lördag 31 maj 2008

quick request!

hello blog readers! I finnaly figured out what to give my twin neices for their blessing day; i am making them each a "2008 memory box". In their boxes I am going to put things from this year, like a newspaper, a coin, something from the olympics etc.

So, my small request is can you please come up with some other stuff to put in there! I am going to be adding to the boxes throughout the year.

thanks! ♥

torsdag 29 maj 2008

dog photography

Living with pets makes photo opportunities for photoshoots :) Especially cats just go around and do poses the whole day :) I have snapped a few good(ish) photos of the pets in my family.But I wanted to share a few links to some other professionals :)

Erin Vey has been in my Flickr contacts forever and I am always amazed by her photos. Turns out she is a dog photographer! Check her Flickr gallery out too.

Jennifer Pebbles
have some cute dog photos too.

I know that Tara Whitney has taken some family shoots with dogs too, but I can´t seem to find them right now.


Charlotte Reeves here too.

So, after those lovely inspirations I took Dixon on a 2 hour walk/swim yesterday night. We had to do some leechtraining. So we walked down to the lake and oh my Gosh did he swim! He even jumped from the dock!

And I snapped alot of photos! It makes me happy! I tried to play with the sun light a little.

ok, that will be it! Have a wonderful day!

måndag 26 maj 2008


Ah, it is always so nice to be back home after a hectic weekend away. After my worktrip to that amazing island in Gothenburg, I stayed and was supposed to stay with my mom for the weekend. But my MIL called in despaire to say that one of her dogs had gotten ill. My MIL works nights and wanted me to be on dogwatch for the night :) I jumped on it! 1. i love miss Myrah Brown! 2. They have a DVD collection extravaganza! She is doing much better now!

Sunday was Mothers Day in Sweden and me and my daughter celebrated with an ice cream in the sunshine, just the 2 of us.

And then on to monday which was a happy day all around. 1. my dear husband came back from a trip to Berlin! 2. Dixon came home!

Everything has gone so smoothly and he seems to like it here. We went down to the lake last night and after a little hesitation he did what retrivers do best...

We have had a little worrysome night but I am sure it will be fine.

Ok, after that photo galore post, I will be back with the rhubarb pie recipe! In the meantime, if you want even more photos go to my flickr gallery!

onsdag 21 maj 2008

music & ramblings

so, i finally fixed a playlist! I am happy now. If you don´t like the music, please feel free to just pause it and read on :) As you can see/hear i listen to all sorts of music, i don´t have one favorite i have many :) which is great because my husband loves 80s rock music.

My daughter and husband are going out of town for a long weekend and I am going to meet up with them on friday. But as my daughter packed the ray of sun made her beam :) i just had to snap a few photos.

I don´t know if it is the global warming or what, but we have so many rhubarbs this year. And the are huge! So, as the mom of the house and a person that tries to preserve the few things that acctually are eatable in ones garden, I made 6, yes S.I.X rhubarb pies this afternoon! They are going to be delicious in november :)

I took like a gazillion photos of our first meeting with Dickson and I wanted to so save them, but not in like a minialbum or anything. So, I turned to printing index´s and put them in a file folder I made by just folding a paper. So Inside the brown folder here is some journaling and the index prints. I totally stole the file-idea from the ever so clever Nora.

My daughter is taking a trip this summer. She is going with her grandmother (my mom) to Hungary for 9 days. My mom and dad are both from there and I am thrilled that she is going to see the country. Someday I will go with her and take my husband that hasn´t been either. Anyway, I made a little travel diary for her. Don´t you just love it when you can make your own books! I put in some journaling pages and blank pages for her drawings or whatever. When she comes back we can add small photos to it as well.

Ok, so I am of to see both House and Greys. Whoho!

tisdag 20 maj 2008

something to be happy about...

i saw this cute little add about that there is always something to celebrate. Their examples were the hamster turning 2, the carpenters being on time etc :) it got me thinking...i think that there is always something to be happy about even on a crappy day.

1. the dishwasher is already set and going.
2. lounging around in my pyjamas.
3. nutella in the cupboard.
4. outside hanging laundry.
5. sadie sleeping in.
6. new craty ideas.

I love my job! I really do! If you don´t know, I am a kindergarden teacher and work with kids in the ages between 1-3. Everyday I get to hold hands, give and get hugs, see the amazement in their eyes, make them laugh...and everyday I get a happy loud Hi, Elisabet! when I walk through the door. How many people get that when they walk into their workplace?! I love it so much and look forward to every single day when I get to be there.

I was a little worried making a layout about Dickson already, because last time I made a layout about a new family member we ended up taking him back to the shelter...But I am hoping for the best this time!

Today i don´t start work until 11 and will be outside the whole afternoon in the sun! Then I will be heading home to do some serious laundry since dear husband is going to Berlin, Germany on wednsday, daughter is heading to her grandmas and myself on a worktrip to the islands outside Gothenburg.

söndag 18 maj 2008

drumroll please...

meet dickson! our new family member! he is a 1.5 year old lab. he was originally going to be used as a breeding male, but his "pack leader" is ill and will not have her kennel anymore. so, we met and she said that she would be delighted if dickson could live with our family! we are so excited! excited about the new member of our family, about having a dog that is healthy and well, about the fact that we are going to be able to have him for a very, very long time! we can hardly wait until he comes home next monday. Yay! and the best thing is that sadie liked him so much too! they played and explored the forest for a while together.

fredag 16 maj 2008

i need some help...

i am making a treasure box for my daughter that will hold photos and letters from her late grandmother. I rarely make these kind of things, so I would love your help! Have you done one? Or do you have a good link to somewhere? Please leave me a comment!

I did scrap a little! It really makes me happy! I went with the inspo Ali gave all of us through her words+photos challenge last week. I asked myself, what do i want to tell? So i focused on the journaling and a few photos, but jumped on the embellishments.

I like when I focus on the story. Here are a two others...



I have wanted to make a "heart tree" for a long time now, and today I finally did! Since the acctual hearts makes this whimsical, i went with the whimsical theme for the journaling too.

Oh, and I love my cats paws. They look so soft...

Have a wonderful weekend! On sunday or maybe monday I might have some exciting news to share!

måndag 12 maj 2008

happy monday!

We had such a great weekend with temps up to 25 celcius!!! Ah! Lovely! I spend saturday in town with the dear husband, where we were planning to get some outside furniture. But they were all sold out and we went home with some new T-shirts for him and tank tops for me :) When we were on our way home we took a new way. My husband knew of a lovely senic route and it was :) One thing we love to do, is to look at houses. You know, like window shopping :) We can drive around different areas and just look at houses and dream...we have done that for years. And sometimes we come across lovely places...

Then when we got home I saw that the grass was growing tall...and sat myself in the sun with some ice cold diet coke :) Saturday night we had a lovely time bbqing with some fun friends. We had some yummy grilled salmon and awesome sallad with sundried tomatoes and mozarella! We went home way late and sunday was like a dream...we were lazy and just relaxed in the sun and shade...

I did crack out some layouts friday night too.

Mr Cat is such a poser :)

I wanted to do something simple with that dandelion photo!

And "i love you" is sometimes the only thing that runs trough my head when I see my daughter, I am sure you mamas know just what I am talking about :)

I am very happy that I am attending a poweryoga class for a week in June! I have been wanting to take a yoga class forever, but the fact that I live on an island has made it a tad bit difficult...the funny thing is that this class is acctually on the island! yay! I will make sure to tell you how it is! I searched Flickr for some yoga photos and the search gave like 112000 hits :) I liked this one.

Edited: Oh shoot! I forgot to take the name of the photographer. Sorry!

Take a look at this photo! Oh my Gosh!

onsdag 7 maj 2008

finally a new post but...

...only to say that the weather has kidnapped me from the computer :) I have been outside for the most time since the weekend which feels very lovely! I did scrap a quicky about Harry the other night. The journaling is about the day we said goodbye and how we saw him.

The cat also posed for some goodies the other day.

And I don´t know about you but I am one of those who loves dandelions! I know that most people see them just as weed, but lets face it they are yellow = lovely! they grow everywhere = lovely! and you don´t have to weed them :) = lovely! haha! My girl knows natural beauty when she sees it, so I was very happy to see this gorgeous bunch of flowers she brought home to me.

måndag 5 maj 2008

did you have a good weekend?

new mosaic, originally uploaded by lisafisa.

i did! :) Although I did not scrap a single thing for NSD I did have a wonderful weekend! Saturday I went to the city and shopped all sorts of things. A few new shirts/T-shirts and I went thrift shopping too and found a few cool things. Then saturday night we went to dinner with good friends and we have a total blast! All the kids (5 under the age of 3!) were asleep at like 9 pm and then we sat and chatted for hours! I did really need to laugh like that again :)
Sunday was spring cleaning day around here and we filled a whole transport with things we were giving to the goodwill store. It felt sooo good! Do you feel good about getting things organized and out? I feel like my soul is happier and so fresh because of this! Maybe it has something to do with Feng shui or something :)
As I said I wasn´t scrapping myself but My Gosh was there a party going on here and there and everywhere :) I have gotten so much inspiration in so many places this weekend and I am just scooping the galleries now!

fredag 2 maj 2008


oh, my gosh this week just flew by although it begun with the sadest news...
Sadie is being a real sport during this time when she has lost another companion. She has been more compelled to stay by herself these few days and we remember this behavior from when we lost Chanty. But still she loves to go on her walks and eat her food so we are not that worried :)

The weather has been cloudy the last few days so i am so happy that i had the chance to snapp some of those beautiful cherry blossoms with the blue sky :) Aren´t they devine!

I just made a quick layout with them.

When me and the hubby celebrated our anniversary last weekend we snapped a few funny selfportraits in the car after dinner. And I am in love with this one :) Instead of counting the years I counted our married days and wow over 2000!

And I love this photo of my daughter and Sadie! They are such cuties and happy souls!

So, are any of you going to do something fun for National Scrapbook day this saturday? I know that SIStv has lots of fun planned!