torsdag 29 september 2011

from pin to shop!

yay! it is time another pin to shop!
this time it is a crochet project. 

Pinned Image
i just about jumped up and down when i saw these. the first time i saw them was actually sometime this spring and i tried them out, but i didn´t have the right yarn then. after that i forgot about it until i saw them on pinterest again!

i decided to make yellow ones, because yellow makes me happy :)

i made six to use as coasters!

yes! i made some for you too! check them out in the shop!
and be sure to get your thanksgiving decor in time for the holidays check out the banners aswell!

tisdag 27 september 2011

the look of love!

i know that these layouts looks a little wonky, and i don´t know really why...
anyway, i love the photos i took while at my brother in laws wedding a few weekends ago :) his wife always have a look of love in her eyes when she looks at him.

another from the wedding, i promise that everything is straight in real life, but omg how crocked is this looking!
they didn´t holdhands in the church but at the end when they had a singer singing a song, she carefully slipped her fingers into his hand ♥

måndag 26 september 2011

autumn beach

the other weekend we were all attending the wedding of my brother in law. they had rented a place just by the ocean for the whole weekend and we took advantage of the free time to explore the beach. it was fantastic. 

a little behind the scene shot :)

monika, i totally thought of you when i saw these three :)

i totally love that my daughter found this heart! she is so much like me! 

söndag 25 september 2011

the simple things #46

for my 46th simple things photo i cheated a little bit because technically this shot was taken on sunday last week, but i love it so much. on flickr i titled it "i spy autumn". autumn is one of my very favorite seasons. 

i can´t wait to see what rebecca has up her sleave this coming week as we celebrate the one year anniversary of this photo challenge


lördag 24 september 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks: week 35-38

i know that i have been slacking in my 52 photos updates, but i wanted to show you that i actually am on top of this :) 
here are the last 4 weeks of photos:

week 35 the theme was green. 

week 36: water

the theme for week 37 was music and i know that it was hard for me to picture that. but that week made me think about music more than i had in a while. music always gets me. it makes me feel stuff. 
that week i found this youtube video and the song made it straight into my heart and soul. 

i went with this photo to go with the theme. it makes me feel like that music does.

week 38 was red. i took this at my brother in laws wedding with my phone. 

the theme for this week (39) is trail! 

52 photos in 52 weeks is a collaborated photoproject between Monika Wright and Lisa Ottosson...and 107 other members in the flickr group! every week for 2011 we will have a photography theme/prompt that we interpret and post. in the end we will have atleast 52 photos from the year 2011. and we have become closer friends in the process!

torsdag 22 september 2011


i am still hard at work scrapping our camping vacation this summer. 
this is a funny story about how we had a hard time finding our spot at the last camping site and ended up having to turn around down on the beach :)
i digitally made the white circle on the photo before i printed it out, to highlight our caravan and (our friends) car. 
the word strips are digital elements: cosmo cricket togetherness candy + Sweet Shoppe Designs the everyday collection.
this is my favorite way to use digital elements.

this is the story about how my husband decided to photobomb our family photo moment ;) we were at the minigolf site and i thought it would be nice to have a photo of us all playing, so i set up the timer on the camera and this is what i got!
i printed the photo mosaic i made at and used a product wrapping from a pack of making memories stickers as my patterned paper. 

in other news:

. i am hard at work writing up posts for my second week of hosting the Write Click Scrapbook blog!
. i have some pin to reality posts to write

. i have been working in my newly started my fall minibook
. i crochetted a cute pack of goodness that i will share in the shop soon
. i have been thinking of a good kindness project lately and will share some details soon

go check my etsy shop out, there are some autumn goodies listed!

måndag 19 september 2011

the simple things #45

we were attending my husbands brothers wedding this weekend, that is why this is posted late. 
the photo above was taken sunday night as we gathered around the fireplace chatting with other wedding guests. 

fredag 16 september 2011

gone for the weekend

we are leaving early in the morning to go to my brother in laws wedding all weekend, and i have heard that the connection is really bad. that means i will be gone from the computer the whole weekend. i hope everyone has a wonderful fall weekend! 

i´ll just leave you with some photos that monika sent me of the crochet necklace that i sent her! 

i made hers in black and grey tones! go get your own or email me and i can make them in an other color! 

have a wonderful weekend! 
peace & love

ps. i also made it into this cute fall minibook

onsdag 14 september 2011

both digital + paper scraps

this was the first summer that i had a camera phone and i loved having that in my pocket during our vacation. 
i just printed the photos out from my camera, just downsized a bit. 
i made the title and the journaling + added the camera image on my computer and printed it all out. 

celeste is the host of the Write Click Scrapbook blog this week and it is all about digital scrapbooking. on her first day she shared a free template and my version is the above layout. 

i still have a few photos from her birthday to scrap :)


tisdag 13 september 2011

from pin to shop ~ crochet necklace

yeah, i know i post alot these days, but i want to be able to fill the shop up a bit and i said i was going to post here everytime i added something in there! 

so this is a craft that i have already shared with you before. 

yes! i am adding this and the pink + blue version to the shop

these would make such cute gifts and adds spice to any outfit really. they all come with a silver chain. 

go and get ahead on your Holiday shopping! 

ps. i promise that there is a scrapbooking post coming soon!

söndag 11 september 2011

the simple things #44

i´ll admit that this is a photo from this week last year. i have been feeling down this week and haven´t snapped all that many photos. but when i was in the process of chosing this weeks simple thing photo, i went back to my 2010 folder on my computer. i feel that this photo clearly represent how this week has felt one year later. 
this past week we were chocked by the news of that a loved, local sportsman was killed in a planecrash. his wife (of one month) and 2 young boys were left behind. also the mourning of the other 43 people killed in the same crash reminds us that life is so very fragile. and today as we watch tv and follow the 9/11 memorials it gets even clearer that you have to choose to live your life in gratefulness and love. 


lördag 10 september 2011

acorn necklace tutorial + shop update!

in 2009 i made a necklace inspired by real life acorns. i have seen that quite a few people have visited that post lately, so i thought i´d post the tutorial again. 

during a walk in the forest with my dogs i was thinking really hard to get some new craft ideas. as you know, i love acorns and found some acorn hats laying on the ground in the forest, took them home and there i made some natural/wooden acorns that i am going to use as necklaces.

what you will need:

acorn hats
a nail or some other sharp pointer
light green wooden bead
small hooks or wire

1. poke a whole in the middle of the acorn hat so that you make a hole to put the hook. if you don´t have a premade hook (i used small ones that you usually use on frames) you can make small hooks with wire.

2. put your hook through the hole and fill it with glue. if you have glue that become see-through when it dries you don´t have to worry if there is some acess. 

3. take your wooden bead (i used a light green one i had to make a really green acorn) and put it in the glued hole. try to get the tip of the hook to go in one of the beads holes to make the whole thing more sturdy. 
4. let dry and decide on how you want to use your acorn :)

there is a acorn pendant in the shop right now! go get it! 

torsdag 8 september 2011

from pin to shop thankful banner

why, yes, it is time for another pin to reality post and this one is going to be one that hits the shop also! 

even though we don´t celebrate Thanksgiving here in sweden, i loved the experience i had last year when i visited the US during Thanksgiving. so, i decided i wanted to do a thankfulbanner and it was inspired by the above pin. 

i decided to make 2 different ones, since they are so easy and fun to do! one using burlap and one using thick cotton fabric. 

i then used black craft paint and my older foam stamps to stamp the word thankful on the scraps of fabric. 

here they are drying!

the cotton version. 

and here is the burlap option all decorated and hung! 
i left the burlap raw at the edges beacuse i like it that way. 

the banners are both listed as finished items in the shop!
happy fall!