lördag 28 oktober 2006


I made the HMITM #19 challenge! I counted my brads...didn´t even have 50 to begin with :) So I went with dots! I also made some new scrapbooking layouts without a challenge!!!! What! My mojo has been gone...really gone the last month or so...so so very sad for a scrapbooker! But I hope this means that it is coming back!

fredag 27 oktober 2006


So, I made it to at least 1 challenge :( I just have been SO busy this week. Eek... I hate busy weeks although it is nice to have something to break the routine...if you know what I mean.
My week:

monday: 5.00 am get up
6.00 am start work
2.30 pm catch the ferry to town
5.00 pm meet husband for a class
9.30 pm take the ferry home
tuesday: 6.50 am get up
7.50 am go to work
7.55 am drop of daughter at school
8.00 am start work
4.45 pm take the ferry
5.15 pm start conference with work
7.10 pm take the ferry home
8.00 pm - 9.30 pm wash dishes, make homework with daughter.....
wednsday: 6.50 am get up
7.50 go to work
7.55 pm turn the bike home again to get daughters gym clothes...ah!
8.05 5 minutes late to work...ah!
1.00 pm go home on a break and hang the laundry and vaccum
4.30 pm go home from work
5.00 pm - 9.00 pm make dinner, wash dishes, do laundry, clean...

thursday: 6.50 am get up
7.40 am get daughter on her way to school
8.15 am walk the dogs
8.45 am clean up
9.30 am start work
5.00 pm off work
5.15 - 5.45 pm grocery shopping while dropping of daughter to church
6.00 pm walk the dogs
6.30 pm make dinner and pea :)
7.00 pm eat dinner
7.30 pm - 9.30 pm check the days before :) + pack daughters bags for going away this weekend.
friday: 5.00 am get up
5.50 am go to work
12.30 pm take the ferry to town
1.30 pm - 3.30 pm search for new shoes for daughter (with no luck but a few tears!)
3.30 pm say goodbye to daughter for the week :(
3.45 pm - 5.30 pm walk arround window shopping :)
6.20 pm take the ferry home
7.00 pm take the dogs for a walk
8.00 pm - ? PEA +BLOG!!!!
puh...it might not be a lot for anyone else but I get all stressed over little things...
Next week I am off to Denmark with work (monday- wednsday) and then I will pick up daughter from my in laws thursday and we will be home thursday afternoon! Then the rest of the week is OFF!!! Hallelulja! :)

söndag 22 oktober 2006

sunday afternoon...

I have been a bad blogger again for a while due to life stuff and also I have been to my old hometown meeting up with 2 of my friends. I swear I don´t know what I would do without them. We can sit and talk for hours and hours and still we have stuff to say :) I am very lucky to have them in my life!

Since I was over there I slept over at my moms and that means dear husband was alone for the weekend. Poor guy he missed me :) And he was glad to see me! We went for a walk in the forrest with the dogs and we found the cat on the roof when we came back! Silly boy!

My mom has the fortune to have fast internet..hehe...offcourse I was out surfing for cool stuff all night (I am tired today :)) And I found some new stuff:

The KI blog is a good place to go for some cool inspiration and cool stuff. And if you haven´t been to their website and checked out their gallery you should stop reading now and head over there...uhm...on the other hand please stay :) I have always loved KI paper and their embellishments they are colorful and very easy to use. My favorite paper of all times happens to be KI.

Another place I have found today is the How much is too much blog also known as HMITM. They have challenges that are really cool. I think I am going to give a shot at challenge #19 which is to use 50 or more brads (!) and a BIG title. Hm...I will have to count my brads and see if I have that many at all :)

For photography inspiration I go to Tara offcourse but I have found a new favorite. She is called Meegan Littlefield (mgn on 2peas) and see takes awesome photos. I was so happy when I found her blog the other day!

This week I didn´t get Ali´s challenge in the Azine...I guess I brainfarted a little :) But I love to see the takes published although I still don´t get it :) Ali is one of the first scrapbookers I have admired. She has a way about her that is just inspiring and fresh.

Another girl that is inspiring to me is Kim I have seen her work on 2peas and it is good stuff. Last night I found her blog and found out that she is in DT for a few brands and places. Good for her! :)

I have also been browsing for Christmas gifts to make. Not that I am that poor but I like to make people things :) I went to Kaboose and they have a ton of crafts to make with your kids. Cool! I have decided that me and my daughter are going to make (or try to) snowglobes. I will make sure to take photos and update you on that :) Craftster also had some cool stuff. And I found a thread on the 2peas NSBR board about marbel magnets. I think I will try to make some of those as well.
I love christmas time. As soon as December 1st is here I am longing to take out the decorations..and confession...I do :) The lovely smells and feeling is glorious!

Well I guess that will be it for now...

måndag 16 oktober 2006

Oh yes...

I am crazy! :)


I love fall...I love all things about it...but I will not talk about that here because my Cj topic is "For the love of seasons" and I will tell atleast a few of you (that are in the CJ) about that. I just wanted to upload this photo because it makes me happy :)

I will be back with a longer post later...

söndag 15 oktober 2006

Just uploading
a banner I made for the messageboard :)

This is our banner from the Secret Pal Chatter on 2peas! I like it Ines .... I like it!

Just click it and you are in the midst of our Cj making process.


My latest...

So this is my latest uploaded lo on 2peas. It is my take on Ali:s challenge this week. It is all about the photograpy part of our hobby called scrapbooking. I take a lot of photos all the time. That is how I do it - take a lot and delete a lot :) That is the great thing about the digital age isn´t it. I have so many favorite photos - I get a feeling coming over me that I want to just surround myself with them so I can see them all the time, you know what I mean?
What is your favorite photo? Why? Or do you have a latest uploaded lo? Link me to them!

måndag 9 oktober 2006

Yep Inge!

...it is my new CJ! I really love how it turned out both outside and out. I say I cannot wait until we finally can begin this!!!

Post you later girl!