleys scrapbooking work. She is so clean and simple and that makes me so happy.

This is my latest BOS entry over at 2peas. I am soo making one of these for this summer. No, we are not making any big trips but I thought I´d use it like randomly and maybe use the things i write about in a layout or 2. The second last layout is this and I love it. You can see Saras gallery here.

I also got a RAK from Canada today. Totally made my day as usual! And I sent 3 of my own.

My Gosh I really don´t have anything to say today, eh :) I´ll put you out your misery :) See you tomorrow!

söndag 15 april 2007

ah, tanning season be welcomed!

We have had the most fantastic weekend weather wise yet this year. It is ah, fabulous! I have been sitting out in the sun and soaking every bit of heat up. When i was going into the shower this morning I saw this:

The cherry blossoms on our tree!

Yesterday my DH came home with a new craft table for me. Or atleast I thought it would be great as a craft table for me :) I use it as an island where I can stand and create. That is something new for me since I normally sit when I scrap etc. Here it is:

And here I am in action!

Making some felt flowers :)

I have been working on some non scrap projects, mostly on the idea stage right now, but I am hoping that i will find the time to make them happen soon. Among other things i am definatly making the HMITM challenge this week. Check the goods out! And i still have the soundtrack Cj to work on and a few cards. AND I have some RAK´s going out tomorrow!

fredag 13 april 2007

i was bored

yesterday...and i made this :) I crochet the bracelet and added some buttons to it. I had an old watch that I sewed on with fishing thread. Voila! It is really simple and really fun.

I am thinking of listing these kinds of projects for selling. What do you think? Would it work? I´ll think about it. I am putting up my projects on flickr.com for now. I´ll post a link to my sets as soon as I have set them up!

Have a nice friday!!!

Edited: Here is the link to my flickr gallery.

torsdag 12 april 2007


I get these really cool newsletters from Better Homes & Garden everyday and they often provide these über cute slideshows. The images are truly amazing and I just sink in to them. I found these in a slideshow just like that. Aren´t they fab! I could easily have these things surround me anytime.

The weather was fantastic today and me and the kids at work were out and about all day. Lovely. But I have a soar troath and my ear aces a little so I was pleased to see these when I came home! Suits me fine!

We are so slacking here this evening and that is so nice. We are walking the dogs for a really long time soon just so we can soak in the last sunlight of the day and then I am going out to my world to scrap, create or just re-organize for a bit. I am leaving you with a bit of a link list!

These are fantastic photos!

I am looking forward to this book.

I love reading books written by her.

I am loving to see scrapbook work in the happening.

I like this challenge.

Got flowers? One of each please!

The last layout placed in my 2peas BOS.

Thanks to Marie I found this cool site

Oh, yes i scrapped a bit yesterday. i wasn´t really feeling it, but here it is.

onsdag 11 april 2007

bits and pieces from my life

it was so much an ordinary wednesday here...blah..the weather has become much better though thank godness! So, I have just taken a few snapshots af favorites around the house at this moment.

I found these colorful elephants in a thriftshop and just fell in love!

yep, i washed the red clothes today :)

uhm...can I do it tomorrow?! I am all tired out today :)

My fridge with DD:s all artwork.love.

Hehe...i made a shirt hotter the other day = I sewed some buttons on it :)

My coffee cup.love.

and little ol´me :)´

I am off to walk the dogs and then I think I feel a little RAK-making goodness coming on...anyone interested? :)